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I am Mr. Kingsley, a graduate of Geology
Online lessonsGeology1st lesson free
I will bring private geology tutorial to your door steps through calls, charts or online. I will impact on you what...
Geology tutor for all ages: Doctoral student excited to share my passion for science with you!
Online lessonsGeology1st lesson free
Hello and welcome! I'm delighted to introduce myself as a committed tutor, eager to lead you on a journey of discov...
All you want to know about the Earth!
Online lessonsGeology
Private lessons with extra materials regarding the topic and justification will be provided. My aim will be to expl...
Online lessonsGeology1st lesson free
i Meet Salami, a seasoned geologist with a deep passion for understanding Earth's dynamic processes. With extensive...
I teach science specifically biology, chemistry and geology to children of all ages.
Online lessonsGeology1st lesson free
I have a masters degree in exploration geology and have always loved science in general. With some tutoring experie...
Online lessonsGeology
I have expertise in geology with specialisation in structural geology. I have the ability to solve and make student...
Geology Tutor for all levels leading to university
Online lessonsGeology1st lesson free
I have completed my third year of undergraduate geology and now looking forward to my masters specialising in volca...
Online lessonsGeology
The best experience that I have is based on how I learned as a student, which was making everyone comfortable and a...
I would like to teach geography in secondary school
Online lessonsGeology1st lesson free
I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching at the Department of Earth Science, University of Baghdad. I w...
Geologist and volcanologist teaching any aspect of geology
Online lessonsGeology1st lesson free
I have a masters and PhD in Geology and volcanology, I can help and tutor any aspect of Geoscience though specialis...
Geology tutor for all ages based on there field of interest
Online lessonsGeology1st lesson free
I have a BSc in Geology from the University of London this is my first formal teaching session and I will make sure...
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