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Maths and Physics Tutors: All you need to know about tutoring


Physics and maths tutors can help you not only improve your grades, but also have more fun in class. There are different types of maths tutoring, including private and online. The main purpose of this tutoring is to clarify questions from maths lessons in school and to prepare you in the best possible way for the next maths lessons.

Private face-to-face tutoring and online tutoring each have their own advantages and disadvantages. These will be discussed in the following texts and you can get an idea of which form suits you better to improve your maths. We will also give you general tips on how you can improve in maths and how you can find the best maths and physics tutoring for you. At the end, we will give you some tips for maths lessons during the A-levels and GCSE-exams.



What is private maths and physics tutoring?

Tutoring is a form of individual learning. These can be pupils who want to improve in certain areas and subjects. To achieve this, they seek the help of tutors. When it comes to tutoring in mathematics and physics, the main thing is to have personal contact on the spot with a tutor.

This type of tutoring has several advantages. Tutors can focus on the pupil's needs and weaknesses and create a tailor-made lesson plan based on the pupil's individual learning style and abilities. Often, they will also give you tips on how to make better use of private tutoring and how to prepare for their lessons.


Another advantage of private tuition in physics and maths is its flexibility. Since it is one-to-one tuition, the dates and timetable can be adjusted to suit the pupil's needs and schedule. This is especially beneficial for pupils and high school pupils with busy schedules.

In addition, private maths tutors provide a safe and supportive learning environment, especially when it takes place in your home. Pupils can also talk openly about their difficulties and fears and receive constructive feedback and encouragement from the tutors. This can boost the pupil's confidence and improve their attitude towards learning.


The advantages of online maths and physics tutoring

Many people wonder what online maths tutoring is and how it works? The answer for the first one is actually quite simple, because online tutoring is actually just tutoring that is online. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages compared to private tutoring on site. 

In order to be able to do maths tutoring online, however, you need to be aware that you need to be well equipped technically. Among other things, you will need:

  • A computer, laptop, tablet
  • A camera (if not already in your laptop)
  • A microphone (if not already in your laptop)
  • A quiet place
  • Video call software
  • You can use different software and providers for your online maths tutoring, such as Google Meet, MS Teams or Skype. 

Besides these tools, it also makes sense to use other technical possibilities to enrich your online tutoring. These are for example 

  • ByteLearn.com
  • Khan Academy
  • Spreadsheet Generator
  • Geogebra 
  • IXL

There are also videos on YouTube and podcasts on Spotify that can help you with your online maths tutoring. It is useful to look around online to see what online maths tutoring tools there are that can help you.

If you're still on the fence about whether online tutoring is right for you, keep in mind that it has some advantages, but also disadvantages. One of the main advantages is flexibility. This is because the lessons take place online and so pupils can learn from anywhere as long as they have internet access. This means that they can take classes at their own pace and on their own schedule, which is especially beneficial for pupils with busy schedules.

How does online maths tuition work?

Another advantage of online maths tutoring is the variety of resources available. As mentioned earlier, digital tutoring offers many technical options for having varied lessons. There are a variety of learning materials available, including videos, interactive exercises and practice tests. These resources can help pupils better understand the concepts and improve their skills.


Comparison between face-to-face and online maths and physics tutoring

Online and face-to-face maths and physics tutoring each have certain advantages. You should therefore consider what is important to you personally when it comes to tutoring. For this purpose, we will now summarise the advantages of online and face-to-face tutoring.

The main advantage of face-to-face tutoring is that you can discuss topics and tasks with your maths tutor on site. This makes the exchange with your tutor more personal and often easier. This form of tutoring also makes it easier to simulate exam situations.

Online tutoring has the great advantage that it is much more flexible than face-to-face tutoring. You can theoretically do online tutoring whenever you want and wherever you want. However, you also have to bear in mind that you need technical equipment to have online tutoring in maths and physics.

Another option is to combine the two forms of tutoring. Discuss it with your maths tutor. It may even make sense in your case to have online and face-to-face tutoring at the same time.


Physics and Maths tutors near me: How do I find them?

There are various ways to find the best tutors. Sometimes it is advisable to consider regional differences. After all, finding tutors in the city can be very different from finding tutors in the country. In addition, there are also differences from federal state to federal state and from city to city. Especially between the larger cities, such as London, Glasgow and Birmingham , there are also differences in the supply and demand for tutoring due to the differences in the education system. 

Apart from that, there are some aspects that you can generally consider in order to find maths tutoring in your area. There are many options and places to go to find good tutoring. Some of these are:

  • Friends and acquaintances: This method is certainly the least likely to be successful, but you may know that there are many teachers and children of teachers in your circle of acquaintances. If you cannot think of a single teacher in your family or circle of friends, you should take other measures.
  • Noticeboard: Often there are notices in the city and in your school with offers for tutoring for maths in your area. However, you will hardly be able to look for specific tutoring in this way.
  • Tutoring institutes and companies: There are certain tutoring institutions in your area. It is best to search online first and then visit them. 
  • Tutoring platforms: If you search online, you will also find platforms and websites, such as Nachhilfeunterricht.de, quickly and easily. These have many advantages. On the one hand, you have a large overview of many profiles of tutors and can also see ratings. On the other hand, you can also upload an ad yourself so that you can search for personalised tutoring based on your needs. 

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How to improve in maths: the main strategies

To improve in maths, there are several strategies that pupils can use. Generally, regular practice, consistency and perseverance are important. It can also be helpful to use tips and tools for better performance in maths, in addition to tutoring.

In order to be consistent and persistent in maths, however, it is first necessary to be motivated. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many pupils, who are even afraid of maths and the teachers who teach it. If maths also causes you stress and anxiety, we advise you to discuss this with your teachers and tutors. They can often give you advice on what you can do. 

With a positive attitude and belief in themselves, pupils can improve their skills and achieve their goals. Also, always remember that you are not the only one who has problems in maths, nor are you the last. Nevertheless, many manage to improve in maths and so can you.


Maths and physics tutoring for secondary school

There is a particular need for tutoring for A-level pupils, especially when it comes to preparing for GCSEs. However, it is advisable not to start preparing more intensively just a few weeks before your maths exam.

As soon as you get to secondary school, and preferably even before, you should actively participate in maths lessons. It is very important to stay on the ball in this subject from the beginning so that you don't have to catch up so much later on. However, if you find that you have problems with some topics, such as functions or probability, it makes sense to seek help in the form of maths tutoring.

If you notice that you have deficits, keep calm for the time being. Many pupils have problems with maths and perhaps only with one particular subject. Once you have identified the areas in which you need help, you can start looking for maths tutors in your area.

Discuss your needs with your tutor from the beginning and focus on specific topics with them. It's best to start preparing for your maths A-levels as early as possible. Maths tutoring can prepare you for A-levels in many ways, for example by organising your learning process and prioritising certain topics.

How can I pass A Level Maths?


Maths and physics tutors for the GCSEs

The GCSE in maths and physics is one of the most demanding exams that pupils in the UK have to take. However, a good grade in the GCSEs is often decisive for access to the best universities. In maths and physics tutoring, it makes sense to work on former exam papers and GCSE maths exercises. It is also important to practise using a calculator and a collection of formulas.

In general, it is important to start learning maths in a structured and repetitive way at high school as early as possible. If you are having problems, don't hesitate to seek help in the form of maths tutoring in your area, because it will be very difficult to correct deficits you have just before your A-levels. 



Searching for maths and physics tutors in your area can seem overwhelming at first. Don't worry, keep calm and think about what you need and what kind of tutoring you are looking for. Then take your time to find the right maths or physics tutor for you. There is a lot to choose from, especially online, but tutoring portals like Findtutors.co.uk can help you with your search as they have individualised profiles and information about maths tutors.

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