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Private science and chemistry lessons from Ph.D.-qualified academic tutor.
LoughboroughChemistry: GCSE Chemistry, A Level Chemistry
I will tailor my teaching to your learning style and adapt to your needs. I am friendly and can teach students and...
I provide support for A level and GCSE chemistry. I have very a very strong chemistry background and specialise in inorganic fundamentals
TwickenhamChemistry: GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
I provide support for A level and GCSE chemistry. I have very a very strong chemistry background and specialise in ...
Online Portuguese tutor for school and college levels
Online lessonsChemistry1st lesson free
I am a Chemical Engineer with a master's in Technology of Chemical and Biochemical Processes from the Federal Unive...
Chemistry, Biology, UCAT and interview prep tutor for Dentistry
Online lessonsChemistry: GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
Currently in my 2nd year of Dental school at the university of liverpool. My main subject of focus is UCAT tutoring...
I have done Bachelor's in Chemistry and currently I am pursuing Master's in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion
PortlandChemistry: A Level Chemistry1st lesson free
I have done Bachelor's in Chemistry and currently I am pursuing Master's in Materials for Energy Storage and Conver...
I am a chemistry teacher providing lesson for all GCSE students
Online lessonsChemistry: GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
Would you like to learn something new in Chemistry? I am happy to help!
Online lessonsChemistry: Organic chemistry1st lesson free
I have a PhD in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry). I offer tailored tutoring services personalized to meet each student...
Learning cannot be ended so educate your self and run your smoothly.....
London, Blackfriars, City Of...Chemistry
i always try to begin by providing a clear and concise overview of the fundamental concepts. Build a foundation bef...
Chemistry tutor providing online classes to students
Indian QueensChemistry: Organic chemistry1st lesson free
I am a chemistry tutor with 17 years of experience. I have specialisation in organic chemistry. I make students und...
I am a passionate science educator committed to making the subject accessible and captivating for every student.
Online lessonsChemistry
Over the past four years, I've gained extensive experience as a science educator in secondary education. I've succe...
Iam a chemistry teacher since 22yrs
PhD chemistry
Experience of 5 yrs teaching to  IGCSE OL
Perry BarrChemistry
COVER LETTER For Secondary Chemistry Teacher/Science Teacher I have been teaching for more than 22 years. I h...
Science Technician teaches chemistry up to GCSE level
Weston-Super-MareChemistry: Basic chemistry1st lesson free
I am the lead science technician for a school in Bristol; my job is to prepare and deliver the practicals within th...
I’m willing to provide online tutoring for Alevel Chemistry/ English, Maths, Science up to GCSE level
Online lessonsChemistry: A Level Chemistry, GCSE Chemistry, Organic chemistry1st lesson free
I am currently an undergraduate student studying pharmacy.
I will teach According to Students learning Level
Online lessonsChemistry
I will teach through Zoom and also provide Video Lecture For further Concepts. I will also provide pdf notes on tha...
As a third-year medical student, my passion for teaching extends beyond medicine to the realms of biology, chemistry, and mathemat
Online lessonsChemistry: GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
Discover a personalised learning journey tailored just for you! In my lessons, we mix engaging discussions, real-wo...
Chemistry tutor looking to teach GCSE students
Durham, Belmont (County ), F...Chemistry
Private lessons either virtually or in person where I will create a lesson plan beforehand if you let me know what ...
Chemistry tutor providing online classes for O and A level students
City Of Westminster LondonChemistry: A Level Chemistry, GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
I have completed my bachelors in chemical engineering from the top most reputed universities of the world and i wil...
A-level & GCSE Chemistry lessons at a very affordable fee by an examiner/teacher/tutor
BirminghamChemistry: GCSE Chemistry, A Level Chemistry1st lesson free
I am a Chemistry tutor with more than 30 years of experience in teaching. I am also an examiner for more than one e...
I can guide you through your syllabus in a simple and understandable ways.
GuildfordChemistry1st lesson free
I am passionate about teaching and having experience in both college and undergraduate teaching. I try to help my s...
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Chemistry tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

🧪How to choose a private chemistry tutor?

What defines your ideal chemistry tutor will depend on your needs. Do you need an A Level chemistry tutor or a physics and chemistry tutor? Make sure you know the tutor’s qualifications and how many years they have been teaching chemistry lessons. You should also filter by the location or online lessons, the price and time availability. With these questions in mind, it will be easier to filter and find your ideal chemistry tutor.

Find chemistry tutors in Nottingham

🔎 How can I find GCSE and A Level chemistry tutors?

The easiest way to find private chemistry lessons for GCSE or A Level students is to look on tutoring marketplaces like On FindTutors you can find chemistry tutors on the chemistry, GCSE or A Level pages. We have a wide variety of chemistry lessons on our website, so make sure you find a tutor that specialises in what you are looking for.

👩‍🔬 Where can I find a chemistry tutor for children?

Many children struggle in chemistry lessons as it is one of the harder subjects they have to study in school. This is why finding a chemistry tutor can be beneficial. Private tuition helps students that struggle to keep up with the pace at school as private tutors can tailor the lessons to suit their learning style and pace. Finding tutors for children can be done online on our website. Use the filters to find a tutor for your child’s stage of education, then ask for an interview or trial lessons to make sure that the private tutor is suitable for your child.

💸 How much do chemistry lessons cost?

The cost of private tuition largely depends on the chemistry tutor. Each private tutor has a different price point based on their knowledge and experience. However, in general private chemistry lessons can cost anywhere between £6 and £30 an hour.

👨‍🏫 What types of chemistry tutors can I find on FindTutors?

On FindTutors we have a wide range of private chemistry tutors available. Some of the lessons you can find include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Inorganic chemistry lessons
  • Chemistry lessons for children

The first step in finding tutors is to have a clear understanding of what you need.

Private chemistry lessons: online or at home

What are online chemistry lessons like?

Online chemistry tuiton is a popular choice due to its convenience. All you need is a computer and stable internet connection. If you don’t have these things you can go to a library for example. The most important thing is to choose an environment in which you feel comfortable and focused.

While chemistry tuition varies from tutor to tutor, all the tutors on FindTutors offer a personalised experience where the student can dictate which topics to study, the goal of the lessons and the pace. These are all benefits of private tuition which cannot be experienced in a group setting. 

How do in-person chemistry lessons work?

The main difference between online and in-person chemistry lessons is the location and format of the lessons. In-person chemistry tuitionallows students to choose between private tuition at home, at the tutor’s home or in a neutral location in your area depending on which option you prefer. 

Some students prefer to study in person as it allows them to concentrate and connect better with their tutor. It also removes the risk of technical difficulties affecting the class. To find tutors near you, simply select where you live in the “Where?” filter and you will find all the chemistry tutors that live near you. 

Find chemistry lessons in London

Start private tuition with an online chemistry tutor

Why should I learn chemistry online with a private tutor? The reason many students look for an online tutor is to save time and money. Online tuition allows students to learn chemistry from the comfort of their own home or wherever they prefer, without wasting time and money on transport.

In recent times, the demand for online chemistry lessons has increased dramatically. There are many advantages to learning chemistry online with a private tutor:

  • Flexible timetable: When finding tutors online you will have much more choice as you will not be restricted to one particular area. Therefore, it will be much easier to find private tuition in the evening or at any time of the day.
  • Time saving: The majority of tutors on FindTutors offer online tuition. A great advantage of online chemistry lessons is that you can use the time saved on travelling for studying or enjoying the things you like.
  • Tutors from all over the UK: Forget about geographical limitations! This is one of the great advantages of taking online chemistry tuition, especially if you live in a small town. You can choose from the best tutors in the UK.
  • Just the content you need: Find a private tutor that specialises in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, or whatever you need. With private tuition, you can focus on the branch of chemistry that you are interested in.
  • Learn from anywhere: The advantage of choosing an online chemistry tutor is that you can take your chemistry lessons from anywhere, whether you are travelling, at home or at work. Studying online gives you a lot of freedom.
  • Numerous resources: Take advantage of having Internet access during your online chemistry lessons. Online education offers many possibilities, including: videos, films, music, games, quizzes and tests.

Why study chemistry?

Chemistry is closely related to other sciences such as biology, physics and geology. Perhaps because of the fact that it encompasses a lot of other disciplines, chemistry can pose a challenge for many secondary school and primary school students. This is why students may need the help of a private tutor that can adapt the lessons to their needs.

Chemistry lessons can help students gain a better understanding of many different fields: from food to the computer industries. That is why it is important to teach in an interdisciplinary and contextualised way.

Chemistry basics

You will learn lots of different chemical concepts with your private tutor. If you are at a lower level, your private tutor will often start from the basics which include:

  • The periodic table: It brings together the elements called pure substances. These substances cannot be reduced to another chemical element. Examples are oxygen, potassium, carbon and nitrogen. The periodic table is ordered from the least reactive to the most reactive element and according to atomic number.
  • Acids and bases: Acids release a proton whereas bases receive protons. This is the real chemical difference between a soap (base) and a lemon (acid)!
  • Chemical reactions: When atoms rearrange themselves to form another chemical. When ice melts and turns into water, for example, its composition changes, this is a chemical reaction.
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