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Chinese tutor which could help with all age
EdinburghChinese1st lesson free
Greetings, prospective learners! I am Lim, your dedicated guide on the exhilarating path of learning mandarin. Ex...
Bilingual Native English and Spanish Teacher
EdinburghEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
My name is Annabel and I am both Spanish and British! I was born in Blanes, Gerona with a Spanish dad from Málaga a...
I have a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and have prior experience in tutoring subjects like Maths, Scie...
4th year French University student at Edinburgh with a passion for teaching and sharing best tips for improving language skills
Edinburgh, Blackford (City O...French1st lesson free
My lessons are flexible according to what the student needs work on. However, in most lessons, we will introduce a ...
Experienced Academic Coach and tutor in Psychology, Sociology, English, and Math with over 400 sessions to date. I look forward to helping all types of students succeed in and outside the classroom!
In my experience working with secondary school and university students, it is best to have an adaptable teaching st...
I give private lessons tailered plan suits your learning needs.
EdinburghChinese1st lesson free
I am passionate teacher with fun way to teach and make you enjoy your learning a new language. I have GTC Scotland ...
ESL & English, Literature, and Religion tutor for children and adults
Edinburgh, Blackford (City O...English as a foreign language
Helping students develop an appreciation for English & Literature and making learning enjoyable is my passion! I ha...
Spanish tutor providing lessons to children of all ages
EdinburghSpanish1st lesson free
My name is Lucía Dozo, I am a social communicator and cultural journalist Italo-Argentina with 10 years of experien...
I enjoy interacting with children & helping them learn. I have   been conducting private lessons  in English for children
Tutor & student bond is special. It is important to have the comfort & mutual respect. My approach is to understa...
A MSc student with a passion for history aiming to share the knowledge and skills to the young  minds.
Are you looking for a one-one history tutor? Then search no further. I provide lessons as per your needs, completel...
I give parivet lectures online in person anytime
Edinburgh, ThornliebankEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
Teaching is my profession i am available if u want to learn am a hardwork humble person i am sure u r so comfortabl...
Hi! I'm Amber. I offer one-on-one tutoring in biology at all educational levels
Edinburgh, Blackford (City O...Biology1st lesson free
My lessons will be tailored to the goals of each individual student. I have experience with teaching BSc and MSc st...
Experienced Teacher of English with CELTA
EdinburghEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
With 3 years experience of teaching English to Russian schoolchildren, I have all the required skills to improve yo...
Politics Tutor for Sixth Form (mainly IB)
EdinburghPolitical science1st lesson free
I am currently studying History and Politics (MA) at the University of Edinburgh. I am very enthusiastic about help...
History Tutor for Sixth Form (specialising in IB)
EdinburghHistory1st lesson free
I am currently studying History and Politics (MA) at the University of Edinburgh. I have had experience in tutoring...
I give private lessons tailored to your specific needs. I specialize in the IB but am happy to teach my subjects to students in other exam boards.
EdinburghHistory1st lesson free
Come to me with any problems to do with content, exam skills or coursework. My lessons will be catered to your spec...
Learning is never a task when you learn with me. Let's have fun up-skilling ourselves!
I am an experienced, private tutor whose first priority is always to make sure you feel comfortable and have fun wi...
I give private lessons tailored to each individual
Edinburgh, Leith, Newington ...English as a foreign language
I have over 30 years' experience of teaching foreign students in classes, groups and 1:1, as well as in a universit...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

💡How to choose the best private tutor in Edinburgh?

Finding tutors in Edinburgh can be difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. One of the easiest and most effective methods is to go to the FindTutors website and use its search engine to enter a term such as "private classes in Edinburgh", or "maths tutor in Edinburgh". The platform will show you profiles of Edinburgh tutors that match your search criteria.

💶 What is the average price of private classes in Edinburgh?

The price of private classes ranges between £12 and £30. There are several factors that can make the price of a private lesson in Edinburgh cheaper or more expensive.

Here are some factors that influence prices: whether the class is online or in person, the tutor’s experience and qualifications and the level of the classes (for beginners, for intermediate students or advanced students).

⏰How long are private classes in Edinburgh?

The average duration of a private lesson in Edinburgh is usually one hour. This is usually also applicable to the price. Private English tutors in Edinburgh, for example, usually charge by the hour. The length of private classes at a tutoring academy, however, could be different.

📱What do I need for private online classes in Edinburgh?

These are the basic things you need to get started with your private online classes:

  • A fast and stable internet connection
  • A laptop or desktop PC
  • You can also receive private online lessons from a tablet or mobile phone.

A videoconferencing platform such as Classgap, Google Meet or Zoom.

A guide to private lessons in Edinburgh

How to find the right private tutor in Edinburgh

Are you interested in taking private classes in Edinburgh? Maybe you are looking to help your child pass a subject they are struggling with, or maybe you need to practise a language you said you would master before the end of the year.

A private tutor is an excellent option for achieving your academic or professional goals. You will learn at your own pace and will be able to measure your progress. Private lessons also mean that you will be able to adapt the timetable to your schedule.

Below you will find out how private classes in Edinburgh work and what types of classes are available.

Private classes in Edinburgh for all ages and levels

The list of private tutors in Edinburgh is extensive and varied. But, before choosing a tutor, you should think about which type of private classes you want:

  • Private classes in Edinburgh, at home: This type of class is ideal for GCSE and A Level students who need help to pass their exams. Having classes at home means that they can study with their tutor and then continue with their homework without having to travel. Classes at home are also very useful for adults who want to learn from the comfort of their own home.
  • Private online classes: An alternative that had its heyday in the era of confinement and is here to stay. Taking private classes in Edinburgh does not have to be in person, there are plenty of online tutors offering a wide range of subjects. Students connect with their tutor online via video call to save time on commuting to and from classes.
  • Tuition centres in Edinburgh: You can find them by searching terms such as "tuition centres in Edinburgh" and "language schools in Edinburgh". 
  • Private classes for companies in Edinburgh: More and more businesses are concerned about the welfare of their employees. Many decide to hire private tutors for companies in Edinburgh either to help their employees refresh their knowledge of their field or to improve their language skills. Classes for companies in Edinburgh are fantastic for achieving these goals.

Types of private classes you can sign up for in Edinburgh

Until a few years ago, geographical mobility was the biggest barrier to finding tutors in Edinburgh.

There has never been a lack of French classes or Maths classes in Edinburgh, but now you can study practically anything you want and even choose how to do it.

Below we share some of the most sought-after private classes in Edinburgh:

  • Private language classes in Edinburgh: Edinburgh multicultural city, home to native speakers of many different languages. Finding tutors that are native speakers in Edinburgh, whether you are looking for a French tutor, English tutor or Spanish tutor, should be relatively easy.
  • Private tuition in Edinburgh: Available for students of all ages, private tutoring in Edinburgh is in high demand. Many parents want to help their children improve their academic performance, whether they are looking for GCSE tuition, A Level tuition or another type of tuition.
  • Private music tutors in Edinburgh: Would you like to learn to play an instrument? Or are you good at singing and want to pursue a career in it? Private music lessons in Edinburgh cover a multitude of disciplines. There are many experienced tutors that can help you fulfil your musical goals.
  • Private yoga and fitness classes in Edinburgh: These classes are great for improving flexibility, coordination and wellbeing. More and more people are signing up for private yoga and fitness classes in Edinburgh to get in shape and improve their general state of health.

Tips to get the most out of your private classes in Edinburgh

Do you want to get the most out of your private classes? Pay close attention to the following tips and put them into practice from the very first session:

  • Choose the right type of private classes: You need to find a class that best suits your needs and objectives. You have already seen that there are several types of private classes in Edinburgh available. You should take into account aspects such as your availability and the format of the class. If you are good with new technologies, perhaps your choice will be private lessons online.
  • Go one step further: Don't just take private classes in Edinburgh, read additional material to boost your learning (books, YouTube videos, PDF guides, podcasts, etc.) You will see how you advance much faster and how much easier you assimilate new concepts. The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information where you can find anything that interests you, in any format and in any language.

Ask questions: Make the most of the hours you spend with your private tutor in Edinburgh. Solve all your doubts, no matter how basic they may seem, ask them to recommend materials you can use to reinforce your learning.

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