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Providing lessons for GCSE students for most GCSE subjects
SheffieldGCSE1st lesson free
I have completed my GCSEs (7 grade 9's, 1 grade 8, 1 grade 7) and A level Mathematics (Grade A), Chemistry (A) and ...
Affordable English Tutoring by a Russell Group University Student
Online lessonsGCSE1st lesson free
I am a third year BA English student attending a Russell Group university in London. My aim is to help GCSE and A-L...
Experienced tutor in Maths, English Literature and Economics
Online lessonsGCSE1st lesson free
My name is Eniola. I am a graduate of the London School of Economics (LSE), with a degree in BSc Economics and ex-c...
Online: An English tutor running English Literature GCSE courses
Online lessonsGCSE1st lesson free
I am an experienced tutor with an MSc in Forensic Psychological Studies and a BA (Hons) in Arts and Humanities (Cre...
I aim at bringing the best you didn’t know you had out of you. We are going to be doing some thinking, reading, constructive arguments together just so you can be your best.
BirminghamGCSE1st lesson free
I am a private tutor who’s experienced with one on one teaching sessions and online sessions. With my years of expe...
I am personal and approachable and provide tutoring for GCSE subjects, specialising in Design Technology but can also teach core subjects
Online lessonsGCSE
Qualified secondary teacher with experience upto A-Level. Currently specialising in pastoral care, I am a good list...
I give affordable and useful lessons for physics, maths and chemistry
ReadingGCSE1st lesson free
Unlock Your Academic Potential: Experienced tutor offering expert guidance in GCSE and A-level Mathematics, Physics...
Average point score of 8.7 in 11 GCSE's
Online lessonsGCSE1st lesson free
I can offer online lessons through Zoom, on any topic that you may be struggling with at GCSE level out of the 11 G...
Mathematics tutor for GCSE level and A level. Graduate of Newcastle university for mathematics and statistics
ReadingGCSE1st lesson free
Graduate of mathematics and statistics from Newcastle University receiving a 2:1Have a an A in A level Maths and A*...
I am capable of giving gcse lessons for maths
BristolGCSE1st lesson free
I am capable of giving gcse lessons for maths.
Maths Tutor for GCSE. I am studying aerospace engineering at university and I have completed maths alevels
ReadingGCSE1st lesson free
Impeccable Maths Tutor for GCSE! Elevate your understanding of mathematics with Oguzhan Kilinc, an astute aerospace...
High-Flyer Tutor: Elevating Math Excellence 🚀 | Online Maths & Further Maths | Aerospace Engineer with Triple Distinction Stars
Online lessonsGCSE1st lesson free
As an undergraduate aerospace engineering student with a Triple Distinction Stars qualification in Engineering, I b...
Online GCSE Tutoring For Every Student At All Ages
Croydon London, Anerley, Cro...GCSE1st lesson free
Hi! I completed my GCSEs a few years ago and have been one of the lucky ones to finish that dreaded period with goo...
Seeking a knowledgeable and approachable Biology and Chemistry tutor for GCSE level? Look no further! My name is Rh...
Primary and Secondary age tutor, for variety of subjects
Online lessonsGCSE1st lesson free
I have top GCSES grades (8s and 9s) so can tutor in a variety of different subjects. I haven't tutored professional...
Recent Creative Writing and English literature graduate. Will tutor any age
Stoke-On-TrentGCSE1st lesson free
Recent Creative Writing and English Literature graduate offering private lessons. Tailored tuition for all ages, wi...
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My son just got acceptance into medical school! Prugna has helped greatly with his studies and has very sound advice to provide. She helped him with English literature and med...
Ben Dover
5 3 days ago
GCSE tutor
Stephanie is an amazing tutor! she has helped me massively not only academically but also emotionally Encouraging me to do the best!
5 6 days ago
GCSE tutor
Lina tutored me for a few months and was extremely professional. Her lessons were planned well and worth the time. I never left her lesson feeling confused! I would recommend...
5 9 days ago
GCSE tutor

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

📖 How can private tuition help me pass my GCSEs?

Students are under a lot of pressure during their GCSEs. With so many different subjects to study for and so much riding on the outcome, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Having a maths and physics tutor, GCSE maths tutor, chemistry tutor or GCSE English tutor can help relieve students of some of this pressure. 

Whether you decide to find a tutor to help with multiple subjects or one that you are struggling with in particular, a tutor will be able to guide you through what you need to know for the exams, in addition to teaching you useful study techniques for when you are revising by yourself. GCSE tutors are experts in the curriculums, exam boards and techniques needed to pass the exams.

👩‍🏫 How can I choose the right GCSE tutor?

Finding tutors is relatively easy thanks to the hundreds of tutors available online, however, with so many options available, finding the right tutor can be a challenge. That’s why it is essential to have a clear understanding of what your criteria is before you start your search.

First, identify what GCSE subjects you find the hardest or which you would like to take to A Level and university. Once you know which subjects you need help with, you can start finding tutors that specialise in these areas. Make sure you analyse each tutor’s qualifications, experience and reviews before asking for a free trial lesson or interview. During this free trial or interview, assess whether you have a good rapport with the tutor and whether their lessons are what you need. This will help you identify which tutor is the best one for you.

✍️ What should I expect from private tuition?

If you have never had a private tutor before, it can be hard to know what to expect from your private tuition. You should not expect your private lessons to replace revision. Private tuition should be seen as a complement to your self study time and an opportunity to resolve any doubts you may have.

👀 Which subjects do I need a private tutor for?

There are general tutors that can help you with multiple subjects like science and maths tutors or maths and physics tutors as well as more specific tutors like chemistry tutors that focus on one subject in particular. The subjects you should focus on depend on your grades. Which subjects do you find difficult? What subjects do you want to study at A Level or university?

💰How much does private tuition for GCSE students cost?

 Although this varies greatly, the cost of private tuition for GCSE students tends to fall into the range of £15 to £30 an hour. GCSE tutors charge different prices depending on their level of experience, what subjects they teach and other factors.

Private tuition for GCSE students

When should I start private tuition for my GCSEs?

Private tuition should be done regularly over a substantial period of time for it to have an impact, especially if you need to cover multiple subjects and curriculums during lesson time. This means that if you start private tuition a couple of weeks before your GCSEs, you should not expect it to have much of an impact on your grades. The earlier you start, the better! In general, at the beginning of the year in September is a good time to start, to make sure the tutor can cover all the topics with you and prepare you properly for your GCSEs.

Which subjects do GCSE students need help with 

Although the subjects for which students require private tuition vary greatly from student to student, there are some subjects, like maths and science, that many students struggle with. Here are some of the common types of GCSE tutors:

  • Maths and physics tutors: Maths and physics are some of the harder subjects students have to take at GCSE, which is why there are many tutors that offer tuition for both subjects. 
  • Chemistry tutors: Chemistry is another subject that many students struggle with, as they are required to carry out formulas and memorise a vast number of scientific facts. 
  • Biology tutors: This is another subject that is heavy on the memorisation of scientific facts. A biology tutor can not only tailor the lessons to your exam board and curriculum, but also help you understand difficult concepts and teach you memorisation techniques.
  • Science tutors: For those students who are not taking biology, physics and chemistry separately, or wish to have one science tutor to cover all three subjects,
  • Language tutors: Many students are required to take a language at GCSE like French, Spanish or German which is difficult for students who struggle with the pronunciation, grammar and memorisation of vocabulary. Having a native tutor in the subject allows students to practise their speaking skills and can provide students with motivation to learn the language.

Exam and study tips for passing GCSEs

Exam time is a very stressful time for students which is why we want to provide you with some studying tips and advice for taking exams.

  • Take notes: It’s important not to leave things to the last minute, which is why taking high-quality notes throughout the year is extremely important. This way, when it comes to your GCSEs, you will already have your notes ready and can start revising straight away.
  • Identify your learning style: It’s important to know which study techniques work for you so that you can revise efficiently and effectively. Figure out whether you are a visual, auditory, kinesthetic or reading/writing learner and use the relevant study techniques. If you have a private tutor, your tutor can help you identify what works best for you.
  • Create a timetable: Creating a revision timetable can help make sure that you make time to study all the material before an exam without having to cram it all in three days before your GCSEs.
  • Take breaks: Revising for hours without taking any breaks or taking one big break after 1 or 2 hours is not effective. The best way to study is to take regular short breaks. The pomodoro technique, for example, advises students to set a 25-minute timer and work on a particular task or topic, when the timer is up you can take a 5 minute break. Every four breaks take a longer 15-30 minute break. Alternate between active breaks where you move around and static ones where you can use your phone. 
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