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arabic teacher for all ages
Online lessonsArabic1st lesson free
I am writing to express my strong interest in the teaching position for Arabic Language . With a profound passion f...
Arabic tutor teaches students from different levels, from 10 to 15
NortholtArabic1st lesson free
My aim is to guide students through the difficult process of learning a new language with a foreign alphabet.With 2...
Learn the basics of the Arabic language simply
AirdrieArabic1st lesson free
Greetings! I am Nawal, an Arabic language teacher. With a bachelor's level and 3 years of experience, I am committe...
A teacher who is well versed in her subject, with two years of experience, and possesses simple teaching methods, especially with children.
Online lessonsArabic1st lesson free
I have two years of experience teaching children. During this period, I learned how to teach in a simple and smooth...
I would like to inprove my English skills
Kensington (London), Barons ...Arabic
I am a private tutor and will teach you how to speak , read and write Arabic fluently at all different levels onli...
teaching Arabic for non native speakers
Online lessonsArabic1st lesson free
i was a foreign languages learner and as it took me a while to learn these languages, it taught me also how to teac...
Learn Arabic in a very easy way, MSA or Levantine dialect!
LondonArabic1st lesson free
I am originally from Palestine , Arabic is my native language and I am an expert as a Speaking Teacher, I had taugh...
An Arabic tutor who helps to create prosperous young minds and provides customised learning for all
Ealing (London), Acton (Grea...Arabic1st lesson free
Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Arabic language with private lessons from Nashwa. Tailored to suit individual...
Hello, I’m Marwa. I’m from Egypt. I’m interested in teaching the Qur’an and Tajweed
Online lessonsArabic
I have over 6 years of teaching experience in the Qur’an and Tajweed for kids and adults. My method of teaching Ara...
Learn Spoken arabic and quranic arabic
Chester, Cheshire West And ,...Arabic1st lesson free
Salams I am Abdul rahim I'm teaching arabic for over 10 years nowSpoken and quranic arabic. Lessons are 1to1 online...
🌟 Expert Arabic Tutor 📚 Join me to discover the beauty of Arabic!
Online lessonsArabic1st lesson free
With over 6 years of teaching experience, I have had the privilege of immersing students in the rich world of the A...
I'm teching ,Quran,Tajweed,Qaida nourania
I'm a senior teacher at faith center islamic & arabic school for native English speakers. (All meetings are online)
EgyptArabic1st lesson free
Immerse yourself in the beauty and richness of the Arabic language with private lessons by Mostafa Hamed. You will ...
Future Arabic Aficionado! Ready to Dive into Arabic Awesomeness?
Online lessonsArabic1st lesson free
Welcome to my corner of FindTutor, where learning Arabic isn't just about grammar rules – it's a vibrant journey fi...
Arabic tutor for Adult learners - Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial (Online)
LeedsArabic1st lesson free
Embark on a journey of language and culture with me! I am a native Arabic speaker with an MA in Linguistics and TES...
I give private Arabic lessons for non Arabic speakers
AlexandriaArabic1st lesson free
Assalamu AlaykumI am a Syrian (Arabic and Quran )tutor , living in Egypt. I already work in a British Academy for t...
I lead the private classroom to guide the students.
I communicate to students with accepting their flaws . In which part they should focus more . I teach with complete...
Arabic teacher, teaching all ages and levels
Barking (London)Arabic1st lesson free
I am Hamza Aouad grow up in Morocco, I have been teaching English and Arabic in other platform for 5 years, I'm hav...
Certified Egyptian dialect tutor dedicated to helping students achieve fluency. Friendly teaching approach!
Crystal PalaceArabic1st lesson free
We offer tailored courses for each student according to their needs. Whether you want to focus on Speaking, reading...
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Well-structured lessons, which include tajweed, Quran reading, Quran memorisation, Dua and teaching principles of Islam in detail. Each lesson improves understanding and reci...
Ahmed Tueger
5 2 days ago
Arabic tutor
Thank you, you've teached me well, and I've learned a lot from you ??
5 8 days ago
Mostafa Hamed
Arabic tutor
When I started learning with Saudi, I said I wanted to be able to hold a reasonable conversation with my Arabic family in 10 months. I spoke Arabic fluently as a child (but ha...
Naeem Nayfeh
5 13 days ago
Arabic tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

🧑 How can I learn Arabic?

Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to learn, especially because you never stop learning it. It is one of the richest and most varied languages with many dialects. In fact, what you learn in Arabic classes is Standard Arabic. If you want to start learning Arabic, sign up for classes and start by discovering its alphabet, customs and basic vocabulary.

🏫 How do I find private tuition for Arabic?

On FindTutors you can find in-person and online Arabic tutors. Are you looking for Arabic lessons for children, for adults or for beginners? You can find all the different types of Arabic tutors using the filters on this page.

💻 Where can I learn Arabic online?

There are many platforms where you can learn Arabic online, and this is one of them. We have online Arabic tutors that offer a flexible timetable, classes by video call and more... Online tuition means that you can find tutors all over the UK which means that you are more likely to find native tutors.

Find online Arabic tuition now.

What is the price of an Arabic lesson?

A private Arabic tutor sets the fee according to the time spent preparing the lessons, travel time and their experience. Native tutors who have studied a degree in Arabic philology or have had experience as a tutor before, will logically ask for a higher fee. Generally, the price for Arabic lessons is around £15 an hour.

⏱️ How long do private Arabic lessons last?

Private Arabic lessons can last as long as you want, as it is the tutor who adapts to you. However, prices are set on an hourly basis so the standard duration of a lesson is usually one hour unless you specify otherwise. From there, you can decide how often you want to see your Arabic tutor depending on whether you are learning for fun, to pass an exam or to learn Arabic quickly

Finding Arabic tutors

Learning to speak Arabic

Arabic is one of the more difficult languages for English speakers to learn, but if you manage to master it, it will open many doors. Arabic is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is spoken by almost 300 million people worldwide and is an official language in virtually the whole of the Middle East and the northern Sahara. 

However, Arabic is not the same in all countries. Moroccan Arabic is very different from that of Pakistan. For this reason, private Arabic tutors and tuition centres tend to focus on Standard Arabic.

If you want to start learning Arabic, here are some tips to help you learn. Remember that motivation is the most important element, because if you are clear about why you want to learn Arabic, you will be able to push yourself to keep learning:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Arabic alphabet. When learning a language with a different alphabet, the first thing to do is to understand it. Whether it works by syllables, expressions, characters or letters. In this way, you can learn to read Arabic and become familiar with its grammar, phonetics and sentence construction.
  • Start by learning basic vocabulary. When we are young and learn our second language, the first thing we learn is how to say hello and goodbye. You can start by saying "marhaban" (good morning) or "ma'a salamah" (goodbye).
  • Listening to the language. Watching TV series or listening to songs is something very easy and something that we do very often in our daily lives. To learn to speak Arabic it is key that you practise it from minute one, so why not complement your Arabic lessons with these listening activities?
  • Expand your knowledge with Arabic classes. The best way to learn Arabic quickly is to start Arabic lessons, whether at tuition centres, Arabic language schools or private tuition with native and non-native Arabic tutors. Language tutors will be able to guide your learning and teach you proper grammar and pronunciation.

Tips for learning to speak Arabic faster

As mentioned above, Arabic is complicated, but not impossible. You can start familiarising yourself with the language by watching films, listening to music or even travelling. In the end, one of the most effective ways to learn a language is to get in touch with the culture and history of the country.

You can also supplement your lessons with these tips on how to learn Arabic from scratch:

  • Make vocabulary worksheets. Everyone studies differently, but there is no doubt that making vocabulary lists, flashcards, outlines or other notes is one of the most effective study techniques.
  • Work on your pronunciation with a native Arabic tutor. Pronunciation is an essential part of the language. No matter how much you know, if they don't understand when you speak, it's of little use. To do this, you can practise speaking with native Arabic tutors.
  • Practice with sentences. Learning single words is not very effective, either because they are difficult to memorise or because in the end, you will not know how to position them in a sentence. Therefore, it is better to practise the vocabulary in context.
  • Get to know some typical expressions. It is always fun to learn expressions in another language. One of the ways to learn Arabic is by knowing the most typical expressions and learning how to include them in your vocabulary.

Where to find Arabic lessons

There are many different kinds of Arabic tutors: online, at home, for beginners, for children... These are some of the possibilities you can find on FindTutors:

  • Private tuition at home. If you like face-to-face Arabic lessons, you can ask for private tuition at home. To do this, you can filter by your location.
  • Online Arabic tuition. Online Arabic lessons are very popular, especially because you can take lessons from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can also speak to native Arabic tutors based in an Arabic-speaking country.
  • Intensive Arabic classes. To learn Arabic quickly, it’s best to have multiple lessons a week. You can ask any of the Arabic tutors on this page for intensive classes.
  • Did you know that you can also filter the classes according to your level? This way, finding tutors that teach your level should be easier.

What is the most difficult thing about Arabic classes?

They say that the most difficult thing about Arabic classes is learning the dialectal Arabic because there are thousands of them. Another complicated aspect is the alphabet, as it is totally different from ours and we could never even guess what it says without learning the alphabet first.

Fortunately, Standard Arabic lessons do not teach dialects and you will continue to learn step by step until you have mastered the language. Let's face it, you already knew that Arabic was not an easy language to learn, but with commitment and a lot of enthusiasm you will be able to make the most of your Arabic tuition.

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