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Music Theory/ singing lessons/ GCSE’s/ A-Levels/ BMus/ MA
NottinghamA Level1st lesson free
Hello, my name is Katey and I am a recent Master of Arts graduate from the Royal Academy of Music in London. I stu...
Spanish/German/Politics/Geography A-Level tutor, achieved A*s in all these qualifications
MiddlesbroughA Level1st lesson free
I am a current German, Spanish and Portuguese student at Newcastle University, who has a passion for teaching and s...
I teach A/S and A Level History & Sociology and specialise in A-Level revision and exam techniques
BelfastA Level1st lesson free
I Have a 2:1 joint honours degree in History and Sociology and a Masters degree and PhD in Sociology. For the past ...
Graphic Design tutor providing help for all kinds of ages
NottinghamA Level1st lesson free
Are you looking to unlock your creativity and delve into the world of graphic design? Look no further than private ...
English tutor teaches students of all ages
BelfastA Level1st lesson free
Impeccable British English private tutoring services offered by Kenda, catering to students of all ages. Specialisi...
Politics and International Relations Tutor
Online lessonsA Level1st lesson free
I have a Master's degree in International Relations as well as a undergraduate degree in Politics and International...
Learn English and Italian with a bilingual native speaker!
NottinghamA Level1st lesson free
I have an obsession with learning languages and to be able to share that with you would be my pleasure! I am fluent...
Maths, english and Accounting tutor
Online lessonsA Level1st lesson free
Good day, I am a young, ambitious man aged 23 who has good interpersonal skills. I have a degree in accounting and ...
Chemistry teacher with over ten years experience
NottinghamA Level1st lesson free
Computer and English tutor teaches for all ages
BelfastA Level1st lesson free
Are you seeking expert guidance for English and computer studies? Look no further! Hiba Ferose offers top-notch pri...
AQA A level Chemistry and Biology
Online lessonsA Level1st lesson free
I have 2 A's In chemistry and biology and have mark scheme specific notes for AQA. These notes I created helped me ...
Join a Dynamic teaching ambassador @ SUPERPROF for physics, Maths and Engineering Excellence in all subjects
BelfastA Level1st lesson free
Subjects Handled:-Thermodynamics, Heat and mass Transfer, Engineering Mechanics, Strength Of Material, Theory Of...
Affordable AQA A level Chemistry or Biology tutoring lessons for Grade A student
BelfastA Level1st lesson free
Looking for top-notch AQA A Level Chemistry or Biology tutoring in the UK? Look no further! Hi, I'm Gabby, and I of...
Providing English classes to anyone who needs help
ManchesterA Level1st lesson free
Hello! If you are looking forward to talk to a friend and improve your English language skills then look no further...
I give affordable and very interesting funable teaching way for different subjects to children
NottinghamA Level1st lesson free
I have 2 years of experience in care assistant and sales assistant on both. I have also experience of 2 years in te...
English tuition for all students of all ages. Specialising in A Level Language
NottinghamA Level1st lesson free
Hello,Thank you for reading.Writing is my passion and so is teaching.I care deeply about my students progress and a...
Hold 120- HOUR TEFL Certificate, with 7 years tutoring experience, Child Psychology student with Child Psychology Certificate
BelfastA Level1st lesson free
My name is Maria, I have 7 years experience in tutoring, I am an expect in teaching Grammar, Vocabulary, which is L...
Tutor teaching law to students of all age
NottinghamA Level1st lesson free
I am a graduate from Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and a post graduate from School of Law,...
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he is awesome teacher who -explain the concepts well - go through part by part and make sure it is well understood -he also provide with challenging questions to test our u...
5 6 days ago
Subin S T
A Level tutor
Katey is a wonderful tutor who has helped me deepen my understanding of music theory. She’s kind, patient, well-prepared and I would highly recommend her tutoring services.
5 10 days ago
A Level tutor
Sara’s lessons are so easy to understand and she makes sure that I understand the topic by providing multiple examples. She helped me a lot in my exams preparation and will de...
5 11 days ago
A Level tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

👩🏻‍🏫 What can an A Level tutor offer me?

A tutor for A Levels can help you to strengthen your study habits, increase your motivation and self-esteem, as well as learn how to prepare for the exams. This will then help you to achieve the grades you want to help you with your next steps in your career or studies.

🎓  How can I find tutors to help me with my A Level exams?

To begin with, you should be clear about whether you want to opt for face-to-face tuition or online tuition. If you opt for the former, you can find private tutors in any tuition school. In addition, you can use the local search to find private tutors in your city or region.

If you prefer to opt for online tuition, we recommend that you look for your private tutors for A Level exams online through platforms such as In the case of our platform, we offer a wide variety of tutors and preparation courses.

❌ What mistakes should I avoid when taking my A Level exams?

Nerves can betray us, and it often happens that many students who are very well-prepared for A Level exams end up failing. That's why you should try to be as calm as possible, read the questions well (sometimes they are formulated to confuse you), distribute the time you have well and, once you have finished your exam, check that everything is OK.

🖥️ Where can I find online resources to prepare for A Level exams?

By doing a quick search, you can find websites that offer practice papers and also examples of some of the questions that have been asked in other years of A Level exams.

If this option does not suit you, you can also choose to sign up for a group preparation course. It will probably not be the same as one-to-one private tuition, and you will be sharing space with other students, but you will be able to learn just the same.

💸  How much does private tuition for A Level exams cost?

The cost of private tuition for A Level exams will depend on several factors: the level of experience of the tutor, the student, the time spent in the classes and the location (whether it will be face-to-face or online).

On average, the price of A Level preparation classes can vary between 20 pounds and 40 pounds per hour. Some tuition schools also offer packages with lower prices for several hours of tuition.

Check out the average rates for private tuition here

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