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I'd be glad to teach my native language, whatever I consider myself excellent as well. I like to share what I know
Online lessonsAlgebra1st lesson free
I love sharing my knowledge to others and at the same time as I teach, I learn. Whatever you need to know, just tel...
Dedicated online educator inspiring diverse learners to excel.
Online lessonsAlgebra1st lesson free
My teaching approach is on instructing students by first by explaining essential concepts and then allowing them to...
Online lessonsAlgebra
I will teach by starting them with the theory and understanding of why this works and then show real-life examples ...
Online lessonsAlgebra
I teach Maths as I have received a B in my grade and I give great advice on how to do well in you class.
I'm here to clear your Mathematics, Physics and Electronics concepts.
I am an Electrical engineer with expertise in Mathematics, Programming, Engineering Drawings, Physics and Electroni...
Science and Maths tutor at your convenience
City Of London, City Of West...Algebra1st lesson free
Hi...Would you like to learn something new? I would be happy to help you😊
Online lessonsAlgebra1st lesson free
I am private tutor with experience and expertise in one-to-one tuition. I fully adapt to your individual needs. Let...
Would you like to learn something new? Hone in an existing skill? Build on your knowledge?
I'm a private tutor, having just finished sixth form with my knowledge fresh in my mind. I'm aiming to deliver one-...
I give private lesson and cover the basic to advance topics for O level students
East HamAlgebra1st lesson free
Are you looking for one-to-one tutor that is completely personalised?Then do not hesitate to contact me.I am passio...
I have 6 years experience of online teaching Mathematics. Also I take SAT classes as well
BlackburnAlgebra1st lesson free
I have been teaching all along my career and have six years of teaching experience in total. For the past 3 years,...
I am a certified high school Algebra 1 teacher with 18 years experience in the public school system
Barking (London)Algebra
I am an experienced high school algebra teacher looking to help those struggling, wanting to brush up on their alge...
Make yourself mastering in Algebra with amazing tips, tricks and techniques
Online lessonsAlgebra1st lesson free
I am a professional online tutor, tutoring for more than 5 years and have a remarkable success record. My teaching ...
Algebra/Geometry Tutor
Online lessonsAlgebra1st lesson free
I have a diploma and have been in advanced math classes for 5 years. I am currently a college student and am here t...
A passionate professor who can met the expectations of every students
Online lessonsAlgebra1st lesson free
I graduated with a bachelor's degree with a specialization in accounting technology. I've been a tutor for five yea...
Math Educator for K-12 students specializing in all things Algebra
RichmondAlgebra1st lesson free
I have a B.S. in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education from Virginia State University. I am curre...
Math tutoring for all age to help them improve in their grades
Bishopton (Renfrewshire)Algebra1st lesson free
Anyone has difficulties in studying some of the subjects, but there are always people to help and facilitate. In m...
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

🏷️How much do maths tutors cost?

Tutors for maths tend to charge around £16/hr. However this can change depending on the type of lesson, for example, the average cost of online maths tuition is £17/hr. Maths tutors that specialise in algebra lessons generally charge between 10 and 25 pounds per hour. The variation in the price of algebra lessons is determined by the experience and qualifications of the tutors and whether the lessons take place at home, online or in a tuition centre.

How long does an algebra class last?

Algebra lessons usually last approximately 60 minutes. If you decide to have private tuition at home or sign up for online algebra lessons, the duration of the sessions can be extended if you make an agreement with the private tutor.

📓 How does online maths tuition for algebra work?

During online maths tuition, the tutor and the student connect via a videoconferencing platform at the agreed time. The student can solve their doubts, do maths problems or access additional resources in the form of shared files, links of interest and other digital tools for learning algebra.

⌛️ How long does it take to learn algebra?

Well, it will depend to a large extent on your goals and the time you devote to studying. To give you a point of reference, an algebra module for a university mathematics degree is worth 6 ECTS credits, which is equivalent to 150 hours of learning.

📐 What levels are there in algebra classes?

At FindTutors you will find algebra classes adapted to the needs of different students. There are maths and physics tutors, GCSE maths tutors that focus on algebra and more… There are also algebra classes for companies and tutors for maths who teach adults looking to deepen their knowledge of this subject without any particular academic objective. Use the filters on our page to help you in your search. Finding tutors for maths and algebra is much easier when you filter according to your needs.

Private tuition for algebra

How algebra classes work

Need private tuition for algebra? Whilst some students want to find tutors that cover multiple topics like maths and physics tutors, others prefer finding tutors to help with a specific branch of maths. 

Algebra is one of the branches of mathematics that students most often need help with. With the help of an algebra tutor, you will find it much easier to master algebra and achieve your academic goals.

Did you know that the term "algebra" comes from the Arabic language? Specifically from the word "al-Å·abr", which can be translated as "recomposition or reintegration".If you want more information about algebra classes, stay with us.

You will find out how the lessons work, where to find algebra tutors in your area as well as the average price of an online algebra lesson.

More information on algebra classes

Many students panic when they learn that algebra is part of their curriculum in high school or university.

How about taking up the challenge with determination and starting private tuition for algebra? Here is a short introduction to the subject:

  • History of algebra: The first algebra tutors come from Arabic culture. The first mention of the subject appeared in 820. The mathematician and astronomer Al Juarismi published a compendium of systematic solutions to linear and quadratic equations using symbolic operations.
  • Practical applications of algebra: In private tuition, you will learn how to use algebra for budgets, managing invoices or calculating costs and profits. These skills are useful for accounting.
  • Branches of algebra: A private algebra tutor can help you master the two main branches of algebra. If you are at a basic level, you will start with elementary algebra classes. If you are at a more advanced level, what you need are abstract algebra lessons.
  • Algebraic expressions: When you start your private tuition for algebra you will have to become familiar with algebraic expressions. The first kind you will use is "monomials" (expressions that by themselves contain all the information needed to solve them). The second kind is "Polynomials" (chains of monomials that must be related to each other to be solved).

Finding tutors: Where to find private algebra tutors

To learn algebra you need to find tutors for maths that specialise in this branch of mathematics. Depending on where you live, you will have access to a certain number of algebra tutors.

The good news is that, thanks to online tuition, any student can find tutors to help them with the subject. Here are some of the ways you can find algebra tutors.

  • Maths tuition centres in your city: Maths tuition centres usually have private tutors for algebra classes. Look for one near you and find out about their teaching methods and prices for algebra classes.
  • In-person private tuition: Finding tutors that will come to your home is as easy as filtering your search to include your city or neighbourhood. You can also use social media. If you are studying algebra at university, chances are that a student in an advanced course is also an algebra tutor in their spare time.
  • Online maths tuition: This is one of the best alternatives if your schedule is tight or you can't find algebra tutors near you. On FindTutors you can find online algebra tuition by entering “Algebra online” in the search engine of the platform. With all the information available and reviews from other students, finding tutors who can teach algebra should be easy.

Discover how to find maths tutors in Birmingham.

What do you learn in private tuition in algebra?

Whatever your level in mathematics, and specifically in algebra, your tutor will design lessons that will allow you to progress at your own pace and achieve your goals.

In order to master algebra, it is necessary to establish a reliable study method which helps you remember theoretical concepts and put them into practice through problem solving.

  • Basic principles and rules: This is the first thing your private algebra tutor teaches you. As if it were a new language, in the first algebra lessons you will study the fundamentals of the subject and learn how the basic arithmetic operations work.
  • Solving equations: In a second phase, your private tuition will focus on solving algebraic expressions involving letters that fulfil functions of variables equivalent to unknowns. You will notice how your algebra skills grow little by little.
  • Understanding algebraic problems: Your private tutor for maths will help you to understand algebraic problems, even if they are not written in mathematical language. In this phase you will begin to relate everyday problems to the subject and acquire the skills needed to solve them.

Finding the right algebra

To get the most out of your private tuition, you need to find a private tutor who teaches students of your level and matches your availability. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you find your ideal algebra tutor:

  • Define your goals and plan: What do you want to achieve with your algebra lessons? How long do you have to achieve your goals? How much time and money do you have? The answers to these questions will help you compare the profiles of the available algebra tutors and discard the ones that do not fit your needs.
  • Finding tutors: Go to FindTutors and use the search engine. Enter what you are looking for: "maths and physics tutor", "tutors for maths", "GCSE maths tutors".
  • Filter your search: Now you have a list of algebra tutors that match your search, it’s time to select criteria such as the level of the classes you need, the type of classes or the place where they are taught.

Compare tutors: The last step is to review the profiles of the maths tutors you have found and check their experience, their qualifications and their availability. You can contact them to resolve any doubts you may have and read the reviews from other students to help you find your ideal maths tutor.

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