How much should I charge for my private lessons?

Specifying an hourly rate for private tuition can be a difficult task.

There are many variables to take into account when calculating the final price of your lessons. The main ones are:

  • What are you going to teach?: Typically, lessons in more complex subject areas or subjects that require a high level of preparation by the teacher are more expensive. The hourly rate for private lessons is also usually higher for higher levels of difficulty.
  • How much teaching experience do you have?: A tutor who has been teaching for many years and has an efficient teaching methodology can charge a higher price than someone who has no teaching experience.
  • Where will you teach?: If you have to travel to the student's home to teach, you should include travel costs in the hourly rate. Alternatively, you can offer online lessons, for which Classgap is a good solution.
  • Guaranteed success: Those academies or tutors who can guarantee successful results (based on their experience) may ask for higher fees. In any case, before you can guarantee success, make sure that you have the right teaching qualifiications and that you have assessed your students' level of knowledge beforehand.

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For statistical and informative purposes, and without the intention of setting an official rate, we have calculated an average hourly rate:
The following table is based on data collected from more than 280,000 tutors advertised on our website. Last updated on 7 June 2017.

Prices of private lessons in languages 10-14 pounds/hourView all languages tutors
Prices of private lessons in Sciences 10-13 pounds/hourView all Sciences tutors
Prices of private lessons in private tuition (support for school children) 10-12 pounds/hourView all Revision lessons tutors
Prices of private lessons in IT and technology 12-16 pounds/hourView all IT tutors
Prices of private lessons in Music 14-17 pounds/hourView all Music tutors

Would you like to have a more detailed overview of the hourly tuition fees for the most popular and most demanded subjects?

Remember that you can always find tutors who offer their classes at much lower or much higher tuition fees, so we recommend doing some research.

Prices for private English lessons 10-13 pounds/hour
Prices for French lessons 10-12 pounds/hour
Prices for German lessons 12-14 pounds/hour
Prices of private lessons in castellano/English 10-12 pounds/hour
Prices of private lessons in Italian 10-12 pounds/hour
Prices of private lessons in maths, physics and chemistry 10-13 pounds/hour
Prices of private lessons in IT and graphic design 11-16 pounds/hour
Price of lessons in piano 14-17 pounds/hour
Price of lessons in guitar 12-16 pounds/hour
Price of lessons in Tutoring and homework help for primary school students 9-11 pounds/hour
Price of lessons in Tutoring for Secondary and GCSE 10-12 pounds/hour

All hourly tuition fees above are based on the provided data on our website.
We only listed those subjects that had a sufficiently large number of tutors (more than 500 tutors).

Our intention is not to set a standard rate for private tuition but to provide a guide for tutors who don't know the average hourly rate or price they should charge for private tuition.

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We hope you find the information useful. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to contact us via our contact form.

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