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Primary school teacher with 11 years experience of providing engaging lessons and supporting the individual needs of learners
Online lessonsPrimary school1st lesson free
I am available to tutor for a wide range of Primary school subjects online, one-to-one. I provide engaging resource...
Primary school tutor that caters to any subject
Cardiff, Butetown Community,...Primary school1st lesson free
Offering personalised lessons tailored to your child's specific needs. With a deep understanding of a wide range of...
English and Maths for Primary School Children
TelfordPrimary school1st lesson free
Hi! My name is Athen and I have 5 years of experience both in a primary school classroom and in a private tutoring ...
Experienced primary school teacher with French degree
WhitehavenPrimary school1st lesson free
Experienced primary school teacher with a French degree, Lindsay Stevenson, offering engaging private lessons. With...
Would you like to learn cognitive ability,  I am here for your help!
RomfordPrimary school1st lesson free
I am a private tutor with the experience of teaching for two years. I am going to teach one on one lesson and clear...
Cover teacher able to tutor primary school aged pupils
RugbyPrimary school1st lesson free
I have worked in education for six years. I began as a teaching assistant then a higher level teaching assistant, a...
Primary School Teacher offering English, Maths and Mindfulness tuition online
BelfastPrimary school1st lesson free
I am a passionate and motivated primary school teacher who has extremely high expectations of every child and have ...
Tutor with 5 years experience in 11 Plus teaching
Sidcup, Bexleyheath, Coldblo...Primary school: 11 Plus1st lesson free
I run my lessons online over a Zoom Call or in-person and prepare an hour long session tailored to each student. I ...
Im available to support those who need it ◡̈
Online lessonsPrimary school
I love to listen to what people have to say about their needs. I will give them multiple options for a successive o...
Highly experienced educator who provides lessons to Primary students and 11+ students
Online lessonsPrimary school1st lesson free
I am a highly experienced educator who has taught in Scotland and internationally. Throughout my teaching career, I...
I will help out at any level with my best knowledge
Online lessonsPrimary school1st lesson free
I'm calm and patient, I feel that my students warm to me as I aim to make lessons enjoyable as I understand it's no...
11+ tutoring providing all-round, English, Maths, verbal and non verbal reasoning lessons
WainscottPrimary school: 11 Plus1st lesson free
Seeking tailored 11+ tutoring for you child? Look no further! I offer comprehensive English, Maths, verbal and non-...
I will help out at any level with my best knowledge
Online lessonsPrimary school
I will teach one to one and also I can solve assignments questions which people asked to me .I can provide help wit...
English tutor and all primary subjects. Highly experienced over 22 years
LondonderryPrimary school1st lesson free
I am a highly experienced primary school. teacher. I. Have taught ALL subjects from ages 4 to 11 years old.I have a...
English tutor (5-11) Primary School ……
CardiffPrimary school1st lesson free
Impeccably crafted for young minds, I am Nadine Ismail, your dedicated English tutor for primary school children ag...
Inspiring mentor committed to your academic success and growth
Online lessonsPrimary school
I employ personalised lessons, interactive materials, and adaptable teaching methods to cater to diverse learning s...
Primary teacher offering numeracy and literacy services. Experience: 5 years tutoring and 3 years as a primary teacher
Glasgow, Carntyne, Cessnock,...Primary school1st lesson free
I’m an active Primary Teacher within Glasgow and I have three years teaching experience. I love to create fun, acti...
I am an experienced teacher and private tutor. I look forward to working with you and your child to help them reach their potential!
GlasgowPrimary school1st lesson free
I believe strongly in promoting a growth and mastery focused mindset within the children I teach. Children are intr...
11 Plus tutor with over 5 years of tutoring experience. Group lessons and private available. Please enquire further
CatfordPrimary school: 11 Plus1st lesson free
11 Plus tutor with over 5 years of tutoring experience. Group lessons and private available. Please enquire further...
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Find out what some of our students think about their Primary school tutors
My daughter flourished whilst having Becky as her tutor. She was always so calm and friendly which made my daughter feel safe to ask questions which she didn't do at school. I...
5 8 days ago
Primary school tutor
I found Shelina on Instagram and booked her for my little ones. I was impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm and later found out she is a teacher! My little ones enjoyed...
5 11 days ago
Primary school tutor
Julia was an incredible tutor for me last year. She took me from a 5 to an 8 in just a few months. Her lessons are super fun and engaging, couldn't recommend her more!
Tobias Martin
5 17 days ago
Primary school tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

👨‍🏫 How can I find a primary school tutor?

The internet is the best way to find an in-person or online primary school tutor. It allows you to choose from hundreds of primary school tutors by comparing their professional backgrounds and reviews from parents or students who have already used their services. There are two main things to consider when finding tutors: Do you need an expert in a particular subject or something more general? How old is your child? With these two pieces of information, you will be able to narrow down your search and easily locate your primary school tutor on FindTutors.

👨‍👦 At what age should my child start tuition?

There are tutors who cater for all ages. However, in general, it is recommended that children are at least 5 or 6 years old. To filter your search by age on FindTutors, you can use the filters on the left to select primary school if, for example, you are trying to find a maths and physics tutor that teaches primary school children.

📖 What subjects do primary school tutors offer?

All subjects. There are two types of primary school tutor. The first kind is those who specialise in primary school tuition. These primary school tutors tend to offer all subjects with some specialising in SATs and the 11 plus exams. The second kind is tutors who specialise in a particular subject, whether it’s a maths and physics tutor, French tutor or something else.

💰 How much does private tuition cost?

In general, primary school tutors tend to charge between £10 and £20 per hour. This range is, however, only a guide as there can be tutors who charge more or less than this. The exact cost usually depends on how the lessons are taught (in person or online), the tutor’s experience and professional qualifications.

🖥️ What are private lessons like?

Private tuition for primary school students can be either face-to-face or online. In the case of in-person lessons, you can discuss with the primary school tutor whether it is more convenient for you to come to the tutor's home or to have the tutor come to your home. It is also possible to arrange lessons in a library or study room if this is more convenient for you. If you prefer online tuition, because of time or logistical constraints, your child can have online lessons from the comfort of their home.

Tips for finding the best primary school tutor

What is tuition and why does my child need it?

Tuition can help all primary school students. Tuition can consist of help with homework given by primary school teachers, exam preparation for the SATs or 11 plus, or an in-depth explanation of key concepts taught in class. It can be particularly beneficial for students who have difficulties doing their homework as a primary school tutor can help them find an effective study method that they can apply to all their current and future studies.

Primary school tuition: which children need help?

As previously mentioned, tuition is particularly important for children who are struggling at school. Many of these children need more support that group classes can provide, which is why one on one tuition is especially important. 

However, primary school tuition is not limited to these students, it can be for any primary school child. Whether you want your child to learn a subject that is not taught in school, provide your child with the help they need to pass a particular exam or just reinforce what is being taught in school, a primary school tutor can help.

Benefits of hiring a primary school tutor

Here is a list of the main benefits of hiring a primary school tutor:

    • Reinforce the school curriculum: School is an essential part of a child’s growth and development. Succeeding at school from an early age can shape a child’s future. Given that primary school teachers often have to deal with classes of up to as many as 30 children, it is often not possible for them to give your child the one to one attention that they need. Having a tutor for guidance is particularly important during the transition from primary to secondary school, exam time and the summer holidays.
    • Effective study method: Many children struggle with studying on a daily basis and end up cramming days before an exam. This results in having to memorise too many concepts in a short space of time and also means that these concepts will likely not go into your child’s long-term memory. A tutor can not only help your child with homework and particular concepts, but also help your child to develop a much-needed study method. Establishing this from an early age will set your child up for success throughout their time in education.
  • Personalised and supplementary materials: Similarly to before, a primary school tutor can recommend study materials based on your child’s needs and learning techniques. For example, if your child is a visual learner, the tutor may provide homework that includes videos, presentations and pictures. 
  • Optimise study time: Children spend many hours at school, so it is understandable that once they get home they want to get their homework out of the way as quickly as possible. Rushing homework certainly will not help them to do well in school. As we have seen, a tutor can help identify the most suitable study method for each individual, which means that it will also be possible to reduce the amount of time that needs to be spent on homework and revision each day.
  • Building self-esteem: All too often, poor grades or difficulties in studying and concentrating become causes of low self-esteem from an early age. This triggers vicious cycles which, if not broken, can lead to students hating school and studying. If, on the other hand, the child is helped to cope with studying on a daily basis, through one on one tuition, they will see results and improvements, strengthening their self-confidence and laying the foundations for a more serene academic future.
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