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Review by Anum Waheed on 24 of May
Miss abeer is very capable and humble person. I hired her for my little sister (for chemistry) and i am totally satisfied. Miss abeer excel academically , moreover, she is soft spoken and polite, that's why my sister is comfortable with her.
Review by Christie on 24 of May
Chloe was so helpful in the run up to my English exams. Her friendly teaching style really helped me to build my confidence.
Review by Dylan Puvey on 24 of May
Aamish is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and organised. He adopts an inclusive approach to learning and never makes you feel like it’s at a pace you can’t understand or at a level that is too high/low. Aamish helped me prepare for my GCSE examinations with worksheets and tasks that suited my individual style of learning. I’d thoroughly recommend Aamish to any student looking to get some extra support in their studies.
Review by Sarah Ibrahim on 24 of May
I had the privilege of being taught by an exceptional teacher who excelled in teaching both music and math. Their expertise and passion for these subjects were evident in every lesson. I learned a great deal from them and highly recommend taking classes with this teacher. Their teaching style is engaging, and they have a knack for explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Prepare to be inspired and learn a lot from this amazing educator!
Review by Taha Khan on 24 of May
Talha is always professional, respectful, and committed to helping me achieve my goals. Their dedication to my progress is evident in every session
Review by Mujawabera Darius on 24 of May
Mr Wilberforce has strong interest in teaching biology and advocate for changes that will benefit his students . he is skilled at using technology to enhance the teachings using online simulations. he is committed to helping students and developed their critical thinking skill.
Review by Judith Zannou on 24 of May
Debora is incredibly patient and knowledgeable and generous. she is more than a teacher. She a mentor and an inspiration for me. Her passion for teaching shines through every lesson. she consistently prioritizes the need of her students, striving to help them achieve their full potential. I wholeheartedly recommend Debora to anyone seeking an outstanding tutor /educator.
Review by Ware on 24 of May
I have been working with Boris nine months. He has systematically helped to pinpoint areas of improvement and eliminate certain weaknesses in my chess game. I’m talking specific mistakes that I make in all my games. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve at chess.
Review by Michael on 24 of May
Alice is a very kind, patient tutor. I've had a few lessons with her and would say my Italian has improved tremendously! She also has given my young nephew's some lessons, so I would recommend 100 percent for all ages. Grazie mille Alice
Review by Nevin Sebastian on 24 of May
Very informative, helps alot with academic work as well
Review by Sophie Bill on 24 of May
Best teacher ever , than you so much madam
Review by Lorraine Karasan on 24 of May
Michaela taught my child in Reception in school and has tutored him for over a year now, in both Maths and English. He looks forward to his lessons and loves the games they play while learning. He has improved greatly since having lessons with Micheala.
Review by Adnan Sajid on 24 of May
Sure! Here’s a short review for your friend: --- I highly recommend Umm E Ayman for online tutoring in Maths and English. Her teaching style is clear, engaging, and very effective. She is patient, knowledgeable, and always goes the extra mile to ensure her students understand the material thoroughly. Thanks to her guidance, my confidence and skills in both subjects have significantly improved. If you're looking for a dedicated and supportive tutor, Umm E Ayman is the perfect
Review by Nabeel Panjwani on 24 of May
Zaiba was a greats for my 3 kids. After each lesson, they was a great improvement. She is articulate in her planning of lessons and able to adapt her lessons to different situations. It was a great pleasure to have her around and my children took a great liking to her. We will all miss her greatly.
Review by Kateryna on 24 of May
Naomi is knowledgeable and patient teacher. She always willing to provide any help when needed. The lesson were well-structured and interactive which made me very engaged in the learning process. My English skills have improved immensely thanks to her teaching.
Review by Dylan on 24 of May
William has been an excellent tutor for me. Before beginning my tuition journey with William, I was only achieving a grade 6 in mathematics. Throughout my time with William, I have grown to become a much more confident mathematician; able to answer grade 9 questions with ease. I have most certainly developed in ways I never thought I could before meeting William. I owe an eternal thanks to him.
Review by Alex on 23 of May
She is a very professional technician, and it was a pleasure to have a lesson with Elena. She is patient and she knows how to organize work. I highly recommend it.
Review by Cathy Brooks on 23 of May
Patricia is incredibly engaging, her classes are fun and interactive, making learning a joy. Patient and enthusiastic she has helped me improve my speaking skills enormously over the past year. Her teaching methods are incredibly effective and I feel much more confident speaking Spanish now. I never find myself bored and always look forward to our next class.
Review by Jane Pepper on 23 of May
Pam helped my daughter during her GCSEs and she was wonderful with her! She was patient and explained everything in a way that really got through to her. She would really have struggled had it not been for Pam's professional support and I would 100% recommend her to anyone needing tutoring.
Review by Magdalena on 23 of May
She was really helpfull and great
Review by Stuart on 23 of May
Shannon helped me with my english studies she was patient, organised and set a plan based around my own needs. Would recommend
Review by Ahmed Ali on 23 of May
Loved the way she cleared my concepts and helped my preparation. Would definitely use her services again.
Review by Khadija on 23 of May
Excellent tutor.Easy understanding and very patience.
Review by Rufus Thompson on 23 of May
Tanisha helped tutor me for GCSE chemistry. After my teacher left I began to consistently get lower grades than ever before Tanisha helped me. After spending time with her working through my problems, my grades shot up higher than ever before due to her help and ease to work with. I’ve been anxious of working with tutors in the past but she settled me down and I felt safe with her unlike anyone I’d worked with before. Thank you Tanisha.
Review by Tiana on 23 of May
I had a fantastic experience with Eduard as my math tutor. His clear explanations and patient approach made even the most challenging topics understandable. Eduard's passion for maths and his personalized teaching style greatly boosted my confidence and performance in Calculus and Linear Algebra while studying actuarial sciences. Highly recommended!
Review by Jabaria Mohammad on 23 of May
Really experienced and wise teacher who knows how to teach spanish in the most perfect manner! I 100% recommend!
Review by Muhammad Ali on 23 of May
Excellent Tutor and has boosted my grades massively over the last two months. Charismatic attitude and makes learning look fun but highlights the importance of exam techniques.
Review by Isabela T on 23 of May
Donna is a brilliant teacher, she helped me to improve my English and now is teaching my two nieces who live in Brazil. I enjoy her teaching style which targets your weaknesses and she is very friendly and easy to communicate with.
Review by Varshini on 23 of May
She was so clear and precise in explaination. Always paitent while explaining and never gets irritated to explain again and again.
Review by Justine on 22 of May
Great course with her, I feel more confident and we have conversations now that I couldn’t have before, very professional and completely worth it. Thank you teacher ! I recommend 100%
Review by Elis Altanov on 22 of May
Exceptionally happy with the tutor services provided by Veneta. She tutored my son on biology concepts, terminology and principles. The way Veneta taught my son was engaging and knowledgeable. As a result she has inspired him to develop in that area. Highly recommend Veneta as a tutor!
Review by Emilia on 22 of May
Amazing, very knowledgeable teacher with a lot of experience. Thank you very much lovely Cheryl. I’ll definitely recommend her ??
Review by Tanya Hutchinson Paterson on 22 of May
Felt in safe hands as first time doing yoga. She adjusted the positions based on my ability. Brilliant class, good workout, really relaxed & calm. Great teacher. Would highly recommend.
Review by Amina on 22 of May
Lovey tutor, really helped me improve in my English and I feel supported throughout. Thank you ??
Review by Timothy Kimaru on 22 of May
Really good lessons from Kevin.
Review by Philip English on 22 of May
I had the pleasure of working with Aga for business coaching through her platform, Brains Rewired. Her innovative approach and ability to generate fresh ideas were truly impressive. Aga’s coaching sessions were not only insightful but also transformative, helping me to rethink my strategies and approach my business challenges with renewed confidence. Her deep understanding of hypnotherapy combined with business acumen created a unique and highly effective coaching experience. I highly recommend Aga for anyone seeking to enhance their business strategies and personal growth.
Review by John on 22 of May
Kristina is both a fantastic teacher and an incredible musician. As a teacher she has a very open, adaptable teaching style and an engaging, positive personality that enables her to teach directly to the needs of her student, encouraging the underconfident and productively channelling the energies of the enthusiastic. She is incredibly perceptive in identifying the subtle causes underlying mistakes, and very capable at explaining the reasoning behind advice rather than just issuing instructions. As a musician her passion for and sheer enjoyment of music in all its forms really shines through; teaching at all levels with equal enthusiasm and verve, demonstrating conventions of the genre and techniques unique to the piece in every case. She has an excellent ear and is able almost effortlessly to identify minor imperfections in tone, tune, or technique and correct them before bad patterns are learned, as well as guiding a student's expression and dynamics even from their early lesso
Review by Sue on 22 of May
Pranavi is an excellent teacher. So kind and patient
Review by James Howard on 22 of May
Wow!!!! What can i say, firstly Belen was so patient with me and her hospitality and knowledge is beyond excellent. I would highly recommend for anyone interested or looking into learning Spanish she truly is a star ?? Thanks Belen!!!!!
Review by Gosia on 22 of May
If you want to learn English, I recommend you learning with Leon. He is a very patient and understanding teacher. Learning with him it is a lot of joy and fun. You don't feel like you're learning and the next day you can say many new words and sentences. Learning with him is a pleasure! Thank you, Leon !!
Review by Michelle Synakowski on 22 of May
Lydia demonstrated professionalism and dedication during our time together. She showed an exceptional ability to communicate ideas and concepts while exuding such a warm and caring persona. I felt very comfortable with her and benefitted greatly from her knowledge and insight.
Review by Kole Paola on 22 of May
His Class is conducive and Sociable and the fact that he tries breaking everything down for better understanding even for the slow learners is so amazingHe's a great lecturer.
Review by Ava on 22 of May
It was really helpful being tutored by Paula, she really supported me when learning and revising for my Maths GCSE. We were able to focus on specific topics that I struggled with, do lots of practice questions and look at examples of how to solve the problems. Her tutoring allowed me to get a grade in Maths much higher than I thought possible :)
Review by Alexa Peters on 22 of May
Karina was an absolute gem in assisting my daughter with her Spanish GCSE exam preparation. She provided resources that were instrumental in enhancing my daughter's writing, listening, and reading skills. Karina's approach to sending her audios and practice papers, coupled with her thorough explanations during the lessons, was incredibly beneficial. Thanks to Karina's support, my daughter now feels significantly more confident in her abilities. Her dedication and expertise in teaching are truly commendable.
Review by Jane on 22 of May
Andrea is very patient with kids and well prepared before classes. She also actively communicate with parents so we are in track of the kids’ progress! Overall, amazing teacher!
Review by Jewel Ahmed on 22 of May
GCSE’s or post GCSE exams, I am confident to say Kawsor provides excellent and quality tutoring to help my brother to confidently approach his exam. I highly recommend Kawsor for your tutoring needs. His attention to details and planned lessons, helping his students maximise their learning potential.
Review by Maida Asad on 22 of May
She is great at conveying lecture and thoroughly explaining everything for better understanding.
Review by Jiya on 21 of May
Shes amazing at teaching my son. His grades have already been looking better and he has become more enthusiastic about Biology and Chemistry. Would recommend her for your children too.!
Review by Ritika on 21 of May
You have a remarkable ability to make complex topics understandable
Review by Romelia Fenichiu on 21 of May
Gintare is an Amazing tutor. Very professional, respectful, kind and patient. She put so much passion in what she is doing and she is the Best. Always rewarding the little ones! I highly recommend !
Review by Maria on 21 of May
Karol has been a great tutor, he has adapted the way he explain things, so that I best improved. He has especially helped me with anatomy and proportions, which I struggled with. He also gave me a couple of lighting sessions, which have really improved my art. Would really recommend if you're looking to take your work to the next level! Thank you Karol:).
Review by Madeline on 21 of May
Laurie is a very kind and understanding tutor, he explains things in depth and helps me when I need extra support or encouragement. No question is a silly question when learning with him, he makes me feel able to learn as I struggle due to my dyslexia. Despite this, he is very patient and explains things in a way that adapts to my learning style but also at a pace I am comfortable and confident with, although still with enough encouragement that he pushes me towards a higher language ability. He also structures our lessons in a fun and engaging manner so I am more motivated with my learning and completion of work. He always makes sure he goes above and beyond to get the best possible results for you and your work. I highly highly recommend lessons with him, I have learnt a lot and have found them very informative for my A-Levels. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Laurie’s help!
Review by Courtney on 21 of May
I had some lessons with Dylan to learn topics which I was struggling with prior to exams, he was extremely patient and explained things in a way I understand. Really recommend him!
Review by Emma Knox on 21 of May
Jamie teaches both my boys. They look forward to their lessons and even enjoy practicing. The progress they have made is fantastic.
Review by Fintan on 21 of May
Sam was extremely helpful and accommodating when teaching my son. His knowledge of the syllabus is impressive and his ability to simplify a concept really resonated with Rowan. Thank you Sam :)
Review by Amelia Bury on 21 of May
I found that through Saira’s tutoring my son became a lot more confident with his sciences and has been able to perform much better in his exams. Saira has helped him not only through being an excellent teacher and ensuring he’s understood each topic throughly without burning out, but also helped him with his anxiety when it comes to exams and the pressure it puts on him. Her patience and strive to help her students for their benefit was shown through all the extra hours she put in for my son even if it meant changing around her day. A dedicated and passionate tutor.
Review by Hiya on 21 of May
Learning art with Rajvi was quite enduring the techniques she taught during the sessions made working with different mediums not only fun but also a whole new experience. She guided me on how to improve my work while also teaching me how to give finishing. She is not only enthusiastic but also very patient when teaching and guiding, which made me look forward to the next one.
Review by Michael Jones on 21 of May
A great tutor, who always put his full effort into making sure his studnts learn. He is incredibly patient and is good at finding different ways to explain difficult concepts.
Review by Katie on 21 of May
Zoe has helped 2 of my children with maths during year 6 and year 7. She has the ability to connect with the student and give them the knowledge and confidence to succeed.
Review by Jason Yau on 21 of May
Very constructive advice knowledge wise and self confidence wise. Reminded me to be confident in my work. Very happy with the lesson.

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