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Senior Robotics software engineer with experience teaching HSC students to Intel/Pfizer employees
Birmingham, Digbeth, Nechell...Computer science1st lesson free
I have a master's degree in advanced robotics with background in information technology. I have been tutoring ATU S...
Hello. I have been a private teacher for Primary School children. I am a Montessori teacher and I can teach Spanish with results
BirminghamSpanish1st lesson free
I am very resourceful. I use methods of association and natural fun way to teach. I will make it a fun and enjoyabl...
I teach programming to keen young students through interactive and fun lessons!
I have extensive experience in teaching. I have taught Mathematics as a volunteer, and programming through game des...
Law Essay Writing and Revision
BirminghamLaw1st lesson free
I have recently completed my Master's in law. I am currently tutoring for the LLB, LPC and LLM. I will help you wit...
Iam a chemistry teacher since 22yrs
PhD chemistry
Experience of 5 yrs teaching to  IGCSE OL
Birmingham, Perry BarrChemistry
COVER LETTER For Secondary Chemistry Teacher/Science Teacher I have been teaching for more than 22 years. I h...
Fun Portuguese tutor with experience with language exams!
BirminghamPortuguese1st lesson free
Olá! I'm Gabriel, a Brazilian native and experienced Portuguese tutor, offering private lessons to help you master ...
I aim at bringing the best you didn’t know you had out of you. We are going to be doing some thinking, reading, constructive arguments together just so you can be your best.
BirminghamGCSE1st lesson free
I am a private tutor who’s experienced with one on one teaching sessions and online sessions. With my years of expe...
English tutor providing lessons to young adults between the ages 14-18, GCSE/A-Level English Literature and Language
Birmingham, Selly Oak, Bourn...English1st lesson free
I prefer my classes to be interactive and not simply just students remembering material. Together we can go through...
Fine Arts tutor with 13 years' experience and have knowledge about different art forms.
Birmingham, SaltleyPainting1st lesson free
Through teaching art, I am able to inspire and encourage my students to express themselves creatively, develop thei...
History and Science Tutor providing lessons for Primary Students
Birmingham, Handsworth City ...Computer science1st lesson free
I have a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino Language. In my practicum days, I focused in H...
A-level & GCSE Chemistry lessons at a very affordable fee by an examiner/teacher/tutor
BirminghamChemistry: GCSE Chemistry, A Level Chemistry1st lesson free
I love chemistry, and I am very confident that I have excellent subject knowledge and skills to prepare and deliver...
Affordable Mathematics lessons for all school students
BirminghamMaths: Basic mathematics1st lesson free
I have successfully recieved my Masters with Merit in Financial Management from the University of Birmingham. I hav...
La primera clase es gratuita en español
BirminghamSpanish1st lesson free
My name is Juvenal Owono, and I'm delighted to offer engaging private Spanish lessons. Whether you're a beginner or...
I gave Spanish lessons to children online or/and presencial
BirminghamSpanish1st lesson free
Impeccable Private Spanish Lessons Offered by Rabab. Whether online or in person, I provide top-notch Spanish tutor...
Indian college guy teaching fun coding for people of all age group
BirminghamComputer science1st lesson free
I am currently in my 2nd year of bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I have been a chief Creative office...
Software Engineer apprentice providing valuable teaching of the programming language Python to anyone with determination to learn!
BirminghamProgramming: Python1st lesson free
Welcome to an exhilarating journey into the world of Python programming! In each session, I am committed to providi...
GCSE/Primary and Secondary level students
BirminghamMaths1st lesson free
Focus will be on covering topics by providing clear concepts, last 15 minutes for practice in the class, weekly tes...
Custom Tutoring by Engineering Undergrad for UK Students in Years 13 and below
BirminghamMaths1st lesson free
I approach tutoring with a unique methodology tailored to the individual needs of each student, particularly those ...
I give affordable English lessons for international students and people who need help with translation
Birmingham, Digbeth, Nechell...English as a foreign language1st lesson free
I am a patient, easygoing person who wants to help tutor Maths and Physics students.
Birmingham, Digbeth, Nechell...Maths1st lesson free
Hi, I can help you. Please look through my bio description below for: #1) My academic achievements #2) My tutoring ...

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

💰 What is the average price of private tuition in Birmingham?

The average price of private tuition in Birmingham is between £15 and £20 an hour. There are several factors that can influence the price of a private lesson in Birmingham: the format (online, at home or in a tuition centre), the qualifications and experience of the private tutor and the subject (English lessons, maths lessons, chemistry lessons...).

📖 How long does private tuition in Birmingham last?

Private tuition in Birmingham has a standard duration of one hour. However, thanks to the personalised nature of private tuition, you can ask your private tutor for longer lessons. This applies to both online lessons and in-person lessons in Birmingham.

🔎 How to find a private tuition tutor in Birmingham?

To find a tutor for private tuition in Birmingham, the quickest and most effective method is to use the FindTutors platform. Use the search engine on the website and enter a term such as, “maths and physics tutors”, "chemistry lessons", or "tutors for maths in Birmingham". The platform will show you the available tutors and the ratings of other students. 

🙌 Can I get free private tuition in Birmingham?

On the FindTutors platform you can find a wide variety of free private lessons. Many private tutors in Birmingham offer students a free first class to introduce their teaching style and answer students' questions. You should not take a free first class if you are not intending to take lessons afterwards. So whilst the first lesson may be free, you will have to pay for any subsequent lessons.

👩‍💻 What do I need for private online tuition in Birmingham?

If you have chosen online tuition in Birmingham you only need a mobile device (tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop PC) and a stable internet connection. You will also need a video conferencing platform such as Hangouts or Zoom. You can also use a tool such as Google Drive to share files.

Maths and physics lessons in Birmingham

Benefits of private tuition

If you are still unsure about whether you should find a tutor to help you accomplish your goals, here are some of the benefits of private tuition to help you decide:

  • Personalised lessons: This is one of the most important benefits of private lessons. The ability to choose what you want to focus on according to your goals and weaknesses is what makes private tuition so effective and efficient. You will not have to waste time on things you already know and can instead target the areas you need to improve on. 
  • Flexible: Another key benefit is flexibility. In contrast to group lessons, private classes allow the student much more freedom when it comes to choosing the time and place for the lesson.
  • Results: Thanks to the personalised approach, private tuition is generally extremely effective in helping students improve their grades and get back on track. If you are wondering what kind of results you can expect, you can check comments from current and former students on the tutor’s profile page. 
  • Motivation: As well as being experts in their field, private tutors are often extremely passionate about their subjects. This passion along with a close tutor-student bond will help the student feel motivated and can even lead to students having a different perspective on a subject they may have previously disliked. 

In addition to these benefits, face-to-face tuition is often better at creating a connection between the student and tutor than online tuition. Getting to know each other in person often produces a much closer relationship that can be a source of motivation for the student. Additionally, face-to-face tuition is not reliant on technology and therefore is not subject to connection or technology issues. The act of physically going somewhere or someone coming to you also helps students to get into study-mode and makes students more likely to pay attention in class.

Study tips and techniques

Whether you are a student preparing for an exam or just someone who is keen to learn, these tips and techniques will help you study more effectively:

  • Organised note taking: While this may seem obvious, it is all too easy to hurriedly jot things down resulting in incomplete and illegible notes when it comes to revision time. Make a conscious effort to write down as much information as possible, the benefit of private classes is that you can ask the tutor to repeat things and go at your pace.
  • Practice makes perfect: If you want results, do not just depend on lesson time. You should dedicate at least a couple of hours of practising in your own time. You can ask your tutor for extra homework or resources to facilitate this studying.
  • Study timetable: This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. A study timetable will help you balance your time between school, tuition, self-study and other commitments to make sure that you dedicate enough time to it each week without overwhelming yourself. 

Revision techniques: There are many revision techniques and you can ask your tutor to assess which is the most effective for you according to your learning style. Whichever technique you choose, whether the Pomodoro or otherwise, make sure you incorporate regular breaks.

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