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All-ages Computer Science tutoring from University of Oxford student
IslipComputer science1st lesson free
I'm studying for a BA in Computer Science at Oxford, having held a passion for computer science throughout my life....
Computer Science Tutor | Essential for beginners and intermediates!
Rotherham, Barnburgh, Billin...Computer science1st lesson free
Discover the exciting world of Computer Science with my tutoring sessions! With two years of expertise in HTML, CSS...
Senior Robotics software engineer with experience teaching HSC students to Intel/Pfizer employees
Birmingham, Digbeth, Nechell...Computer science1st lesson free
I have a master's degree in advanced robotics with background in information technology. I have been tutoring ATU S...
Computer Science Tutor Available to Help you with Assignments and Course Work
OxfordComputer science1st lesson free
I am Bachelor of Computer Engineering with more than 7 years of Industry Experience. I have been mentoring the stud...
Tutor for Computer science and Biology
SalfordComputer science1st lesson free
Hi! Embark on an exciting learning journey with me as your online tutor! In computer science, we'll explore fundame...
English teacher offers fun and engaging lessons for teenagers or adults
LondonComputer science1st lesson free
Hi there! I am a young English teacher. Foreign languages have always been my passion, and I believe there is nothi...
I am computer science teacher and computer operator
Online lessonsComputer science1st lesson free
I have master Degeer in IT with 3.22 CGPA. I have experience of teaching student.
Computer Science and IT Tutor with 8 years' experience
Online lessonsComputer science
I am passionate about teaching programming and problem solving skills to teenagers. I have been teaching computer s...
Considerate tutor teacher offering Computer Science tuition KS3 to A-level in Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean
Gloucester, Abenhall, Dursle...Computer science1st lesson free
Hi, I'm Rich. I'm currently a scientist at the University of Oxford, but I also teach a small number of students in...
Experienced Computer Science Tutor Specializing in Java, Python, Data Science, and More
Online lessonsComputer science1st lesson free
Hello! I'm a dedicated tutor with a Master's in Computer Science, ready to guide you through various programming la...
i will provide you computer science lessons , you can also check on 30 min free trail
Online lessonsComputer science1st lesson free
🚀 Elevate Your Coding Journey with Our Online Computer Science Classes! 🌐 I have done graduation in software eng...
Passionate Science Enthusiast: Transforming Complex Concepts into Bite-sized Wisdom
Online lessonsComputer science1st lesson free
I have a diverse skill set cultivated through varied professional experiences and a robust academic background enco...
Computer science tutor, offering lessons to students of all ages
Camden LondonComputer science1st lesson free
Hello, My name is Sharnay and I am a university student studying computer science at UCL. have 3 years of tutoring ...
Tutor providing lessons for different subject like Basic Technology, English Language and Basic Mathematics
KenyonComputer science1st lesson free
Looking for a passionate tutor that takes her time to explain to you and use vast techniques to make sure you learn...
English Tutor with 6 years experience providing pre-recorded or live lessons to help you on you journey learning English
Irish TownComputer science1st lesson free
Primary School Teacher - specialism in literacy and phonological awareness giving you the skills to decode the Engl...
History and Science Tutor providing lessons for Primary Students
Online lessonsComputer science1st lesson free
I have a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino Language. In my practicum days, I focused in H...
Mathematics and Chemistry teacher providing lessons to students of Primary and Secondary Schools
LondonComputer science1st lesson free
I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education Science {B.Ed (Sc)} Maths and Chemistry plus an IMIS Diploma in Computer Sc...
High School Teacher and part time tutor in all subjects, here to help
ClovaComputer science1st lesson free
Hi, I am a middle and high school history teacher in California. Have a major degree in Geography, concentrating on...
Indian college guy teaching fun coding for people of all age group
Online lessonsComputer science1st lesson free
I am currently in my 2nd year of bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I have been a chief Creative office...
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Find out what some of our students think about their Computer science tutors
Reggy is not only prompt, patient and very knowledgeable, he also has a knack for finding the trickiest of bugs and overcoming challenges in the software he trained me in. He...
Paloma Fernandes
5 3 days ago
Computer science tutor
Ali has and remains a first class tutor for our son. He has researched our sons curriculum and been able to tailor his work to our his needs accordingly in order to build his...
5 3 days ago
Tauqeer Ali
Computer science tutor
He was very patient with me while I learned the in's-and-out's of the unemployment system. He helped me fix my claim.
Jessica Hernandez
5 6 days ago
Isaiah Thomas
Computer science tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

👩🏻‍🏫 How can I find private computer science tutors?

When looking for tutors, you have several options, although the most popular among students is through online platforms such as FindTutors. This is because from the comfort of your own home you can see the availability of the tutors, as well as the type of classes they give: face-to-face, online or at home.

🖥️ What is the use of private tuition in computer science?

Private tuition in computer science is an excellent way to get a better understanding of the basics, as well as helping you to get to know the science before you study it in depth. In turn, you will see improvements in efficiency, productivity and use of computer tools. On the other hand, if you are already a student, private tuition will reinforce what you have learnt at university.

In short, computer science classes will help you improve your academic performance, curriculum and personal development.

👨‍💻  What is the difference between a programmer and a computer scientist?

The differences are key to understanding how they work. The two degrees, systems engineering and computer engineering, are different. The first discipline deals with systems, those assemblies that move in the same direction, while the second processes, stores and automates information in different devices. Although they overlap in some areas, systems engineering and computer engineering are not the same, but both are in the area of technology.

🔅 What is the relationship between the internet and computer science?

The most powerful mega-network, as some experts call it. The Internet is a series of nodes in a vast network. Each of these nodes contains information. The entire network is interconnected, sharing resources to thousands of devices.

It is also a tool that facilitates communication. Imagine this scenario illustrated: two computers need to talk to each other and exchange information, but they are silent. Then, along comes the internet, which takes them by the hand and brings them together to talk, that is the internet: the one that connects two or more technologies to exchange information.

💲 What is the average price of computer science classes?

The price of private tuition will depend on a number of factors, although the average is between 12-20 pounds per hour. If you live in a big city and are looking for face-to-face classes, it is likely to be closer to 20 rather than 12 pounds.

In computer science, there are people who only want to specialise in certain areas, such as Microsoft Office and typing courses. These are usually between 70 to 100 pounds and are not counted per hour, but for a complete course.

Check out the average rates of computer science classes here

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