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Remember, FindTutors offers a free service for all private tutors, students and parents of students.

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How do I find a tutor?
Use the search engine to find lessons online or near you for any subject. You can also filter the lessons according to where you want them and what level you need.
How do I choose a tutor?
Compare prices, look at their experience and read their students' reviews to help you decide. You should also check whether we have validated their contact details and location. You can also chat to the potential tutors beforehand.
How do I contact the tutor?
Use the contact form to send a message. In this first message try to be precise about your needs in order to get a better response. See if the tutor is online so that you can resolve any queries quickly and book your lesson via our chat once you receive the answer.
Can I contact as many tutors as I want?
You can contact several tutors until you find the one that's right for you. Please use it responsibly. Only contact tutors about private lessons, no spam. Make sure you respond to them, even if it's to say that you've chosen another tutor.
Do I have to pay a fee to contact a tutor?
FindTutors is completely free for tutors, students and parents of students.
How do I pay for the lessons?
You pay the tutor directly. We don't charge anything, there's no fee. That's why you get the best service at the best price. Students usually pay the tutor after the lesson. Many tutors offer the first lesson for free, so you'll get first-hand experience of how they teach. This free first lesson should never be used to resolve specific doubts you might have about a subject. If you're not planning to have continuous lessons with a tutor, you can't ask for a free class.
How do I book a lesson with a tutor?
You can use the form to book a lesson or use our chat to contact them directly, whichever is the most practical option.

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Can I give private lessons?
If you have a passion for teaching and you know a subject well... then of course! If you don't have much experience, explain it in the ad. Offer the first lesson for free, adapt the level of the lessons well, and start getting students to gain experience. If you've been giving private lessons for years, highlight all your experience in your profile and ask former students for feedback. You'll have a professional profile in no time at all.
How do I register?
To sign up as a tutor with FindTutors you must post an ad offering private lessons.
How do I post an ad?
It's very simple. If this is your first ad, go to Post a FREE ad and select the subject you're going to teach, how much you'll charge for an hour, a good headline that describes your lessons, the level and the target audience. If you're already a user, go to your Your personal area and click "Post ad".
How much should I charge for the lessons?
You decide what you want to charge for your lessons. Check out other tutors teaching your subjects in your area to see if your ad will be competitive. For more info, take a look here for tips on how to set the Rates for your service.
Is it totally free or is there a hidden fee?
Posting your profile and ad is totally free. There's no fee, the entire price of the lesson is yours.
How do I get my first student?
First, create your advert and your profile. Make them as appealing as possible. When you get contacted for the first time, you should reply in our chat as soon as possible: being the first to start a conversation will give you a great advantage. Stay connected to the chat and reply quickly to receive more messages.
Can I teach via webcam?
Yes. When creating your ad, select "Online lessons". By offering lessons via webcam you open your target audience to the whole of the UK and, if you want, to all countries in which we operate, so you'll increase your chances of finding students. We also recommend registering your profile on Classgap, our online tutoring platform that allows you to focus on what you're really good at — teaching! Classgap gives you access to students, manages your lesson schedule, provides you with online teaching tools and allows you to receive payment for your lessons conveniently in your bank account.
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