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Financial expert teaches French for business or GCSE/ A level.
Online lessonsFrench
Learn French from a financial markets expert who can help you master the language for business or academic purposes...
French and Spanish teacher trained in primary and secondary education
Hale Manchester, Altrincham,...French1st lesson free
I have a degree in French and Spanish and university level English and Maths. With over 16 years of teaching and l...
I am motivated, patient, determined and understanding with children. 

My lessons aimed at children.
For younger children, I will start by learning the alphabet and learning the sound that the letters do. After that...
I give private lessons in french language,  i teach vocabulary orthography grammar etc...I also Demonstrate knowledge of French language, culture, and literature.
Online lessonsFrench1st lesson free
Teaching is one of my passions ,I ensure a positive learning environment for everyone . I do Lesson preparation and...
Learn French with me in 2024 ! French Native with 7 years of teaching experience
LondonFrench1st lesson free
Hi there ! -Short version-* French Native* 7 years of experience in teaching* All levels, all ages* Learn French, G...
first language French tutor
Online lessonsFrench1st lesson free
French is my first language and I speak english fluently. I study cultural projects management in France but I am a...
Dynamic French Tutor and Teaching Assistant Offering Personalised Lessons for Success!
Online lessonsFrench
Bonjour à tous! 🇫🇷I'm Manel, your passionate French tutor and newly appointed teaching assistant ready to help yo...
I am an enthusiastic and dedicated French tutor committed to making language learning enjoyable and effective. My lessons are tailored to individuals seeking a personalized approach. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, I create en
London, City Of Westminster ...French1st lesson free
Passionate French tutor with a strong command of the language and effective teaching techniques. Dedicated to foste...
I am an enthusiastic and patient person who loves to help others. My lessons would be aimed for anyone at any level wanting to learn or improve their French from the age of 6 years old.
I have been a French tutor for the last few years and have learned to personalise each lesson accordingly to the re...
Find help if you're struggling with GCSE or A level French or even if you want some holiday French
Online lessonsFrench1st lesson free
I am an experienced French teacher with more than 30 years in the classroom . I can help you gain confidence in spe...
Nativ French Tutor with over 2 years of experience offering Interaction-Oriented courses for adults !
Online lessonsFrench1st lesson free
I'm a private tutor expert in Interaction-Oriented courses, where the focus is on learning the necessary skills not...
4th year French University student at Edinburgh with a passion for teaching and sharing best tips for improving language skills
Edinburgh, Blackford (City O...French1st lesson free
I have an A* at both GCSE and A level French and am on course to achieving a first class honours at the University ...
I give affordable french lessons for all ages and levels
LeedsFrench1st lesson free
I am very pationated about languages teaching and I have different approaches or strategies of teaching languages d...
I am a dedicated tutor committed to fostering a positive and effective learning environment. My approach is student-centered, emphasizing personalized instruction to meet the unique needs and learning styles of each individual. With a strong background in
London, Blackfriars, City Of...French1st lesson free
I bring a wealth of linguistic diversity and cultural experiences to my role as a tutor. Fluent in French, German, ...
I am Axelle, I am French native and my lessons would be aimed at young adults looking to learn French without the books.
Online lessonsFrench
I’d be teaching by having normal conversations that you could have daily with a french interlocutor. I am French my...
Always happy to learn new languages, maybe Spanish.
Online lessonsFrench1st lesson free
I am a private tutor with prior 1-year experience in teaching English, French and German with adults, children and ...
French lessons from an A Level student! I'm familiar with the syllabus as I've already done my GCSES and hope to help others! ☺️
LeedsFrench1st lesson free
Hello! I'm Aya, an A Level student, and I'm here to guide you in achieving your desired grade on your GCSE French e...
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Aude is a language genius, as a learner and as a teacher ! In addition to French, her mother language, she knows English, German, Arabic and Hebrew, which she mostly learnt in...
Christine LEMOAL
5 ago 8 hours
French tutor
brilliant,very intelligent ,fluent in speaking ,writing n teaching .amazing teacher
5 ago 8 hours
French tutor
Emmas approach to teaching is friendly and easy-going. I would highly recommend Emma as a tutor for people of all ages and levels!
5 2 days ago
French tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

🧑 What types of French lessons are there?

The demand for private French lessons is very high. So much so that we have thousands of different types of tutors: French tutors that come to your home, French tutors online, French tutors for beginners etc. Choose your ideal tutor based on your needs!

🏫 How to choose a French tutor?

Focus on your needs: What is your level in French? What is your budget? What is your schedule like? With this in mind, you can start comparing tutors' profiles until you find one that suits you. A tip: contact more than one tutor to make sure you are compatible.

🚀 What levels of French are there?

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages there are six levels in all languages. If you are looking for French lessons, you (or your tutor) should define your level from A1, French for beginners, to C2, bilingual French. If you don't know what level you are at, you can ask your tutor to test your level! You don't need to study as it’s to gauge your knowledge of the language.

💻 Can I search for French tutors online on FindTutors?

Of course! Most of our French tutors offer online tuition. After the pandemic, we have all become accustomed to learning online. In fact, even the tutors themselves have taken to it. If you want to find online tuition, the process is very similar to that of in-person French lessons: compare tutors’ profiles and, most importantly, contact or interview them first.

💰 How much do French lessons cost?

In order to establish a price for French lessons, private tutors look at a number of aspects: their experience, their studies, the qualifications they have obtained to give French lessons... Therefore, the price of one French lesson or another can vary drastically. However, if you want to know the average price of a French lesson, it is around £20 an hour.

These are the average prices for private tuition.

About private French lessons

Getting the most out of your French tutor

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with 29 countries having it as an official language. Knowing how to speak French opens many doors, both in the workplace and in your personal life. Studying French is a great idea if you want to give your professional profile something that distinguishes you from the rest. The best option is always to hire a private French tutor. But how do you find someone who meets your needs? First of all, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions that will help you find what you're looking for. Types of French lessons There are several options when it comes to choosing French classes, so it is important to be clear about what you want. French private tuition: This is undoubtedly the most personal and customisable type of tuition. You will have the full attention of your private French tutor and this is a great advantage as they will be able to give you a very personalised experience. The disadvantage is that this type of class is usually the most expensive. Private tuition in French for pairs: If you have a friend, family member or partner who wants to learn French, you could consider taking private French lessons together. It's a nice and fun way to learn while spending time with someone you know, and also to save a little on the cost of the lessons. Group French classes: Another option is to receive group French lessons. If you prefer to learn in a group and be able to share your doubts and experiences with your classmates, having someone to communicate and practise with who is at the same level as you is the perfect option for you. Private tuition at home: If you prefer to have lessons in the comfort of your own home, private French tutors that come to your home are perfect for you. The French tutor will come to you and you can have your lessons in the space of your choice. Online French lessons: Another very valid option, especially nowadays, is online tuition. It's a good option because you don't have to travel and you can receive the lessons from anywhere. French courses are affordable and not a bad option. But a private French lesson can give you what you need at the right time, without having to go through lessons that don't interest you or that will be of no use to you in the future. Here are some tips for learning French. How to find the ideal French tutor Advanced search. Search through the tutors' profiles that most appeal to you, filtering by area, price and levels taught. Finding tutors can be difficult when there are thousands of private language tutors out there so knowing what you want will help you to filter through them and find the right tutor for you more quickly. Contact more than one. Bear in mind that not everyone will have the availability that suits you, so always contact more than one French tutor to make sure that there is at least one that matches your schedule. When contacting them, be clear about your needs: What are you looking for in a private French tutor? What level are you? What objectives do you want to achieve? It is always important to communicate all this, especially in the first lesson. Bond with your tutor. Part of learning will depend on your rapport with your tutor, it's best if you like them from the start. Listen to your intuition, it will tell you if you have good chemistry and communication with your French tutor. Get the most out of your private tuition. Always express your doubts, fears and problems. Don't be afraid to speak clearly about what you want, remember that in private tuition you are in charge. Find French classes in London. Advantages of private French lessons Private French tutors can make the difference between learning fast and well or learning slowly and badly. The key to a good education is personalisation. If you can tailor all the content to what you need, it is a guarantee of success. It is normal to have doubts when finding tutors. Not knowing what to choose or how to find it. Any kind of education is good and nothing you learn will ever be in vain, but if you are looking for the best option, private tuition has certain advantages it can offer you: Go at your own pace: There are some people who find some things more difficult than others. It is something that cannot be explained, when you are in a class you have to follow the pace of others and that means that there will be things that you don't learn and other things that you get bored with, something that never happens with a private French tutor. Greater flexibility: A good private French tutor must adapt to the needs of the student, both in terms of content and technical issues such as timetable or the space where the class is held. You decide everything and you can find a tutor that suits your every need. Personalised lessons: The best thing about having private French classes is that you will have the full attention of a French tutor who will be able to give you tailored lessons. Find everything you need: You can find in-person private tuition, French tutors online, native French tutors. Whether you are looking for a French tutor for beginners or for a higher level, you need to be clear about your needs and be able to express them. For example, if you want to have general knowledge of the language or if you want it for a professional environment. Once this is clear to you, you will find what suits you. There are hundreds of private tutors of all kinds, all with many years of experience, offering classes for all types of students. Start finding your ideal French tutor now and it will take you much less time than you think. Take a good look at student reviews and profiles, compare with others and how learning a language is easy.
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