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I am a STEM person, I aim to teach 8 and 12 grade student
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
I would show some recent experiment in real life to bring a picture on the topic and relate the current application...
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
Firstly, I would have a lesson to see how the student typically likes to learn. From there I would personalise less...
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
Teaching is my passion and have gained lots of experience. So I can deliver the subject to the level of the student...
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
Private remote Biochemistry tutor(online). You can contact me via email. . I have years of experience tutoring stu...
I am a master's degree student with profound knowledge not only in biochemistry but as  other areas like physics and astronomy.
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
For me, everybody can learn science, so even if you are a child or an adult, I will help. My job as a scientist is ...
Online Biochemistry lessons for university students
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry1st lesson free
I am a highly motivated and dedicated graduate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a Master's degree in Bio...
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
Know about the core knowledge of my subject. Also has the experience of teaching to the primary section and senior ...
Lecturer and student of Biochemistry in health sciences.
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
Teaching and upbringing the child with the knowledge and understanding the subject. Bring a lecturer and a student ...
If you want to learn biology subjects from school to graduation level, I am eager to teach!
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry1st lesson free
Any difficulty in biology? Don't worry! I am sure that you can do it. My method reaches your root cause of doubt, a...
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
With extensive knowledge and experience, I possess strong communication and instructional skills. I will employ in...
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry
Curriculum fully personalised for you. I can help students understand the basic concepts of the topics and also pol...
I am a PhD student and my love for learning reciprocates in my love for teaching. I sincerely care about getting through to students for them to develop a similar fascination and interest. I believe in developing a friendly envronment for students for it
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry1st lesson free
I have always enjoyed my experiences teaching and guiding whether it is to perform lab experiments, directing proj...
Biochemistry student, qualified in A level and GCSE sciences
Online lessonsBiochemistry: Biochemistry1st lesson free
I have recently completed my A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Managing to secure a place at a Russel Gro...
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Dr. Kaleem Arshad made Biochemistry an exhilarating journey. His innovative teaching, blending theory and practice, fueled my passion for the subject. He's not just a teacher;...
Almatin Puspa Dewi
5 ago 3 months
Biochemistry tutor
Absolutely brilliant! She is an exceptional educator who makes learning both enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a talented tutor.
Muhammad Abdullah khan
5 ago 3 months
Biochemistry tutor
Highly recommend.Experienced and professional attitude, very knowledgeable lessons. in her lectures she uses mimcs to better understand a lesson. Humna is an undoubtedly excel...
5 ago 3 months
Biochemistry tutor
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