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Review by Aya Ibrahim on 7 of December
Mr rasheed is one of the best teachers I've ever met His classes were never boring and he always makes sure that we understand the lesson very well Not to forget that he treats his students very nicely
Review by Alice on 7 of December
Zanna is full of positivity and good ideas. Great for anyone who is needing help in terms of practical planning, creative ideas or energising oomph with their work.
Review by Neha on 7 of December
Sumeet is teaching my daughter and has really helped her with tricky maths problems. He has great teaching skills and clears the concepts really well. I would highly recommend Sumeet for both maths and science.My daughter has been performing well under his guidance.
Review by H Kanwal on 7 of December
Uzma taught me GCSE Physics and Chemistry for 2 years. I have now passed my exam and doing A levels. She is a truly amazing tutor. Before joining her, I was finding both subjects very tricky. She has an amazing knowledge of these subjects. I would recommend her for GCSE Sciences preparation.
Review by Edith F on 7 of December
Without a doubt Marlene has improved my German; both my vocabulary and more importantly the grammar. My confidence in speaking German has increased enormously. She is a very patient teacher (I am sure she has told me the same thing 1000 times and still I get it wrong, and she never expresses frustration or impatience) and she pitches each class to address specific areas needing improvement. Via Zoom, we work through a text book, do exercises, watch videos and listen to the spoken word. Every week I also do homework, often suggest grammatical exercises to boost my understanding, the results of which we work through together which improves my vocab and grammar. The Zoom lessons are great. I don't feel like I am missing out not having face-to-face contact, the lessons are conducted as if we were sitting together and I don't need to travel anywhere for the class. I have no hesitation in recommending Marlene, regardless of your level, expertise or confidence.
Review by Luciferr on 7 of December
Her guidance goes beyond the classroom, and their genuine care for their students' well-being is heartwarming
Review by Laxmi on 7 of December
He provide clear explanations and are always available for extra help. I couldn't ask for a better instructor
Review by Saranya on 7 of December
Good in Teaching methodology
Review by Salma on 7 of December
She helped me understand the topics I was struggling with in an easy way and I improved in my grades as well! Thanks for all your help Hibaaq!
Review by Anas Abdullah Ahsan on 7 of December
Mr. Moniruzzaman is an exceptional mathematics teacher who possesses the rare ability to simplify complex concepts with ease. His teaching style is not only clear but also engaging, making even the most challenging topics accessible. Students benefit greatly from his expertise, finding mathematics enjoyable and understandable under his guidance.
Review by Karina on 7 of December
Danilo is not only a great person but he is also a great tutor. He always gives me good examples when explaining the meaning of words/expression's or phrases that locals use and I feel very comfortable with him when I make mistakes or say something silly while trying to learn the language. We are continuing the lessons and improving a lot. I highly recommend Danilo as your teacher.
Review by Naheed Nazir on 7 of December
Hannah is a great tutor, my child lieks her teaching method, she is great all round.
Review by Christine Lemoal on 7 of December
Aude is a language genius, as a learner and as a teacher ! In addition to French, her mother language, she knows English, German, Arabic and Hebrew, which she mostly learnt in autonomy. I learnt English with her but I believe she could just teach any subject. She is one of those rare teachers that are so passionate and kind that they inspire you forever. I’m so happy our paths crossed and I wish many students will be as lucky as me. Go for it ! Thanks Aude !
Review by Arjun on 7 of December
My tutor's teaching style perfectly suits my needs. So grateful
Review by Sam Glover on 7 of December
Approachable, friendly and excellent at building trusting relationships effectively and quickly. Julie is very easy going, making talking to her very easy which resulted in clear and honest conversations. After a few sessions I felt I had taken massive steps forwards within my life and I am truly grateful for her support and advice! I would not be where I am today without her!
Review by John on 7 of December
Carmen is always on time. She is very patient and personable!
Review by Jenny on 7 of December
Jamileh is a great and welcoming teacher. It has been almost a year that I am learning English with her. She is sweet, helpful and always supportive.
Review by Muhammad Arsal on 7 of December
Anmol is a great tutor. She is simply excellent in her subjects. She is very much professional and considerate. I'd love to work with her.
Review by Juan on 7 of December
I had a great experience... Glad to learn spanish with you :)
Review by Hiba on 7 of December
I'm so thrilled to have found Ms. Jasmine's classes! I would highly recommend Ms. Jasmine as her involvement and ability to adapt and adjust teaching strategies to meet the changing needs of students is impressive. I have learned so much in my classes with Ms. Jasmine. She paces the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. She incorporates real-world examples in her lectures to help students see the relevance of their education and that's highly commendable. I really like how she handles her students with lots of patience and always eager to help them. She helped me understand content for multiple topics in my course and she is the ine of the best tutors that I had. Recommending her is a no brainer..!! Ms. J your are amazing at what you do! Your passion and dedication is beyond words Thank You for getting me through this hard and quick semester. Honestly I would have a hard time and struggled if not for your help THANK YOU SO MUCH again for all your help...!!
Review by Madison on 5 of December
She is absolutely amazing she has helped my little 7-year-old learn math and English. Definitely recommend, her first sessions are also free so it helps with introducing each other.
Review by Muhammed Jabir on 5 of December
Very good classes. The way he taking classes is very impressive.
Review by Ahmed Tueger on 5 of December
Well-structured lessons, which include tajweed, Quran reading, Quran memorisation, Dua and teaching principles of Islam in detail. Each lesson improves understanding and recitation of Quran.
Review by Isabel on 5 of December
Emmas approach to teaching is friendly and easy-going. I would highly recommend Emma as a tutor for people of all ages and levels!
Review by Jegal Sihyeon on 5 of December
I've been learning English from her until now since I met her 2020. Before I couldn't speak English properly but now I can speak what I want to say while thinking of grammar as well. I'm close to her and know many things about her. I can tell you that she is smart, logical enough to teach someone. And also she has lot of passions about Korean and any other languages like (Hindu, Bangali, Arabic etc.) She likes teaching someone, that means you can learn lot of things from her. She will teach you nicely and you will see the satisfying results.
Review by Maria Maranhao on 5 of December
Teacher Zelda is very reliable and professional. Her classes are rich and fun. I highly recommend her.
Review by Kayleigh Beals on 5 of December
Amir provided fantastic personal statement advice and mock interview preparation for my UCAS Application. No doubt a really great teacher who takes the time to understand your individual needs. Really grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him!
Review by Keirika on 5 of December
My mentor's wisdom and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping my career choices
Review by Laaiba on 5 of December
He’s amazing helped me get my grade from a 2 to a 6, best teacher ever. Makes learning fun.
Review by Somy on 5 of December
Mina teaches all the lessons with great patience and uses all the class time in the best way, and her classes are never boring, with Mina's help, I was able to improve my language in a few months.
Review by Sehal on 5 of December
She’s an amazing tutor, she understands where the student is struggling and helps them and makes their weaknesses into their strengths
Review by Gareth on 5 of December
Matt was very patient and was ready to adapt his approach at any time during my learning. I would fully recommend him, I am yet to find a better teacher in the area. Thanks Matt!
Review by Snizhana on 4 of December
Easy communication is very important for speaking skills. One of the best teachers I ever had
Review by Waseh on 4 of December
Great teacher very helpful
Review by Rehan Raziq on 4 of December
I would like to leave a review for my teacher, Mr. Sarmad. He has been an incredible educator and mentor, and his passion for teaching is evident in everything he does. Mr. Sarmad is always prepared for his classes, and he makes the material interesting and engaging for his students. He is patient, kind, and always willing to go the extra mile to help his students succeed. I have learned so much from him and am grateful for his dedication to his students' success. Thank you, Mr. Sarmad, for being an amazing teacher!
Review by Harpreet on 4 of December
Well planned lessons and keeps his students interested in the subject with great examples. So far our daughter thinks he is the best teacher she has ever had.
Review by Karan on 4 of December
My mentor has a knack for simplifying complex concepts, making learning enjoyable and manageable.
Review by Zain on 4 of December
My tutor's enthusiasm for the subject is contagious, making learning a truly enjoyable experience.
Review by Jacqueline Jarvis on 4 of December
I have been learning Spanish with Claudia for several years, beginning with a group class at a local college, then a small group conversation class, and more recently one-to -one. During the pandemic, we continued with great success on ‘Zoom’ Claudia’s sessions are always interesting and stimulating and she uses a wide range of methods and media . She is always patient, and is a warm and pleasant person to work with. I have always enjoyed lessons with Claudia, and she has greatly improved both my fluency and my confidence. I cannot recommend her highly enough
Review by Sainath L on 4 of December
From the moment we met Susanna, her approach to teaching music was a breath of fresh air. Her creativity in structuring each lesson is truly special. She blends a variety of activities and musical games, transforming every class into an adventure that my daughter eagerly anticipates. What really stands out about Susanna is her remarkable ability to connect with young learners. She has an incredible knack for making the complexities of music both fun and accessible, which is no small feat, especially for a child as young as mine — my daughter started when she was three and a half. We are incredibly grateful to have Susanna as our daughter's first music teacher and would highly recommend her to any parent looking for a skilled and inspiring music instructor.
Review by Sarah Elizabeth on 4 of December
I had lessons from Nikki to help me with confidence and in preparation for a local audition. She was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot. She didn't only help me with the dialogue but with acting through song too. I felt totally prepared for my audition and got the role. I have had a few extra lessons since just to help me really do my best with the role. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Review by Suki on 4 of December
Yingying is a wonderful teacher. Patient and challenging. We had very enjoyable and constructive lessons for around a year. Look no further for a great teacher!
Review by Ewa Kalinowska on 4 of December
Monika brings a friendly approach that makes learning a language not just effective but also enjoyable! I wholeheartedly recommend her classes to anyone looking to enhance their English
Review by Paloma Fernandes on 4 of December
Reggy is not only prompt, patient and very knowledgeable, he also has a knack for finding the trickiest of bugs and overcoming challenges in the software he trained me in. He leaves no stone unturned in teaching his content and pays attention to every question posed to him. He manages to maintain a good speed of course coverage whilst repeating lengthy and confusing concepts in a calm manner. It was a privilege to have been trained by Reggy and I am very grateful for all his technical help each time I've needed it during my training and beyond!
Review by John on 4 of December
Very knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. We achieve a lot in our lessons and Mazharul teaches in such a way so I will remember in the future. Lessons are enjoyable as well as practical.
Review by Katja on 4 of December
Stephanie is the perfect teacher for me because she is open for every question I have and really warmhearted. I have been learning with Stephanie for the last one a half year. She helped me prepare presentations and slides I need for my job and gave me a lot of self-confidence speaking English either with international collegues and students or during my holidays in UK. Stephanie is a teacher for different language levels. I started with her at a B1 level and have now a really good B2 ( maybe higher). Stephanie offers grammar exercises and talks. I can highly recommend Stephanie as English language teacher.
Review by Ben Dover on 4 of December
My son just got acceptance into medical school! Prugna has helped greatly with his studies and has very sound advice to provide. She helped him with English literature and medicine interview preparation also. Highly recommend her services
Review by Raj on 4 of December
Exceptional teacher! Engages students with dynamic lessons, fostering a vibrant learning environment. Demonstrates profound subject expertise, making complex concepts accessible. Encourages active participation, creating a positive and inclusive classroom atmosphere. Approachable, supportive, and dedicated to student success. A true asset to the education community. Highly recommended.
Review by Samira Ayoouni on 4 of December
Best tutor I have ever had before I failed my maths in year 11 while I had a different tutor and since I had you as a tutor I improved in maths so much I managed to get a 4 in my mocks and get a 5 in the real exam thank you so much!!!!
Review by Shane on 4 of December
The most amazing Physics tutor that I had. He explains the concepts in a very humorous and understandable manner. I love Physics having learnt from Mr. Mahesh.
Review by Wanketeshwar on 4 of December
My tutor is not just knowledgeable but also approachable, creating a comfortable learning environment.
Review by Lena on 4 of December
I am Taehoon’s girlfriend. We have known each other for over a year. We met by an accident when travelling through Europe and came to love each other with time. One of his strengths is never ending optimism that has you engaged as well. It makes you believe that you can achieve what you want and that immensely helps to work towards it with a positive mindset. For instance when I was worried about passing my exams he was always very encouraging and enthusiastic which helped me believe that I could do it and made it more approachable to focus. Another great thing about Taehoon is that he diligently works on a given task which means he will do his best to help you with your studies. For example, when I asked him once to help me get a grip of quite unpractical differences (basically vegetables and vegetables ??) in Korean language he spent a day researching and preparing the materials so I could easily understand it! By all means, I definitely vouch for him in terms of capability
Review by Derya Sahin on 4 of December
Naz is one of the best english teacher and has provided me privat lessons. she has been very supportive and i have learnt soo much. I highly recommend her services.
Review by Dewansh Chaudhary on 4 of December
My mentor provides invaluable guidance, helping me set and achieve both short-term and long-term goals
Review by Caroline Underwood-Davies on 4 of December
Clara is calm, engaging, and an excellent teacher. It's not easy to impress an adolescent - and Clara has managed that. I'm very pleased with the results.
Review by Zeki on 4 of December
We had great lessons with Ali Teacher. He is really experienced and funny. I am very lucky that I met him. I recommend him to other students.
Review by Margaret on 4 of December
Adrian is very knowledgeable, understands all the topics and knows how to explain them well. He’s happy to fit in lessons when he can. He knows how to tailer the learning depending on the child. Thank you Adrian for all your help and support.
Review by Sushmitak on 4 of December
Superb tutor, my grades boomed due to her
Review by Connor Booth on 4 of December
I wholeheartedly recommend Jiwa as an outstanding Maths tutor. With a First-Class Degree in Computer Science and A* grades in both GCSE and A-Level Maths, Jiwa combines academic excellence with a passion for teaching. Their ability to make complex concepts accessible and engaging, coupled with a tailored approach to each student's learning style, sets them apart. Jiwa goes beyond typical tutoring by sending personalized homework assignments, reinforcing learning and addressing specific areas for improvement. Their commitment to creating a positive and interactive learning environment, coupled with comprehensive support from homework assistance to exam preparation, makes Jiwa an excellent choice for those seeking success in KS3 and GCSE Maths.
Review by Og on 4 of December
My tutor's feedback and constructive criticism have helped me refine my skills and improve my work.

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