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Italian tutor teaches students all ages
Online lessonsItalian1st lesson free
I am Elisa Begnis, originally from Milano, now attending a PhD in Sociology and Social Research at Alma Mater Studi...
I will give you tailored classes for your current level.
London, Knightsbridge, Marbl...Italian1st lesson free
I'm looking to do one-to-one classes, and I want to teach Italian to more people than I can. I want to make the cla...
Native Italian speaker available for lessons and/or conversation
LondonItalian1st lesson free
Are you looking for a native Italian speaker to learn authentic Italian? That’s me! Not only am I Italian, but also...
Have you always wanted to learn Italian?
Online lessonsItalian1st lesson free
Have you always wanted to learn Italian? Learning a language is like building a palace, which required solid founda...
Italian tutor for all levels and translator
LondonItalian1st lesson free
Ashraf's descriptionItalian tutor"Buongiorno! I'm Ashraf, your friendly and experienced Italian tutor and translato...
Italian tutor teaches for all ages students
Guiding students through the grammar, pronunciation, and cultural nuances fosters a deep connection to the language...
I try to understand the needs of the students and I tailor my teaching accordingly
LondonItalian1st lesson free
University and pH.D. graduate in Biotechnology. Good knowledge in Biology. I would be Happy to teach Math to primar...
Italian tutor offering personalized lessons for all levels
Online lessonsItalian1st lesson free
Ciao! I'm Nicole, your dedicated Italian tutor with a love for languages and over two years of teaching experience....
Hi everyone! I'm a native Italian tutor with 5+ years' experience. I'm based in London and I'm happy to offer online private Italian lessons to different levels. Drop me a line to know more!
Online lessonsItalian1st lesson free
I really look forward to sharing my passion for teaching Italian with you. No matter what your previous knowledge o...
Italian Native Speaker with UK degree in Design & Development and Mentoring Experience
City Of Westminster LondonItalian1st lesson free
I am an Italian national and native Italian speaker who has lived in the UK for 14 years. I have an Italian diploma...
Italian Tutor teaches students of all ages
Hello, This is Alessia! I got a Master's degree in Foreign Languages. After graduating I was able to obtain the tea...
Hi I’m Milly! I came here from Italy 6 years ago, and I’d love to teach you all about that beautiful culture and language.
Online lessonsItalian
I am a private tutor, experienced in teaching English to Italian students. I worked as a 1:1 tutor as well as teac...
Come learn Italian with me and enjoy your next holidays in the Bel Paese!
Online lessonsItalian1st lesson free
I will be delighted to be your Italian tutor. I offer lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. W...
Italian tutor providing classes for both grammar and literature
SwanseaItalian1st lesson free
I am a languages student that speaks fluently Italian, English, Spanish and French. I'm available for teaching Ital...
Give affordable italian lessons for students or professionals who want to to work on the language
LondonItalian1st lesson free
Give affordable italian lessons for students or professionals who want to to work on the language.
Discover Italian with the Best Teacher in Rome!
Online lessonsItalian1st lesson free
I'm Francesco, a passionate Italian teacher and native from Roma! My everyday life experience in the Eternal City h...
University graduate in Italian, looking to tutor for all ages
Tonbridge, Higham Wood, Hild...Italian1st lesson free
Learning a language opens your mind up to so many new and exciting experiences. From my time living in Italy and le...
Come Learn Italian with me!
LondonItalian1st lesson free
Learn Italian with me and enjoy your next holidays in the Bel Paese. I offer lessons tailored to every need. Beginn...
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is the average price for Italian classes
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Find out what some of our students think about their Italian tutors
Eleonora is a very empathic and personable tutor; you feel she is there for you from the start. Her command of English is the best I've heard from any native Italian. I lear...
Sylvia Lowe
5 9 days ago
Italian tutor
Evelina has been fantastic from day 1 and really good to learn from. Reliable, patient and makes the lesson throughly enjoyable, we would highly recommend her. Thank you
5 17 days ago
Italian tutor
Grande Matteo! Prendo lezioni da mesi e sono molto contenta!
Alessia O.
5 21 days ago
Italian tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

👀 How to choose a private Italian tutor?

First of all, you should ask yourself whether you want to take Italian lessons online or in person, in a group or one-to-one. Once you have determined this, there are things you should pay attention to when finding tutors. It is very important to check the opinions of other students, as well as the tutors’ qualifications and years of experience. In each tutor’s profile, you can also find their availability and the level of Italian they teach. Of course, you can also find the price of the Italian lessons in the tutor’s advert to see if it fits your budget!

What are the types of Italian lessons?

The demand for Italian lessons is high, as many people are interested in Italy and Italian culture. On FindTutors we have native Italian tutors who teach Italian online, in person, in groups and one-on-one. Choose the Italian tutor that best suits you.

💻 How can I find an Italian tutor online?

Nowadays, it is very easy to find Italian lessons online, as 80% of the tutors on our website also offer online tuition. We suggest that you contact more than one tutor to find one that meets your availability, level of Italian and budget.

Contact Italian tutors online.

💰 What is the average price of Italian lessons?

In general, the higher the student's level of Italian, the more expensive the Italian lessons will be. This is because it requires the Italian tutor to have a more precise knowledge of the language. Another factor that influences the price of Italian lessons is the Italian tutor’s experience. The average price of Italian lessons is around £19 an hour.

Check the prices for Italian lessons.

🚀 How can I find out my level of Italian?

You may have already heard of the language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, there are 6 levels of language proficiency. The beginner level, A1, is ideal for those who have had little or no contact with the Italian language. To find out your level of Italian, all you have to do is take a language test. It is free and can be taken in many language schools and also with a private Italian tutor.

Why learn Italian?

The Italian language

Italian is a language derived from Latin, which many people fall in love with because of its romantic sound and also because of the culture of its country of origin, Italy. 

It is also one of the easiest languages to learn for people who know other romance languages such as French or Spanish. This is because the grammar is very similar to that of other Latin languages. You probably already know some words like spaghetti or gelato, but not everything in Italian is food!

In addition to Italy, Italian is also spoken in Switzerland, Malta and even Argentina, which adds up to approximately 120 million Italian speakers worldwide. Knowing this, it is not surprising that many people want to learn Italian to travel, to increase their chances of getting a job or even for the love of the Italian language and culture. Whatever your reason, you can easily find an Italian tutor on FindTutors.

How to find an Italian tutor

If you have decided to find a private Italian tutor for Italian lessons at home, online, in a group or one-on-one, there are three steps you should follow:

  1. Use the filters in your search. On FindTutors you can filter by language, city and type (online tuition or face-to-face). We suggest that you also select your level, to make finding tutors easier.
  2. Ask several tutors. We know that you will find more than one tutor who appeals to you and whose profile fits your needs. We therefore recommend you ask them questions about their availability, methods, prices and anything else you want to know in order to choose your right Italian tutor for you.
  3. Ask for a trial lesson. Many Italian tutors allow you to try the first lesson for free to see if you like their teaching methods and the content of their Italian lessons. This is a good way to get to know them before deciding on your private Italian tutor.

How long does it take to learn to speak Italian?

The time it takes to learn Italian varies according to each person’s experience with Italian, how many Italian lessons they take a week and how similar their native language is to Italian. For example, Spanish speakers have a much easier time learning Italian than Koreans, for example.

Thus, in general, Spanish, French and Portuguese speakers can reach an advanced level after 5 months. Native speakers of languages such as German or Russian may take 6 months whereas Anglo-Saxon speakers may take 7 months. There are many exceptions, it also changes according to the time that each person dedicates per week to studying Italian.

How to learn Italian quickly

Like any new habit you want to establish, learning Italian quickly requires a lot of dedication. To do this, our first tip is to surround yourself with the language you are learning. You can change the language on your mobile phone and listen to songs in Italian, for example, which will help you increase your vocabulary.

Another way to learn Italian easily is to use applications such as Duolingo and join chat rooms to converse with native Italian speakers. The Internet has many resources for those who want to learn a new language quickly. You can also read books in Italian, if you are a beginner try children’s books or ones you have read before. Finally, don't forget to make mistakes! That's right, mistakes are part of the process and at the beginning it is completely understandable that you may not speak perfectly as you have just started. Good luck!

Types of Italian lessons

There are many ways to learn a second language, one of which is finding tutors. Many people prefer finding tutors because private tuition is tailored to your preferences and is the best way to study a new language. You can filter by:

Italian lessons for individuals or groups

  • Private Italian lessons: This is the most popular form of Italian lessons among FindTutors students because they prefer one-to-one private tuition with an Italian tutor.
  • Italian lessons for groups: Do you want to learn Italian with friends? Gather friends, family or colleagues and find a tutor for group Italian lessons on our website.

Face-to-face or online tuition

  • Italian tutor in person: If you prefer face-to-face Italian lessons, you can find a tutor to teach you at home or somewhere in your area. This way can benefit from meeting your tutor and forming a stronger bond with them.

Italian tutor online: Online tuition allows the student the flexibility to learn from wherever they want. It also increases the chances of finding tutors, especially for those who live in a remote area.

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