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Online lessonsStatistics
I am a PhD qualified tutor with more than 16 years of experience. I am a former university lecturer and an examiner...
I tutor Statistics for £20 per hour. I am a Statistics graduate with tutoring experience in Studypool
NairnStatistics1st lesson free
I am Casey Otieno, a Statistics graduate. I am qualified and experienced tutor offering private lessons at £20 per ...
Online tuition in Statistics, particularly Research Methods
MellorStatistics1st lesson free
I am an escaped school head of department and Open University tutor, with exam marking experience, offering online ...
I want to support younger people in exploring statistics which will be beneficial for their personal and professional lives.
Bath, Ampton, Charlcombe, En...Statistics
I have completed my secondary school in the Mathematical stream. Then I was able to complete my degree by majoring ...

Online lessonsStatistics
I am an experienced tutor to share my knowledge with you all. The good news is I'll get in touch with you whenever ...
Mathematics and Statistics tutor offering tutoring services to students of all ages and skill levels
Online lessonsStatistics1st lesson free
I have a first-class degree honor in Statistics with a robust foundation in both Mathematics and Statistics. I star...
I give private lessons tailored to your need
Online lessonsStatistics
Teaching is one of my passion, and I love data so much and mathematics. I really want to impact knowledge to all le...
theoretical statistics and statistical software such as SPSS, Amos, R, Shiny, Minitab my favorite topics are tim...
Online lessonsStatistics1st lesson free
My experience in both pure and practical mathematics, along with my Bachelor of Science in Statistics, have equippe...
Online lessonsStatistics
I will discover your needs and aptitude and adapt my teaching according to how best for you to achieve what you wan...
ManchesterStatistics1st lesson free
MSc Data science, BSc Statistics, willing to help you go through the concepts and problems in Statistics/probabilit...
I have teach statistics for social science college students and undergraduates. I have a Masters Degree
GuildfordStatistics1st lesson free
I teach online both one on one and as a class. The students will have to obtain a laptop or a smart phone and be ab...
Need help with statistics? Look no further! Hi there, I'm Hamlet, a dedicated and experienced statistics tutor. 📊�...
Unlock Your Potential with Expert Private Tutoring for subjects I teach
Online lessonsStatistics1st lesson free
I am pursuing a masters degree in computer science with artificial intelligence. I have 3 years of tutoring experie...
Would you like to learn how to apply statistics to describe the meaning, importance, and significance of your data?
Online lessonsStatistics
Learning statistics and data analysis can be quite challenging without proper training. From academia to the indust...
I love teaching thats why i choose this i will use different methods so that learners can understand the concepts c...
I provide clear and concise explanations of the topic, breaking down complex concepts into understandable parts. I ...
Experienced private tutor in Statistics, Finance, Investment, Accounting and Tax
Westminster Abbey, Blackfria...Statistics1st lesson free
I teach accountancy, finance, investment, tax & statistics in graduate & post graduate level. In addition, I teach ...
Online lessonsStatistics
I enjoy doing maths and i want everyone to feel the same. I want everyone to be perfect in their literacy skills an...
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She is exceptional. She is well versed with educative statistical and methodological knowledge. She helped me pass in Operation Research, Test of Hypothesis, my masters resear...
Dillian Roberts
5 11 days ago
Cynthia Matuli
Statistics tutor
In terms of aiding me in understanding math, this tutor was valuable. He was willing to go over the information several times to make sure I truly understood it and was very p...
Steven Riveraar
5 ago 1 month
Statistics tutor
Amazing tutor. Highly knowlegeable and patience. He helped me a lot to pass my quantitative method exam. Strogly recommended.
5 ago 2 months
Statistics tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

❓ What is statistics?

Statistics is the science that studies the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. Statistics is now used as the basis of many different industries including: economics, geology, medicine, physics and many others. The analytical skills you will learn in your statistics classes are essential for solving problems. Your statistics tutor will help you develop these skills.

📝 What is the easiest way to learn statistics?

The best way to learn statistics is with a tutor. Whilst it is possible to learn statistics on your own, it is much easier with the help of a statistics tutor who is an expert in private tuition and statistics. On FindTutors, finding tutors that teach statistics is easy. We have hundreds of statistics tutors on this page, as well as maths and physics tutors, tutors for maths and algebra tutors.

💸 How much does a private statistics lesson cost?

The price of private tuition for statistics varies depending on the tutor and the level of the lessons. For example, tuition for university-level statistics will usually cost more than primary or secondary school statistics lessons. Private statistics lessons tend to cost between £15 and £25 an hour

💻 Where to find private tutors for statistics?

On FindTutors, you can filter statistics tutors by level of education: primary school, secondary school and university. Before you find a tutor, make sure you know what you are looking for. Do you need a maths and physics tutor? Or, do you want a GCSE maths tutor? And finally, do you want online tuition or face-to-face tuition?

💡 How do statistics classes work?

Statistics lessons are taught according to your level. This is why private tuition is so effective, the lessons can be designed for your learning pace. You should let your statistics tutor what you need help with so that they can dedicate some time to it in class. In general, statistics lessons cover three main pillars: data tables and its variables, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Private tuition for statistics

How to compile statistics in 5 steps

In your private tuition you will learn how to compile statistics. At first it may seem difficult, but little by little you will improve. Here are some tips:

  1. What do you want to study? Before trying to create a statistic, you should first ask this question.
  2. Sample. Remember that an adequate sample should represent the topic. Your statistics tutor can help you with this.
  3. Data collection. Data collection is done through spreadsheets usually extracted from databases, as you will learn in your private statistics class. Here you need to collect the data systematically and organise it well.
  4. Data processing. Here you should process the data to arrive at numbers, averages and percentages to help you answer your question in step 1. Remember to ask your tutor to help you with the indicators, tables and graphs.
  5. Analysis. This is perhaps the most important part of carrying out your statistical work, the interpretation of the data extracted. You will arrive at the answer to your question.

How do statistics lessons work?

Private tuition can be done either in person or online. For both, the advantage of finding tutors is that the lessons will be tailored to your level of knowledge and your specific questions. Whether it's for an exam or to improve your statistics grades, on FindTutors you can choose from hundreds of statistics tutors.

To choose between so many profiles, it is best to filter by whether you want online or in-person lessons and what level you need. Don’t forget that if you choose to study from home, you should ideally book a place in your home that is comfortable for studying and, preferably, not too noisy or distracting. This way, you will get the most out of your private statistics lessons!

Statistical terms

In your private statistics lessons you should focus on the topics that you need to learn or go over. Therefore, you should let your private tutor know which areas you want to cover. Here are some common statistical terms that you should know:

  • Arithmetic mean. Total divided by the number of items. That is, if you need to determine a group trend in a list of numbers, it is important to use the arithmetic mean to quickly visualise the data.
  • Standard deviation. Your statistics tutor will probably teach you how to do standard deviation, but basically it is the measurement of a set of data relative to the mean. The larger the number, the more spread out the data is relative to the arithmetic mean. You will find the symbol sigma to represent the standard deviation.
  • Regression. In statistics class you will learn about regression, which is used to calculate trends over a period of time. Basically, it models the associations between explanatory and dependent variables. The variables are placed on a scatter plot where the line indicates whether the associations are weak or strong.
  • T-test or hypothesis test. It is often required in business and scientific research, and your statistics tutor has probably told you about it. A T-test determines whether a hypothesis is true or false for the data set.
  • Descriptive statistical analysis. This makes it easier to visualise and interpret the data. 
  • Statistical models. Statistical analysis will help you arrive at propositions, which indicate: estimates, confidence and prediction interval.
  • Statistical analysis software. For those who need to do in-depth analysis of data, Data Analytics, BI, Data Science and Minitab 19 are ideal. They make accurate predictions and avoid errors in calculation and statistical analysis.

How to find private tutors for statistics?

The first step to finding tutors is to use a tutor marketplace. On FindTutors you can find a tutor for maths near you or online to increase the chances of you finding your ideal tutor.

If you are looking for a statistics tutor in London, private tuition in Birmingham or a statistics tutor in Glasgow, you can find tutors on our website. Most of them charge an hourly rate, but you can also ask if they offer a pack of lessons. Our suggestion is that you contact the tutors you are interested in and arrange an interview to find out about their teaching methods and whether they teach the level of statistics that you need.

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