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I am a doctor and give my full potential to every student and want every student achieve their goal without hindrance
Online lessonsAnatomy
I am passionate about my profession and able to give my best and knowledge and experience to students in every aspe...
I would like to share knowledge and at the same time gain knowledge.
Online lessonsAnatomy
Getting to know the students is the first step in making a personalized lesson for them. I would like to have a fun...
Online lessonsAnatomy
Teaching is passion for me thus why I am offering for private my medical background I can give lessons o...
Online lessonsAnatomy
I am a qualified medical education teacher.I am trained for medical students,but I can start by teaching science su...
Science and English tutor with medical background and IELTS certification.
Online lessonsAnatomy
As someone once said, "You can learn anything!", I'm here to help you in your journey no matter where you are. I gi...
Online lessonsAnatomy
I am a passionate teacher who creates a detailed study plan around each student so that they achieve the best resul...
Affordable online Anatomy and Physiology tutoring
Online lessonsAnatomy
I am a medical student with an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology. I also have tutoring experie...
I give private lessons tailored to your level and learning needs
Online lessonsAnatomy1st lesson free
I will teach in a manner that would be great for you .will provide fully personalised service .hope you will be ab...
Online lessonsAnatomy
I’m a dr by profession and I have studied this subjects very well,I can teach with concepts which helps students to...
Anatomy tutor, can teach students of all ages
Online lessonsAnatomy1st lesson free
I have a degree in Forensic Anthropology and studied in depth anatomy for over 2 years from some of the top lecture...
Something neW? I am here for you to guide you
Online lessonsAnatomy1st lesson free
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She is a regular, orderly and punctual Lecturer. She is hardworking, diligent, committed to work and duty, and abides by all the principles and rules of the class and the rel...
Aseya Temori
5 ago 3 months
Anatomy tutor
Excellent teacher, I have prepared anatomy with him for my exams and I have had an excellent performance. He explains very clearly, communication by chat, managing to satisfy...
Nicolas M Della Bernarda
5 ago 9 months
Anatomy tutor
Fabienne been a great and enthusiastic tutor, she has created and provided excellent Anatomy Zoom classes for me, to help me with certain modules within my undergraduate degre...
5 more than 1 year ago
Anatomy tutor
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