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Eleven Plus Tutor with 15 years of experience
Online lessonsMaths1st lesson free
I have over 15 years of experience in transforming students' academic journeys, offering expert tuition in Maths, E...
I give private lessons in the sciences tailored to meet your needs
Online lessonsBiology
Private lessons fully personalised for you taught by an experienced private tutor with a passion for teaching and h...
I give affordable private Maths lessons. I am an Actuarial Science student and have experience completing Maths at A Level
Finaghy, Ballymacarret, Belf...Maths1st lesson free
I am a final year actuarial maths student. I have experience completing Maths and Further Maths at both GCSE and A ...
Private science and chemistry lessons from Ph.D.-qualified academic tutor.
LoughboroughChemistry: GCSE Chemistry, A Level Chemistry
I will tailor my teaching to your learning style and adapt to your needs. I am friendly and can teach students and...
I give pribate lessons tailored to you and your need
Online lessonsMaths
Private lessons fuly personalised for you and taught by an experienced private tutor with a passion for teaching. H...
Biomedical science graduate teaching biology. There are no silly questions!
York, Acomb (North Shire), C...Biology1st lesson free
My approach is rooted in the belief that there are no silly questions. I tailor lessons to each student's unique le...
I provide support for A level and GCSE chemistry. I have very a very strong chemistry background and specialise in inorganic fundamentals
TwickenhamChemistry: GCSE Chemistry1st lesson free
I provide support for A level and GCSE chemistry. I have very a very strong chemistry background and specialise in ...
Maths tutor for children studying towards their GCSEs
Dinnington (Rotherham), Blac...Maths1st lesson free
Hannah Tingle provides tailored maths tuition to help young people working towards their GCSEs, helping them find t...
maths tutor teaches all ages
Online lessonsMaths: GCSE Maths, Maths SATs, Basic mathematics
I’m an experienced, passionate and patient tutor with a love for maths and over 12 years of experience in teaching.
Biology teacher ,teaches students of all ages
Ayr, Alloway, New Prestwick,...Biology1st lesson free
As a biology teacher, my passion for the intricacies of life fuels my commitment to instilling knowledge and curios...
I specialize in Physics up to A levels. I am able to give Maths lessons as well
Papworth EverardGeneral science1st lesson free
Specializing in Physics up to A levels, Benedicta offers private lessons in General Science and Maths. With a passi...
I can teach basic mathematics based on student requirements and I will teach progression and equations
Dagenham (London), Goodmayes...Maths: Basic mathematics1st lesson free
My name is Venkatesh Orchu, I am management MSc extended professional practice in Coventry University London campus...
I am a maths teacher in primary school,my maths is powerful and I can teach children
Harrow (London), Burnt Oak, ...Maths1st lesson free
I am a maths teacher in primary school at my home country,my maths is powerful i can teach children very well.if I ...
Biology made easy with help of mnemonics
ManchesterBiology1st lesson free
I am a doctor by profession and has a teaching experience of 2 years . I had been teaching part time biology to hig...
Biology lecturer Providing elaborative and easy to understand lessons to students ranging from primary to advanced levels
WalsallBiology: GCSE Biology, A Level Biology, Higher Biology1st lesson free
I graduated in biological sciences and did a post-graduate specialization in microbiology. Currently, I am pursuing...
Experienced Maths Teacher/Wellbeing Mentor providing tuition for ALL abilities up to GCSE Level
GloucesterMaths1st lesson free
I currently teach in a grammar school in Gloucester, I have taught here for 8 years and have also had the role of a...
I give private Math tutoring lessons based on your levels and needs!
London, Bermondsey, Cubitt T...Maths
If you’re looking for some personalised coaching- you can contact me and we’ll discuss the best way to get you star...
Online, affordable prices, weekends and evenings
LondonMaths1st lesson free
Ready to level up in maths? Connect with Hibaaq for tailored sessions designed to boost your skills. With flexible ...
Biology tutor trying to Unleash Your Inner Scientist for all ages
SouthamptonBiology1st lesson free
Hello there! I'm Vineetha Nair, a Masters student in Medical Genomics. Imagine a world where biology isn't just a s...
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Find out what some of our students think about their Science tutors
She is absolutely amazing she has helped my little 7-year-old learn math and English. Definitely recommend, her first sessions are also free so it helps with introducing each...
5 2 days ago
Science tutor
I am extremely grateful for his exceptional teaching. He has helped me gain A*s on my tests when I used to get Cs. His thorough approach to each question ensures a deep unders...
5 2 days ago
Science tutor
She’s an amazing tutor, she understands where the student is struggling and helps them and makes their weaknesses into their strengths
5 2 days ago
Saman Khan
Science tutor

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

💻 Can I learn science online?

Online tuition has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s a great way for students to be able to solve doubts and prepare for their GCSEs or A Levels without wasting time travelling. Hiring an online science tutor also means that when finding tutors you can choose from tutors from all over the UK.

🤝 How can I choose an online science tutor?

When finding tutors, the most important thing is to have a clear idea of what type of tutor you are looking for. Do you want online tuition or to find a tutor near you? Do you want a maths and physics tutor or a biology tutor? Once you have the answers to these questions, filter your search to make finding tutors easier. Then you can ask for an online interview or a free trial lesson to make sure that the tutor meets your expectations.

🏫 Where can I find a science tutor for kids?

You can find hundreds of science tutors that teach children on this page. Just filter according to the level of education you need to find your ideal science tutor. There are many tutors for primary school and secondary school students available. Make sure you check what type of sciences they specialise in and their experience before contacting them.

🔖 How much do science tutors charge?

The price of science lessons varies according to a number of factors, one of which is the branch of science the tutor teaches. For example, maths and physics tutors as well as biology tutors tend to charge between £10 and £20 an hour. Chemistry tutors, on the other hand, can charge anywhere from £6 to £30 an hour.

🧬 What type of science lessons are there on FindTutors?

FindTutors is home to many different types of science tutors and science lessons. No matter what branch of science you are looking for, you are bound to find a tutor that can teach you. Here are some examples of the science tutors and science lessons available on our website:

  • Biology tutors and biology lessons: Whether you are looking for a biology tutor in London or somewhere near you, or whether you prefer an online biology tutor, you can find both on FindTutors.
  • Chemistry tutors and chemistry lessons: We have plenty of chemistry tutors on our website that specialise in different branches such as organic and inorganic chemistry. You can also find chemistry tutors for primary or secondary school.
  • Maths and physics tutors: Whether you are looking for an online tutor who can teach both subjects or are looking for something more specific like a physics tutor in Birmingham, there are plenty of tutors available on FindTutors.
  • A Level and GCSE science tutors: Are you looking for a maths tutor in Birmingham to help you pass your GCSEs? Or do you want an A Level science tutor to help with exam revision? We have plenty of science tutors that are familiar with the school curriculums and exam boards that can tutor you for your exams.

Guide to private science lessons

How can I find a science tutor?

Private tuition offers a wide range of possibilities. You should choose the type of private tuition that best suits your lifestyle. If you need private science lessons, here are some types of private tuition you can choose from:

  • Online science lessons: If you want to save time and money on travel, this is the best option. Hiring an online science tutor means that you can learn from wherever you want.
  • Tuition centres: If you prefer a group setting you can opt for a tuition centre. They usually offer science lessons for groups of children.
  • Science lessons at home: One option for those who like in-person science lessons is to have a private tutor come to their home or go to theirs. You can also take lessons in the library or in other public spaces such as cafeterias.

What will I learn in science tutoring?

First, let’s take a look at what science is. By definition, science is the process of learning about the natural world through observation and experimentation. In science lessons, you will learn through conducting experiments. Scientists are professionals who collect and interpret the information they find before presenting them as scientific facts.

Your science tutor will teach you physics, which studies matter and forces, chemistry, the study of what matter is made of and biology, which includes the study of plants, botany and zoology.

Benefits of private science lessons

Science lessons are introduced in the early years of primary school as a compulsory subject. From an early age, we are introduced to basic biology, physics and chemistry, and these subjects will continue to be part of many students’ lives in the future.

Many students need private science lessons to reinforce what they have learned in class. This is because these subjects include a lot of formulas that can be hard for some students. If you need support, here are some advantages of finding a private tutor:

  • Tailored lessons: You can ask your science tutor to focus the lessons on concepts or topics that you struggle with. This way you can improve quickly and understand the subject better. A private tutor can also adapt their teaching style to you. For example, if you are more visual, your private tutor may add videos to the classes. Studying science is much easier when you have a science tutor all to yourself.
  • Get good grades in science: It is well known that the more dedication you put into a particular subject, the higher your grade will be. So make the most of your private science lessons, go over difficult topics, clarify doubts and learn at your own pace. This will make you perform better and get better grades.
  • Invest in your education: If you think long-term, all the knowledge you acquire today will benefit you tomorrow. Take advantage of the fact that private science lessons are often more affordable than those in tuition centres and you will see results more quickly. All the time invested in learning science will turn into future opportunities.

Online science tutors

Don’t have time to travel to science lessons? Don't worry, on this page you will find hundreds of online science tutors. Online science lessons can be done over a number of different video calling platforms. All you need is a computer or a mobile phone with a camera and microphone.

Another advantage of online science lessons is that they are often cost-effective, due to the savings in time and transport. Learn how to find an online science tutor:

  • Use filters: It is essential that you filter through the hundreds of online tutors to find the speciality you need. There are many different kinds of science tutors, some may be maths and physics tutors others may be chemistry or biology tutors.
  • Expertise: Another way to find the best online tutor is to find out how much experience they have. If you need science tutoring for primary school, make sure you find a science tutor that knows the curriculum and is used to teaching younger kids. 
  • Contact several tutors: The best way to find your ideal online science tutor is to contact multiple science tutors. The more messages you send, the more responses you will get. Many of them offer a free first lesson so that you can get to them and their teaching style.
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