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Online Portuguese tutor for school and college levels
Online lessonsChemistry1st lesson free
I am a Chemical Engineer with a master's in Technology of Chemical and Biochemical Processes from the Federal Unive...
Chemistry, Biology, UCAT and interview prep tutor for Dentistry
Online lessonsChemistry: GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
Currently in my 2nd year of Dental school at the university of liverpool. My main subject of focus is UCAT tutoring...
I am a chemistry teacher providing lesson for all GCSE students
Online lessonsChemistry: GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
Would you like to learn something new in Chemistry? I am happy to help!
Online lessonsChemistry: Organic chemistry1st lesson free
I have a PhD in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry). I offer tailored tutoring services personalized to meet each student...
As a third-year medical student, my passion for teaching extends beyond medicine to the realms of biology, chemistry, and mathemat
Online lessonsChemistry: GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
Discover a personalised learning journey tailored just for you! In my lessons, we mix engaging discussions, real-wo...
I am a passionate science educator committed to making the subject accessible and captivating for every student.
Online lessonsChemistry
Over the past four years, I've gained extensive experience as a science educator in secondary education. I've succe...
I’m willing to provide online tutoring for Alevel Chemistry/ English, Maths, Science up to GCSE level
Online lessonsChemistry: A Level Chemistry, GCSE Chemistry, Organic chemistry1st lesson free
I am currently an undergraduate student studying pharmacy.
I will teach According to Students learning Level
Online lessonsChemistry
I will teach through Zoom and also provide Video Lecture For further Concepts. I will also provide pdf notes on tha...
Chemistry tutor providing interactive and fun lesson modules
Online lessonsChemistry: Biochemistry1st lesson free
Hello! I am a PhD student in applied chemistry now with a Masters degree in Biochemistry from the University of Str...
Chemistry tutor providing lessons to of all ages
Online lessonsChemistry1st lesson free
I have a bachellor’s degree in Chemistry and farmacist and have been tutoring for 1 year along my studies at colleg...
Chemistry tutor for A-level, GCSE or younger students
Online lessonsChemistry1st lesson free
I passed a-levels with A*A*A in maths, biology and chemistry respectively as well as GCSEs with 6 grade 9s and 6 gr...
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Great teacher very helpful
4 2 days ago
Chemistry tutor
Aksa has taught me Science and Maths and always brings enthusiasm to her lessons. She will make sure you understand harder topics and makes lessons interactive
5 8 days ago
Chemistry tutor
Excellent knowledge and ability to help whilst keeping lessons interesting for pupils. ??
Alex Raw
5 11 days ago
Dr Edward James
Chemistry tutor

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

😁 Why choose an online chemistry tutor?

On FindTutors you can choose from in-person and online chemistry tutors. The benefit of choosing an online chemistry tutor is that you will not be limited to the tutors in your area, you can find tutors from all over the UK. This is especially beneficial for those who live in rural areas where the choice of tutors may be very limited. Another key benefit is that you can have your chemistry lessons at home or from wherever you are. 

Find out if in-person or online tuition is best for you.

💰 How much does an online chemistry tutor charge?

Online chemistry tutors on FindTutors tend to charge around £18 per hour. However this can vary depending on the tutor, level of the chemistry lessons, the tutor’s qualifications and other factors. 

💻 What do I need for online chemistry lessons?

On top of the things that you would need for a normal chemistry lesson, like a pen and paper, you will also need a laptop, headphones and a stable internet connection. You may also need to download Zoom or whichever platform your online chemistry tutor uses for the lessons.

Discover 5 platforms for online tuition.

👨‍🏫 What types of chemistry lessons are there on FindTutors?

On FindTutors you can find lots of different types of chemistry lessons, such as chemistry lessons for children, for GCSE students and for companies. You can also find organic chemistry classes on our website. Use the filters to discover all the different types of lessons available. 

💭 Are there free chemistry lessons on FindTutors?

On FindTutors the vast majority of chemistry tutors offer the first lesson for free. This is so that you can get to know how and what they teach before committing to having chemistry lessons with them.

How to find online chemistry tutors

Tips for choosing the best chemistry tutor

When finding tutors it can be difficult to narrow down your choices and pick the right tutor for you. These tips will help you make an informed decision about which online chemistry tutor you should choose:

  • Experience: In general it’s best to find a tutor that has a decent amount of experience with teaching or tutoring. Whilst you don’t necessarily have to go for the one with the most experience, your tutors should have at least 1 or 2 years of experience. This way they will have likely taught lots of different types of students and will be more prepared to teach you.
  • Qualifications: Similarly, you should find a tutor that has teaching qualifications and a qualification related to chemistry.
  • Price and availability: Check the tutors’ profiles and adverts to see their prices and availability and make sure they fit with your budget and schedule. 
  • Contact tutors: When you have made a list of the tutors that would be suitable, contact them to ask more about their lessons and availability. It’s important to contact more than one as not all tutors will fit into your schedule.
  • Trial lesson or interview: Having a free trial lesson or interview with the chemistry tutors will make it easier for you to decide between the tutors you have found. 

How to make the most of your chemistry lessons

Now that you have chosen your online chemistry tutor, it’s time to start your private tuition. Here are some ways you can make sure that you get the most out of your time and money:

  • Come prepared: It’s important to treat your private tuition as if it was a chemistry lesson at school or university. Make sure that you do any homework before the lesson, have the necessary equipment and are ready to learn. 
  • Take notes: It’s important not just to take notes but to make sure that they are organised and cohesive. High quality notes will serve as good revision material for when you are revising for an exam.
  • Self-study: Outside of your private chemistry lessons it’s important that you keep working by yourself. Go over what you learnt in the class, study an upcoming topic. This is especially important for those that are trying to improve their grades at school or pass an exam. Make a note of topics or concepts that you struggled with so that you can go over it with your chemistry tutor in the next lesson.
  • Focus on your goal: Your goal is something that should be established in the very first lesson with your tutor. Are you taking chemistry lessons for fun or to pass an exam? It’s important that you share the reason why you are taking lessons with your tutor, as they can use this information to create tailored lesson plans oriented around your goal.

Connect: Finally, it is important to establish a connection with your private tutor. Try and assess whether you get on well with the tutor in the trial lesson or interview as this will be essential if you are to have fun learning during your lessons.

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