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I give private lessons in the sciences tailored to meet your needs
Online lessonsBiology
Private lessons fully personalised for you taught by an experienced private tutor with a passion for teaching and h...
Biomedical science graduate teaching biology. There are no silly questions!
York, Acomb (North Shire), C...Biology1st lesson free
My approach is rooted in the belief that there are no silly questions. I tailor lessons to each student's unique le...
Biology teacher ,teaches students of all ages
Ayr, Alloway, New Prestwick,...Biology1st lesson free
As a biology teacher, my passion for the intricacies of life fuels my commitment to instilling knowledge and curios...
Biology made easy with help of mnemonics
ManchesterBiology1st lesson free
I am a doctor by profession and has a teaching experience of 2 years . I had been teaching part time biology to hig...
Biology lecturer Providing elaborative and easy to understand lessons to students ranging from primary to advanced levels
WalsallBiology: GCSE Biology, A Level Biology, Higher Biology1st lesson free
I graduated in biological sciences and did a post-graduate specialization in microbiology. Currently, I am pursuing...
Biology tutor trying to Unleash Your Inner Scientist for all ages
SouthamptonBiology1st lesson free
Hello there! I'm Vineetha Nair, a Masters student in Medical Genomics. Imagine a world where biology isn't just a s...
Biology Tutor, offer a range of services to help students better understand and excel in the field of biology
Kingston Upon HullBiology1st lesson free
I have medical degree, i taught many university level medical students, I can offer a range of services to help stu...
SloughBiology1st lesson free
Learning made easy through fun and realistic examples.
Considerate tutor teacher offering biology tuition KS3 to Degree level in Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean
Gloucester, Abenhall, Dursle...Biology1st lesson free
Hi, I'm Rich. I'm currently a scientist at the University of Oxford, but I also teach a small number of students in...
Biology tutor providing lessons to children of all ages
LondonBiology1st lesson free
As a biology tutor, I bring a strong educational background to the table. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnolo...
Biology teacher providing excellent methodology and skills in excelling the students grades
EdgwareBiology: GCSE Biology1st lesson free
Are you seeking to enhance your understanding of Biology and achieve higher grades? Look no further! Khushi Ahlawat...
biology teacher providing lessons to secondary or GCSE students
Ruislip, Greenhill (Greater ...Biology1st lesson free
I am currently enrolled in the BSc Neuroscience program at Middlesex University, Hendon, entering my second year of...
Undergraduate anatomy student looking to help students of all ages develop a better understanding of the world of biology
AberdeenBiology1st lesson free
Hello all! My name is Grace, I am an undergraduate anatomy student with a passion for all-things-biology. I'm here ...
First year Undergraduate student at University College London, Studying Biomedical Sciences
Camden London, Euston (Great...Biology: GCSE Biology1st lesson free
I am currently enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences programme at UCL. I have been participating in tutoring as a vol...
Experienced tutor in Biology, physiology and biochemistry
Saint Andrews, Strathkinness...Biology1st lesson free
I have a masters degree in Biology (Zoo Physiology) and been a teacher for 30 years. I have been a lecturer for nur...
I‘ll give private lessons to anyone interested in improving in the subject.
Online lessonsBiology1st lesson free
I have a degree in psychology and am currently studying medicine which gives me a broad understanding of sciences t...
Experienced Biology tutor with space for students during the school day and on Sundays 😊🧬🔭🦋
LichfieldBiology: A Level Biology1st lesson free
Experienced Biology tutor, Michelle Gee, offering private lessons during the school day and on Sundays. I specialis...
IGCSE Biology tutor for all Educational levels
GobowenBiology: GCSE Biology1st lesson free
Dedicated and Experienced biology teacher offering tailor made study for all levels of study. Experience the study...
Biology tutor providing lessons to the children in the best way possible
RuislipBiology1st lesson free
I am doing a master's in Global Public Health at University of Greenwich. I did my graduation in veterinary medicin...
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She’s an amazing tutor, she understands where the student is struggling and helps them and makes their weaknesses into their strengths
5 2 days ago
Saman Khan
Biology tutor
My grades improved dramatically under his guidance.
Veer Singh
5 3 days ago
Tarun Singh
Biology tutor
Absolutely outstanding teacher! My grades improved significantly after attending her class.
Anisha Wangade
5 6 days ago
Bhavya Sharma
Biology tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

🤝 How can I choose the best biology tutor?

Our suggestion for choosing the right biology tutor for you is to consider these 5 elements: qualifications, reviews, mode of teaching, availability and cost.

👨‍🏫 Where can I find biology tutors for children?

On FindTutors. We have biology tutors that specialise in private biology lessons for children, teenagers and beyond. To find a suitable biology tutor, use the filters on the left to choose the level of the lessons according to the child’s age. We recommend that before deciding on the profiles, you do an interview and read reviews from other students.

💰 How much is biology tuition?

Prices vary according to the tutor’s experience, usually university students offer cheaper lessons than experienced biology teachers. It also depends on the difficulty of the class: the higher the level, the more expensive the class will be. If you are wondering how much private biology lessons cost, the price ranges between £10 and £20 an hour.

💻 How do online biology lessons work?

You can take lessons with an online biology tutor from anywhere, but we recommend that you set up an organised place at home so that you can concentrate on your studies. Your tutor will prepare the lesson according to your level, needs and goals. Whether you want to improve your grade or pass your A Levels, your tutor will design the classes to help you achieve your academic goal.

🚀 How can I learn biology quickly?

Whilst there is no easy way. Having a private biology tutor will help speed up the process as they can dedicate their undivided attention to you. Additionally, a private tutor can help you identify what kind of learner you are and design the classes and homework accordingly. It also helps to have an experienced tutor to make sure each lesson is being used effectively.

Why should you study biology?

Reasons why you should study biology

Biology lessons at school can inspire you to pursue a career in science and develop a better understanding of the world around us. Discover 6 reasons why you should study biology:

  • Nature: As a biologist, you will be able to study different species of flora and fauna, either in a lab or out in the field. 
  • Multiple careers: Whether you want to be a microbiologist, neurobiologist, a science teacher or something else, there are plenty of branches of biology and jobs available.
  • Find your calling: Working in something you are passionate about will provide a fulfilling and fruitful career. It will also improve your quality of life. As they say; “if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.”
  • Community: You will come into contact with like minded people in research projects, lectures and labs. Having a community in the biology field will help you enjoy your work further and inspire you to keep reaching new heights. 
  • Change your world view: The study of biology allows you to see the world in a whole different way and understand why and how things happen.
  • Change the world: Biological research is always opening new doors and helping solve problems such as finding cures for diseases. 

Should you find an in-person or online biology tutor?

This largely depends on your preferences and how you study best. If you prefer interacting with people directly or find that you study better in a classroom environment, finding tutors that teach either in their or your home is the best option for you. If, however, you are restricted by time or do not want to travel, online biology tutors are the best option for you. You can use the filter on the left to search for in-person or online biology tutors

Benefits of having a biology tutor

Why hire a private tutor? This is one of the most frequently asked questions during the school year, especially when your child is doing badly at school or has low grades. Here are a few benefits of private tuition:

  • Undivided attention: Private tutors can focus the entire class on your needs and academic goals, something that is impossible in a school or group environment. 
  • Improve your grades: For many, the pace at which biology lessons at school are set is too fast. A private tutor, on the other hand, can explain concepts at your pace. Making sure you understand every concept before moving on. This, along with the tutor’s expert knowledge of the school curriculum, will help you to improve your grade.
  • Ask away: Some students may hesitate to ask questions in front of an entire classroom. In a private biology lesson, students can feel at ease and free to ask whatever they want without feeling like they are stopping the class or being afraid of looking stupid. 
  • Learn study techniques: A private tutor can assess the way you learn and identify study techniques that are best suited to you. This will improve your study skills not just for biology, but any school subject.
  • Practice makes perfect: It’s hard to improve without practising outside of school, which is why a private biology tutor can help. Not only to provide supplementary lessons, but also to help you learn how to study on your own

Types of private biology lessons

When choosing a biology tutor, it is important to take into account the types of classes each tutor offers. In other words, a biology tutor that specialises in primary school students will not have the same pace and content as a private tutor for university students. These are some characteristics to keep in mind when choosing a biology tutor:

  • Primary and secondary school tutors: At this stage it is crucial to focus not only on the school curriculum but also to identify how the student learns in order to form study skills that will last throughout their academic career.
  • GCSE biology tutors: This is one of the most challenging stages for high school students. These exams will determine what they can study at A Levels as well as the sixth form or college they can attend. Getting a tutor can be extremely beneficial for achieving the grade desired.
  • A Level biology tutors: A Levels or the Scottish Highers is another crucial time for students as these grades will determine entry into university. These exams create a lot of pressure for students so it can be beneficial to hire a tutor to provide the support needed. 

Biology tutors for university students: Many tutors who teach university students are current students or graduates. They have a fresh understanding of the skills and concepts needed to pass exams and excel.

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