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Spanish native speaker teacher. Let's discover together this awesome language!
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
Hello, I am excited to offer online Spanish language classes. My approach to teaching language is rooted in my pass...
I can help you get your goals
I have a Master's degree in Modern Languages. I have been teaching English and French for over 15 years. I have als...
Spanish tutors urgently needed for private tuition
MiddlesbroughSpanish1st lesson free
Hey we need you to help work in our company! (Spanish)We Need a tutor to help in this native language to tutor in o...
Interest in media / popular culture / travel / food
Bristol, Brislington, Conham...Spanish1st lesson free
I'm originally from Barcelona. I hold a degree in Journalism and have worked in the British TV industry for 10 year...
Conversaciones en español para todos los niveles. Desde básico hasta avanzado
No PlaceSpanish1st lesson free
Conversaciones en español para todos los niveles. Desde básico hasta avanzado.
Guía nativa de habla hispana con experiencia en todas las edades
Saint DominickSpanish
Mi nombre es Eli y me considero una persona paciente y energética. Me encanta conocer personas, tanto así, que esto...
I'm native Spanish teacher. If you want to learn or improve your Spanish skills don't hesitate to contact me
LondonSpanish1st lesson free
I am a native Spanish teacher with a solid background teaching to people of all ages. If you are a beginner or you ...
Enthusiastic Spanish tutor, no one said learning had to be boring!
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
¡Hello everyone! I'm Mariana, originally from Argentina, and I'm here to invite you to learn a new language, Spanis...
Native Spanish teacher and English teacher
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
-I am a creative and highly-motivated language teacher with experience in teaching a full spectrum of ages and leve...
Native Spanish-speaking tutor. Easy-going lessons for all ages!
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
Hello! My name is Caro, a native Spanish speaker from Latin America who has worked in translation and transcription...
Spanish Tutor on line any time England time a others countries
WashingtonSpanish1st lesson free
I am ready to teach not just Spanish language, I want to teach Spanish and Latino Culture.Our language , Spanish , ...
Experienced Spanish Teacher Specializing in Engaging Children of All Ages
East HamSpanish1st lesson free
Embark on an exciting journey into Spanish with me, Rocio! I'm not just a teacher; I've molded young minds in Londo...
Spanish classes from a native speaker
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
I graduated from Primary School Teaching in the University of Barcelona. I have experience teaching children, teena...
Easy and fun Spanish all levels all ages. I can help you achieve your goal of speaking Spanish
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
I'm a native Spanish speaker with training as a Spanish teacher as a foreign language. I like to personalize my cla...
I'm an Argentine teacher, been teaching both Spanish & English for 10 years, tailored classes
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
I have a university degree in both English & Spanish. I started by teaching Spanish to foreigners who came to Argen...
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
My name is Izzy and I have lived half my life in England and half my life in Spain. As I had to learn Spanish mysel...
Certified Spanish Teacher with Experience
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
Passionate Spanish Teacher with expertise in curriculum development and dynamic instruction. Proficient in creating...
Offering Online Spanish Classes for Children and Adults
Northampton, DallingtonSpanish1st lesson free
Hi, I am a native Latin American Spanish tutor for online students. I like to make teaching easy and practical, foc...
Native Spanish speaker tutor helping children and teenagers who want to improve their Spanish skills with personalized lessons
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
Hi! My name's Cate and I'm a native Spanish speaker.We can articulate our lessons based on the students' needs to i...
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Carmen is always on time. She is very patient and personable!
5 ago 8 hours
Spanish tutor
I had a great experience... Glad to learn spanish with you :)
5 ago 8 hours
Spanish tutor
Danilo is not only a great person but he is also a great tutor. He always gives me good examples when explaining the meaning of words/expression's or phrases that locals use a...
5 ago 8 hours
Danilo torres santos
Spanish tutor

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

👨‍🏫 How to choose a private Spanish tutor?

To choose a private Spanish tutor you need to be clear about your needs. Our tutors specialise in different areas:

  • Tutors by level of proficiency. Find a tutor that teaches your level, whether it’s A1 or C2.
  • Exam preparation tutors: If you are preparing for an exam, you can contact tutors who specialise in preparing students for that specific exam. Whether you want a GCSE Spanish tutor, A Level Spanish tutor or something else, FindTutors has a wide range of tutors specialising in a variety of exams.

💰 What is the average price of Spanish classes?

The price of private Spanish classes can vary depending on the tutor's experience or studies, but prices can start from as low as £10. Our advice is to compare different profiles until you find a tutor whose price matches the quality you expect.

💻 How can I find an online Spanish tutor on FindTutors?

FindTutors has both online Spanish tutors and in-person Spanish tutors. You can use the filter on the left to select only online tutors.

⏱️ How many hours of Spanish classes should I do a week?

When learning a new language like Spanish, it is recommended to have between 2 to 4 hours of classes a week. These hours should preferably be spread out so that you don’t have a big gap before your next class. Whilst it is important to have classes with a native Spanish tutor, don’t forget that you should practise outside of class to assimilate the concepts that you have learnt.

🚀 What’s the best way to learn Spanish?

Once you have found a Spanish tutor, you should find a balance between classes and self study. Unfortunately, you can't learn a language in three days; you need to persevere. To learn Spanish quickly, you should make sure you study outside of class and try to integrate the language into your daily life by watching Spanish films and listening to Spanish music. It’s also essential to work on the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Why learn Spanish?

How to find a private Spanish tutor

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and also one of the most studied. It has more than 500 million native speakers, and is the official language of more than twenty countries around the world. It is one of the major Romance languages and the most widely spoken Romance language in the world.

With such high numbers, it is no surprise that so many people decide to learn Spanish as a second language, whether it is for travel, work or simply because of a passion for languages. Every student has their own reason for wanting to start Spanish classes.

What types of Spanish lessons are there?

If you want to learn Spanish, the best option is always to find a private class. When it comes to finding the perfect private Spanish tutor near you, it’s important to first identify what you are looking for.

  • One-to-one private Spanish classes: This is a popular option for students because it allows you to have a private tutor all to yourself. This means that the classes can be adapted to your goals and progress.
  • Private Spanish classes for pairs: If you know another person who is learning or wants to learn Spanish, you can suggest taking classes together. The classes will still maintain an element of personalisation, with the added bonus of a study buddy to help motivate you. 
  • Group private Spanish classes: If you know more people, whether it’s family members, friends or colleagues, who want to learn Spanish, you can find a tutor and take classes as a group.
  • Private Spanish classes at home: You can also choose if you prefer to take private classes at home, this way you can enjoy not having to leave home and having face-to-face classes at the same time.
  • Online private Spanish classes: If you prefer more flexibility or don’t want a tutor coming to your home, you can find an online Spanish tutor. This way you can take classes from wherever you want, as long as you have a good internet connection.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to Spanish tutoring. Once you figure out what you want, you can start finding the perfect tutor for you.

Tips for finding the right Spanish tutor

If you have decided to hire a private Spanish teacher for foreigners, whether at home, online, for individual classes or in pairs, there are a few steps you will need to follow to find the best one for you.

Find tutors

On FindTutors you can search for the perfect teacher by using various filters. After selecting Spanish and whether you want classes in-person or online, you can choose your level and stage of education. This will help you narrow down your search to the tutors that are the most suitable for you. 

Contact multiple tutors

Once you have started searching, make sure you contact multiple tutors. This way you will be able to choose between them to make sure you find a tutor that suits your availability, level and learning style. 

Ask questions

Don't be afraid of asking questions! Teachers are there to answer your questions, and it is very important to ask everything you can think of to make sure that the tutor you have contacted is the best fit for you. Ask the tutor about their teaching style, prices, payment methods, learning materials, and availability to make sure they suit your needs. Don’t forget to ask where they teach and if they will come to your house, ask whether there is an extra cost for transportation.

Ask for a free trial or interview

Many tutors on FindTutors offer the first lesson for free so that you can get to know each other and make sure that they meet your expectations. This is your chance to ask any remaining questions, see whether you get along with them and experience their teaching methods. If they do not offer a free class, you can always ask for a quick online interview to help you make your decision.

Make an informed decision

When you come to making your final decision, take into account how you felt during the free trial or interview. Did you get along with the tutor? Could you keep up with the class? Intuition is important, you should go for the Spanish tutor you felt the most comfortable with and whose class best met your expectations. 

Benefits of hiring a private Spanish tutor

Finding a private Spanish tutor is easier than it seems, and it is the perfect option if you want to learn quickly. If you still have doubts about whether you should take private Spanish classes, here are the main advantages:

  • Personalisation: When it comes to personalised lessons, nothing compares to having a private Spanish tutor. You will have the tutor’s full attention for the whole class.
  • Set your own pace: When you study with other people, you always have to go at the pace of the class. With private Spanish classes, you will be able to set the pace and make sure you grasp all the concepts properly.
  • Flexibility: A private Spanish tutor will adapt to your needs. This means adapting the syllabus to what you need, going at your pace and making sure that you never fall behind. Basically, you will have much more flexibility to decide what you are interested in studying without having to follow a compulsory syllabus as you would in school or in a group lesson.
  • Options: There are thousands of options when it comes to finding private Spanish classes. Whether you want an online Spanish tutor, a Spanish GCSE tutor or a native Spanish speaker to practise your speaking and listening skills. There is something for everyone in the world of private classes.

Now that you know more about Spanish tutoring, you can start finding your private Spanish tutor and enter the world of this beautiful language.

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