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Primary School Tutor - English, French
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language
I am a law student with immense experience teaching. I blend students' interests with tailored content, making lear...
I have a native level of English and I know how to teach it to foreign students
WorsleyEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I have a native level of English and I know how to teach it to foreign students.
Financial expert teaches French for business or GCSE/ A level.
Online lessonsFrench
Learn French from a financial markets expert who can help you master the language for business or academic purposes...
French and Spanish teacher trained in primary and secondary education
Hale Manchester, Altrincham,...French1st lesson free
I have a degree in French and Spanish and university level English and Maths. With over 16 years of teaching and l...
Learn English Your Way with Personalized Lessons for Real-World Success
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
Struggling to speak, read, or write English with confidence? I'm the tutor for you. Unlike the one-size-fits-all ap...
English Teacher kids aged 7-13
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I am Computer engineering student, my education language is in English at university. I have teaching and mentoring...
Spanish native speaker teacher. Let's discover together this awesome language!
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
Hello, I am excited to offer online Spanish language classes. My approach to teaching language is rooted in my pass...
Italian tutor teaches students all ages
Online lessonsItalian1st lesson free
I am Elisa Begnis, originally from Milano, now attending a PhD in Sociology and Social Research at Alma Mater Studi...
English tutor providing lessons for non native children
LondonEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
Looking for a dedicated English tutor for your non-native children? Look no further! Sahar Aw. offers personalized ...
I can help you get your goals
I have a Master's degree in Modern Languages. I have been teaching English and French for over 15 years. I have als...
I'm Salome, a passionate educator with six years of experience transforming language learning into an exhilarating experience. My approach merges the richness of English with the finesse of culture, making every lesson a captivating adventure. With a knac
AlderfordEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
One of my greatest strengths as a teacher is my ability to be flexible and adaptable. Teaching is an ever-changing ...
Chinese tutor which could help with all age
EdinburghChinese1st lesson free
Hello further language learner!I'm Lim, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to guide you on your mandarin lang...
I would like to make learning fun and easy in a way that can be understood. I do offer English as a second language and also Math and Natural Sciences in English, grades 1-6.
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language
Please, do not hestite to contact me with any questions covering the material. I would love learning to be fun and ...
English tutor providing lessons to students - All ages
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
مرحبا (Hello)! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to master English? As a bilingual speaker fluent in A...
Private lessons tailored to your need and level, just asking me where and what you want to learn and I make sure you'll never have problems with that topic again.
London, Blackfriars, City Of...English as a foreign language
Private lessons 1to1 online or in person with step by step evolution and growth guaranteed in the topic you chose a...
I will give you tailored classes for your current level.
London, Knightsbridge, Marbl...Italian1st lesson free
I'm looking to do one-to-one classes, and I want to teach Italian to more people than I can. I want to make the cla...
Spanish tutors urgently needed for private tuition
MiddlesbroughSpanish1st lesson free
Hey we need you to help work in our company! (Spanish)We Need a tutor to help in this native language to tutor in o...
My first and native language is English. I received a higher grade in my exams in school. I am very well spoken and speak well phonetically And grammatically correct. I am based in Ireland so am unsure if this is an issue
Kirkby MalloryEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
Impeccably spoken, highly qualified native English speaker from Ireland, offering private English as a foreign lang...
Interest in media / popular culture / travel / food
Bristol, Brislington, Conham...Spanish1st lesson free
I'm originally from Barcelona. I hold a degree in Journalism and have worked in the British TV industry for 10 year...
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A good teacher And a simple way of communication, good pedagogical methods, Good Luck.
Ayoub larabi
5 ago 59 minutes
Hamza Aouad
Languages tutor
Carmen is always on time. She is very patient and personable!
5 ago 8 hours
Languages tutor
I had a great experience... Glad to learn spanish with you :)
5 ago 8 hours
Languages tutor

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

🗣️ Why should you start language lessons?

Nowadays, learning languages is as important - or even more important - than having a degree or experience. Knowing languages opens many doors, not only for travelling but also for finding a job. The advantage of learning by taking private language lessons is that you will be guided by a native speaker and will be able to progress at your own pace.

Find English tutors in London

💭 What types of language lessons are there on FindTutors?

On this page you will find private tutors for lots of different language lessons: English lessons, French lessons, Spanish lessons... FindTutors does not just offer language tutors for European languages, such as English tutors. We also have tutors for other languages including: Arabic tutors, Japanese tutors and Korean tutors. In addition, you have the option to choose whether you want to do your language lessons online or in person.

👨‍🏫 How can I choose a language tutor?

The key to choosing a private language tutor is to compare private tutors’ profiles. Do you prefer conversation classes with native tutors? Are you looking for intensive language classes to help you pass an exam? Do you want to learn languages online, at home or elsewhere? In short, knowing what you want will help you find tutors and compare their profiles. Finding tutors is much easier when you know how to filter your search!

💻 Can I take online language classes?

Two out of three language tutors at FindTutors give both face-to-face and online tuition. One of the advantages of online language lessons is that you can contact native speakers from anywhere in the world.

💰 How much does a language tutor charge?

The price of language classes varies widely. In many cases, the price is determined by the demand and the number of tutors. The less language tutors there are, the higher the price. The price can also vary depending on the language tutor’s experience.

If you want to get a rough idea of how much a language lesson costs, here are our most popular languages and their standard prices:

Prices of language lessons:

  • Private English lessons: £16/hr
  • Private French lessons: £20/hr
  • Private Italian lessons: £18/hr 
  • Private Spanish lessons: £19/hr
  • Private German lessons: £21/hr

Find online language lessons

Tips for learning a new language

There are some interesting tips when it comes to learning to speak languages. Regardless of your goal - whether it’s passing your Spanish GCSE, learning English as a foreign language or taking Italian lessons so you can travel, these tips will help you.

  • Set aside time for lessons with your private tutor: If you take language lessons online, this will help you concentrate and having a specific time will help you develop your study routine. Don't forget to tell everyone at home that you need quiet for your language class.
  • Watch series in your target language: Watching films and series or listening to music in your target language is perfect for learning a new language. It helps to increase vocabulary and improve pronunciation, especially in languages that are more difficult to speak, such as German and French.
  • Read in your target language: If you are learning from scratch, you can start reading books you have already read in another language. You can also start with children's books, which have the simplest vocabulary and are a good way to complement your online language lessons.
  • Language apps. On days when you don't have your language classes, you can continue learning with apps like Duolingo. There are many websites and materials on the Internet to help you reinforce when you have learnt.
  • Language exchanges: Do language exchanges and get your doubts answered by private tutors. This way you can practise languages, meet people and learn about other countries. You can learn to speak languages on the Internet, without having to leave home!

What languages are the most widely spoken?

Did you know that there are between 3,000 and 7,000 languages in the world? This is an estimate, as some languages are very similar and others have disappeared. According to Statista, in 2022, these languages were the most widely spoken in the world:

  • English: 1,500 million speakers
  • Chinese Mandarin: 1,100 million speakers.
  • Hindi: 602.2 million speakers
  • Spanish: 548.3 million speakers 
  • French: 274.1 million speakers
  • Arabic: 274 million speakers

Do you want to learn one of the most widely spoken languages? On FindTutors, we have English tutors, Chinese tutors, Hindi tutors, Spanish tutors, French tutors and Arabic tutors. No matter what language you want to learn, you will find a private language tutor on FindTutors

How long does it take to learn a new language?

To learn languages quickly, you need to have as much contact as possible with the new language. For example, watch your series and films with Spanish subtitles to practise listening to the language you are studying with your private tutor. If you don't have one yet, on FindTutors you can compare profiles and find online private tutors to learn languages faster.

In summary, the time needed to learn a new language is usually between 5 and 6 months, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This reference is designed for each level, i.e. it takes 5 months to go from level A1 to A2, 5 more months to go from A2 to B1 and so on.

The frequency of language lessons also plays a role, as well as the proximity of the language to your mother tongue. A native speaker of Spanish will find it very easy to learn Italian, but not so easy to learn Korean, for example.

Where can I take language classes?

You can hire an online language tutor, or ask the tutor to come to your home or even go to a language school. In any case, the different ways of learning a new language all have the same objective. Find out where to take language classes:

  • Language schools: The best option for those who want to learn a new language in terms of learning levels and time. Language schools also offer classes to help prepare for official language exams.
  • Private language lessons: A great alternative for people who prefer to learn a foreign language in a personalised way. Private language classes are planned according to your needs and pace.
  • Language exchanges: For the more adventurous, there is also the option of doing a language exchange. It is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture and also to learn a new language with native speakers.

How to find an online language tutor

If you are looking for private tutors to learn languages at home, online or even to take a course at a language school, you need to follow a few basic steps. There are many ads on the Internet if you are looking for online tutors, but it is not always easy to find the right one for you. Remember to keep these 3 points in mind when you are looking for a private tutor or language lessons:

  1. Filter the tutors according to your preferences. If you know your language level, on the FindTutors portal you can use this filter to facilitate the search for private tutors. Filter also by the language you want to learn, the city and the method: online or in person.
  2. Contact more than one tutor. You can contact several tutors for free. This will help you decide which language tutor is right for you. Ask specific questions, such as availability, teaching method, resources and anything else you need to know about the online tutor.
  3. Ask for a free trial lesson. Finally, you can almost start your language lessons. Once you have selected the right tutor for you, ask for the first lesson for free to get a feel for how they teach languages.
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