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I'm an experienced English as a foreign language teacher as well as University support tutor. I provide the lessons on various levels on either 121 or group basis.
I have extensive knowledge in English language and teaching methodologies. As an English as a foreign language teac...
Coach & Mentor -Supporting university students in achieving academic success while cultivating a balanced & fulfilling life
Online lessonsUniversity1st lesson free
Hey there! I'm a degree-qualified coach and mentor, and my goal is to help you achieve yours! I was awarded a 1st B...
Have a goal? Get coached and mentored today.
Online lessonsUniversity1st lesson free
I am a professional coach and mentor and I help people at all ages to achieve their goals. This could be by startin...
Online lessonsUniversity
My communication skills, my warmth, and my empathy allow individuals to open up to me in a safe environment free of...
I would be your learning mentor, seek knowledge with passion!
Online lessonsUniversity
I have plenty of experience guiding individuals to discover their potential in academic and non academic fields. I ...
Online lessonsUniversity1st lesson free
I am highly skilled in all areas of academic writing. I hold a 1st Class BA (Hons) degree in Early Childhood Studie...
Help with medical school applications and personal statement from an Imperial medical student
KnightsbridgeUniversity1st lesson free
In immediate need of assistance and guidance on your medical school applications and personal statement? Look no fu...
I am an experienced and enthusiastic academic tutor with a PhD in Gender & Sexuality Studies from UCL
London, Blackfriars, City Of...University
Studying at a university level is stressful and hard. Having been both a student and a PGTA/lecturer at UCL, you ca...
Make studying work for you; happy to help
Online lessonsUniversity
Studying a subject is not only about learning a skill but using this to go further; with one-to-one tutoring you wi...
Online lessonsUniversity
Helping you to work out who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. Online theoretical, experiential ...
I give lesions
in Drama or English
what ever is needed
I will help you with English or Drama what ever you want help with for free in person or on the phone it will be fu...
I provide tailor made lessons in psychology with practical examples and case studies.
Online lessonsUniversity1st lesson free
I have been in counselling practise for 6 years and have been teaching and supervising college students for counsel...
Oxford graduate teaching KS3, GCSE, Alevel and University applications
Oxford, Headington, Iffley, ...University1st lesson free
Oxford graduate providing lessons for KS3, GCSE, Alevel and University applicationsI have a Bachelors Degree from t...
I give private lessons while focusing on your learning needs.
Online lessonsUniversity
I love teaching, as I am a psychologist too so I would rather better understand your way of learning and would offe...
UCAS: Higher Education advisor helps students write their best personal statement and complete their University applications
Online lessonsUniversity1st lesson free
Are you not sure what university degree to choose? Don't know how to write a personal statement that shows your ama...
I can help you find out more about yourself and to better understand those around you. Let's explore the mind's world.  It's an adventure!
Online lessonsUniversity
With over 20 years of experience teaching college-level Psychology courses, the ability to reach more people with Z...
An experienced higher education business studies lecturer and tutor
Online lessonsUniversity
Knowledgeable in all aspects of business, I am also a dissertation supervisor that is flexible to meet my learners ...
I would be happy to help you learn something new.
Online lessonsUniversity
I have experience on one-on-one and group tutoring as an undergrad. I will customize the tutoring experience to sui...
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You have a strong passion for teaching; it is inspiring to both students and fellow teachers
5 9 days ago
University tutor
In just one session, Samuel showcased remarkable expertise in his field. His ability to explain complex topics with ease is exceptional. What sets him apart is his empathetic...
5 30 days ago
University tutor
Muskan has been a wonderful tutor for my daughter. She shows a true sense of politeness and continued encouragement throughout her lessons. My daughter's grades continue to im...
Sarah Miller
5 more than 1 year ago
Muskan Kapoor
University tutor

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“β€Š Where can I find private tutors for university students?

There are many websites where you can find private lessons for university students. You can search on websites like FindTutors, where we offer private lessons with qualified and experienced tutors

Another option is to search your local area for schools that offer tuition for university students. Finally, you can contact private tutors to offer you the classes you need, in this case, remedial classes.

πŸ“šβ€Š Which subjects are more difficult to learn at university?

It all depends on what degree you do and how good you are at it, as each degree and each person is different. Whatever it is, it is likely that you will find, for example, that in maths there is a subject that you find more difficult than the rest. So, in this case, you can write down the subjects that are most difficult for you and discuss them with your tutor.

πŸ™ŽπŸΌβ€β™€οΈβ€Š What exactly is private tuition for university students?

Private tuition for university students is designed to help students improve their understanding of subjects studied at university. These classes focus on developing specific skills such as writing, reading comprehension, understanding concepts, critical thinking and problem-solving.

πŸ’»β€Š What are the modalities of classes for university students?

Private tuition tutors may offer face-to-face tuition, online tuition, or a combination of both. Face-to-face lessons take place in a fixed location, such as a library or classroom. Online tuition takes place via video conferencing software, such as Skype or Zoom. Some tutors also offer a combination of face-to-face and online tuition for greater flexibility.

πŸ’Έβ€Š How much do private tuition for university students cost?

The price of private tuition for university students depends on the tutor and the difficulty of the course you are taking. Some tutors charge by the hour, while others charge a fee per lesson. 

If you are looking for tutoring for university students, we recommend that you look not only at the price, but also at the skills of the tutor and what they can offer you.

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