• How to find maths tutors in Birmingham

How to find maths tutors in Birmingham


Whether it’s at a primary school level or university level, many students struggle in maths classes. However, its importance in academia and professional development has meant that the supply and demand for a maths tutor and private maths classes has increased in recent years. Here is everything you need to know for finding tutors that teach maths classes in Birmingham.

Find a tutor

Find a maths tutor suited to your needs

Learning maths is a process involving different levels of complexity and a variety of possibilities. That is why it is important to first identify your goals and what level you are at.

Whether you are the kind of person who keeps saying 'I'm not into numbers' or you are looking to deepen your knowledge of algebra, it is important to look at three basic aspects when looking for maths teachers:

Tutor’s subject and focus: There are many branches of maths. Many science classes even offer maths revision as part of their curriculum. So the focus of your maths classes can be both general or specific. Here are some of the types of private classes you can find:

You can also find a tutor based on the level they teach:

Professional profile and teaching method: Analyse the profiles of the tutors who best meet your needs, checking their work experience and studies. If you use tutoring websites like FindTutors you can also check other students’ opinions. 

You can also check what teaching methods the tutor uses. If you are looking for a more practical or theoretical approach, try and find a tutor that uses methods that meet these expectations.

Format of the class: If you have little time to achieve your goals, private classes are a good option, whether you are looking for maths tutors online or face-to-face classes. This method speeds up the learning process as the pace does not depend on other students.

If you want to find a place to revise and socialise, you can also find good teachers in academies and education centres that specialise in group classes.

What should you expect in maths classes for children?

Many of the maths tutors in Birmingham focus on teaching children. Childhood is a fundamental stage for absorbing all the logical reasoning involved in this subject. That is why more and more parents are understanding the importance of having extracurricular support. If you are one of them, here are some aspects to take into account:

  • Learning maths through play: Didactic lessons are important for children. The best way to learn numerical values, algebraic operations, measurements or geometry is through gamification: many tutors use games and didactic materials to instil the first mathematical notions. Their use will depend on the age and knowledge desired, activities can include mosaics, strategy games, solving the unknown, chess, etc.
  • Teaching experience: Even in private lessons, it is important that the tutor has experience in teaching children. It is not only a question of knowledge but also of teaching method; it is important to look for classes where modern learning methods take precedence. The tutor should focus on each child’s learning process. It is important that the teacher is strategic, dynamic and patient.
  • Learning outside of lessons: The most important thing is that the teacher you choose for your child is in constant communication with you. It is easier for young children to internalise maths concepts if it is a part of their day-to-day life. Find out what knowledge your child should have according to their age and apply it to everyday activities such as counting money when shopping or the statistics of their favourite sport.

Where to find maths classes in Birmingham

Whether for children, teenagers or adults, finding tutors that teach maths classes in Birmingham is quite simple thanks to the sheer number of classes available. However, finding the perfect tutor among them can be a challenge. Here are some reliable options:

  • Private tutors: Many students prefer private classes as they can be tailored to their personal goals and learning style. Thanks to the internet and specialised tutoring platforms finding a private tutor can be easy. Just by searching “Maths classes in Birmingham” you will find many options. You can use the tips we shared earlier to find a tutor. 
  • Academies or education centres: Learning methods such as Kumon have their own centres in the city. You can find out more about the levels they offer and the teaching method they use on their website. 
  • Universities and courses: Birmingham is well known for being a university city. The University of Birmingham, Aston University and Birmingham City University all offer a variety of maths courses. 

If you are interested in improving your maths to a GCSE or A Level standard, the UK government offers free courses for eligible adults through the National Careers Service. On the National Careers Service website you can search for courses in Birmingham and check your eligibility. 

Finally, remember that there is no perfect formula for learning maths. It's all about willingness, practice and a lot of patience.

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