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Personal Trainer and CHEK Practitioner with 13 years experience
London, Blackfriars, City Of...Personal trainers1st lesson free
I am a personal trainer and CHEK Practitioner (considered among the top 1% of trainers in the world) and have 13 ye...
Teach body pump. Every muscle group exercised in coreography using weight training, Pilates body weight exercises yoga & boxing
ManchesterPersonal trainers1st lesson free
I have a level 2 etm level 3 personal training am an advanced Les mills presenter I hold a pgce and was a chartere...
JOB OFFER - Personal Trainer
Personal trainers1st lesson free
I have been doing CrossFit for more than 6 years, I have been competing in most competitions in Latin America.I hav...
Fun Fitness classes to help you reach your potential
Llantwit MajorPersonal trainers1st lesson free
I am a level 3 personal trainer and love helping people reach their goals.I teach with energy and inject inspiratio...
If you’re seeking work out routines, motivation, or general guidance where fitness and sport is concerned, I’m here to help.
LondonPersonal trainers
I love fitness, sports and the mind. If you’re needing guidance for any of these I’m happy to give online coaching,...
Personal Trainer for all goals
Blackfriars,Farringdon,Holbo...Personal trainers1st lesson free
6 years experience helping clients from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals by creating custom programs t...
English,French tutor of all ages,friendly atmosphere,skilled and experienced,time management a must ,God bless you
City Of Westminster (London)Personal trainers1st lesson free
Expertise, adaptability, and patience, experience, I provide personalized guidance, empowering students to excel in...
Personal Trainer help newbies get results
London, HanworthPersonal trainers1st lesson free
My foray into the world of sports commenced more than 20 years ago, and it has been an exhilarating ride through va...
I’m teaching Personal trainers how to increase their productivity and income.
Online lessonsPersonal trainers1st lesson free
The biggest challenge for Personal traitors is how to sell more sessions and how to work less and make more income....
Personal training, sports massage , resilience coaching and mentoring
DerbyPersonal trainers1st lesson free
Personal training, sports massage , resilience coaching and mentoring
my name is Dean Burt and I have been a qualified personal trainer since 2019. My love of fitness has always been a part of my life. So it made total sense to turn my passion for fitness training into a qualification. As well as transforming my own body th
Stratford, Canning Town, Eas...Personal trainers1st lesson free
Weight Loss/ Management Personal Training.Toning & Sculpting Personal Training.Resistance Training Personal Trainin...
Struggling with aches, pains, or not seeing results from your workouts? My training method will fix that
ManchesterPersonal trainers1st lesson free
I am a Personal Trainer with a background in an array of sports such as tennis, dance and gymnastics. During the la...
Personal trainers tutor, tech them how to increase income
LondonPersonal trainers1st lesson free
I have over 15 years experience in personal training field.My basic occupation is Sports physiotherapist and Streng...
New to the gym? Want to be prepared for your first day on the gym floor? I am here to help
Online lessonsPersonal trainers
From marathon training to powerlifting, my interdisciplinary background in fitness has enabled me to coach across a...
Lurgan, Annaloist, Craigavon...Personal trainers1st lesson free
Are you looking to achieve your fitness goals with personalized attention and guidance? Look no further! As a perso...
LondonPersonal trainers
I've worked with an array of different ability clients, from athletes to older people in their 70's. My skill is ad...
Glasgow, Blantyre, Bothwell,...Personal trainers1st lesson free
London, Bermondsey, Camberwe...Personal trainers
Are you looking to transform your body and improve your physical and mental well-being? Well then I'm the personal ...
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Dean is an attentive and professional trainer who is able to adapt group work to suit the fitness levels of those he is training. I started his classes as part of my recovery...
5 30 days ago
Personal trainers tutor
Fantastic personal trainer. Currently gives me confidence that I can reach my goal. Omar has completely changed my life with his programs he offers. Well recommend
5 ago 2 months
Personal trainers tutor
Sarah was very informative throughout my experience with her. She was punctual, reliable and completely understanding of my individual needs. I would highly recommend.
5 ago 3 months
Personal trainers tutor

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

💵 How much does a personal training session cost?

The average price for classes with a personal trainer is £22 an hour. Prices are fixed for classes lasting one hour. The price of lessons with a personal trainer may vary depending on whether the lessons take place online or at home, or depending on the qualifications and experience of the personal trainer chosen.

Click here to see the full price list.

💪 How long will it take me to get fit with personal training sessions?

It will depend to a large extent on your initial physical condition, the number of personal training sessions you have per week, your level of dedication and everything you do outside of the personal training sessions (diet, lifestyle habits or rest, for example).

🤔Why start personal training sessions?

The benefits of personal training sessions cover all aspects of your life. Exercise helps you eliminate toxins, muscles and joints recover their normal state when you subject them to frequent activity, you improve your heart health, you breathe better, you reduce your stress levels and you get a much more restful night's sleep.

Find a personal trainer near me.

💻Can I take classes with an online personal trainer?

Of course you can. On FindTutors, there are many personal trainers who teach online. They connect with students via video conferencing on platforms such as Skype or Zoom. In this way, students do not have to leave their home and can focus on training.

Click here to find your personal trainer online.

Personal training sessions

Private lessons with a personal trainer

Everyone likes to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, but sometimes, with everything else that’s going on, it's difficult to be consistent. Fortunately, thanks to personal training sessions, you can now achieve the goal of feeling better every day with just a few minutes of guided exercise, customised to your needs.

You may be wondering: What are personal training sessions like? Or, how can I find a personal trainer near me? We've got all the answers and we're sharing them below - get started and find a personal trainer near you!

Advantages of personal training sessions

Health, wellness, sport, stress relief... There are many advantages to having a personal trainer. In addition, with the help of a personal trainer you can work on everything you need at your own pace, without rushing and executing each exercise properly to avoid injuries.

Personal training sessions are not limited to simply repeating exercises. Personal trainers offer students advice on nutrition, act as psychologists to encourage them to achieve their goals and analyse progress to implement new strategies and correct planning errors in real time.

Here are some of the benefits of starting classes with a personal trainer:

  • Weight loss or decrease in body fat percentage: Many people can't find a way to lose weight and eliminate localised fat. The advantage of a personal trainer is that they will analyse your fitness and health to create routines specific to your goals.
  • Rehabilitation from injury or illness: After an injury or illness, the body is weakened. Muscle mass is lost and endurance capacity decreases. With the help of a personal trainer you can regain your fitness and health more quickly.
  • Yoga or Pilates classes: Some personal trainers also offer yoga and pilates classes for people of all ages. Classes with a personal pilates instructor are excellent for preventing back and joint pain, improving elasticity and correcting faulty sitting postures.
  • Preparation for entrance exams and tests: Aspiring police officers, firefighters, army personnel... There are many professions that require passing specific physical tests. A personal trainer can help you achieve your goals by preparing a work plan and correcting aspects you need to improve in real time.

How to find a personal trainer near me

More and more people are deciding to start classes with a personal trainer. The problem lies in knowing how to choose the right professional. If you are asking yourself: How can I find a personal trainer near me

Below we share the three most common methods for finding personal trainers. Think about your goals, your time availability and the type of training you want to receive and you will find your ideal personal trainer:

  • Gyms: Some personal training professionals work in gyms. You may be able to find personal training sessions at one near you, although you will usually have to pay an extra fee on top of the gym membership.
  • Home-based personal training sessions: This is the most convenient option, as your personal trainer comes to your home. You can search on social networks, on Google or on your local classified ad pages. To find classes with a qualified personal trainer with experience, we recommend you use FindTutors and choose from the list of personal trainers near you.
  • Classes with an online personal trainer: This is another great option if you don't feel like travelling. Classes with an online personal trainer are delivered through a video conferencing platform. In addition to physical exercise, the personal trainer monitors the student's progress and gives personalised advice on diet and healthy lifestyle habits so that the student gets the most out of the personal training.

What do I need to start classes with a personal trainer?

The requirements to start classes with a personal trainer are simple. Comfortable clothes, a mat, enough space to move around without bumping into any furniture... However, if you want to make the most out of your personal training sessions, here is some advice:

  • Physical condition and health: It is advisable to know your state of health before starting to do sport, especially if you are of advanced age or if you have not practised for a long time. A call to your family doctor, some tests or a visit to the health centre will help you to know the real state of your health before starting classes with a personal trainer.
  • Healthy eating and lifestyle habits: Personal training sessions will help you feel better every day, but they don't work miracles. You have to do your part and take care of your health through a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and tobacco consumption, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and minimising your stress and anxiety levels.

Perseverance and determination: The secret to getting results from your personal training is consistency. During the first few sessions you may not see results, but if you are determined and focused on the end goal, personal training sessions will become one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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