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Registered Nurse and personal trainer. Promoting a healthy mind and body
GlasgowEnglish1st lesson free
Hello! My name is Natalie. I am registered nurse and personal trainer. I enjoy promoting healthy minds and boys. I ...
I provide person centric life coaching to adults
I am trans, non-binary and a qualified life coach. I have had to overcome many challenges throughout their life to ...
IELTS Academic tutor (with a score of 8.5 overall) providing lessons and study techniques to get a 6.5 or above
As an international student myself, I have taken IELTS multiple times in order to satisfy the English proficiency r...
I give affordable English lessons always happy to help
GlasgowEnglish1st lesson free
Your dedicated English tutor offering affordable private lessons. With a passion for teaching, Paige is committed t...
English tutor providing one to one online tuition in English and TEFL
GlasgowEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I have a BA Hons Degree in English Literature, and a CELTA qualification obtained in 2018. I have good experience w...
Experienced Accounting tutor offering easy-to-understand private lessons online to high school, college and university students.
I am a fully qualified professional Accountant who loves numbers and teaching. That is why I offer private lessons...
Chemistry tutor providing interactive and fun lesson modules
GlasgowChemistry: Biochemistry1st lesson free
Welcome to Biochemistry with me! As your tutor, I craft engaging and personalized lessons to make complex biochemis...
Would you like to advance your Spanish?  I will be happy to help you
I like to help through teaching so that each of us has the necessary tools to be able to function in life and work....
Experienced English tutor available to teach English at all levels to all ages
GlasgowEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
My lessons are pupil oriented, each student has a unique learning style which will work best for them and discoveri...
Primary teacher offering numeracy and literacy services. Experience: 5 years tutoring and 3 years as a primary teacher
Glasgow, Carntyne, Cessnock,...Primary school1st lesson free
I’m an active Primary Teacher within Glasgow and I have three years teaching experience. I currently work as an inf...
I am an experienced teacher and private tutor. I look forward to working with you and your child to help them reach their potential!
GlasgowPrimary school1st lesson free
I believe strongly in promoting a growth and mastery focused mindset within the children I teach. Children are intr...
Join the home-fitness or online , or your gym fitness session with me , I am always prepared for you even if your English is not good
Glasgow, Cessnock, Govan, Ma...Fitness1st lesson free
1. home gym session: i visit your home with proper equipment of fitness for your needs then teach you 2. online se...
English and Arabic teacher with 20 years experience
GlasgowIELTS1st lesson free
Art and design degree with ample experience of teaching art, English, Arabic, IT and functional skills.
English tutor providing online lessons towards improving your proficiency in English language tests. Let’s work together!
GlasgowIELTS1st lesson free
Seeking to improve your English language proficiency for exams such as IELTS? Look no further! I, Manoj, offer tail...
English tutor with broad experience across ages and ability levels
GlasgowEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I have been tutoring for four years across various subjects and have come to enjoy tutoring English as a second/oth...
I am passionate about teaching and assisting students to have a good grasp of the basic foundation of mathematics and building on this. I presently do private tutoring,teaching maths
GlasgowIELTS1st lesson free
I presently teach using the zoom and show pictures and and examples using the video. briefly go over previously,by ...
High-Flyer Tutor: Elevating Math Excellence 🚀 | Online Maths & Further Maths | Aerospace Engineer with Triple Distinction Stars
GlasgowGCSE1st lesson free
I'm an enthusiastic undergraduate aerospace engineering student, holding a Triple Distinction Stars qualification i...
I have given GMAT score 640 with good markes in Maths and as well as In english .I know grammar,sentence correction and reading comprehension .I love maths as well
GlasgowMaths1st lesson free
Impeccable Private Lessons in Maths and English! With a GMAT score of 640 and a strong grasp of Maths and English, ...
Law tutor to teach students of all stages
GlasgowLaw: Commercial law1st lesson free
Masters of Law from Glasgow Caledonian University . 2 years experience as law collage lecturer. 5 years experience ...

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

💰 What is the average prices of tuition in Glasgow?

The average price of private tuition is between £10 and £25. You should bear in mind that prices can vary for different reasons such as the subject, tutor’s experience and whether it’s an online class or in person. 

By clicking on profiles of the tutors available on FindTutors you can see the price of their classes.

⌚ How long are private lessons in Glasgow?

Private tuition in Glasgow has an approximate duration of one hour, the prices of classes are also based on an hourly rate. However, this is only a standard duration that can be modified to suit the student and tutor’s preferences.

🔍 How can I find a tutor in Glasgow?

An easy and efficient way to find tutors in Glasgow is to use FindTutors. Enter what you are looking for in the search engine, for example "Maths tutor Glasgow", or "English tutor Glasgow".

📚 Is it true that there are free private lessons in Glasgow?

Yes. Many tutors in Glasgow on the FindTutors platform offer students a free first lesson.

If, for example, you wanted to sign up for private English lessons in Glasgow but you are unsure about which tutor to choose, with a free first lesson you will be able to get to know them and their teaching styles better. This way you can guarantee that you make the right decision.

💻 What do I need for private online classes in Glasgow?

For private online tuition in Glasgow you need:

  • Computer equipment: Laptop or desktop computer. You can also use a tablet or a mobile phone if you prefer.
  • Wifi: A stable and preferably fast internet connection.
  • Platform: A platform with a videoconferencing service.

Private tuition in Glasgow

Tips for finding tutors in Glasgow

Are you looking for private tuition in Glasgow? If you are looking for GCSE private tuition for your child, or you yourself want to learn something new, a private tutor can help you or your child achieve your goals whether they are personal, academic or professional. 

Private classes in Glasgow are great for anyone of any age. Whether you are retired and want to find a new hobby or are a student in need of extra support. 

If you want to start private lessons in Glasgow, below you will find out how to make the most of them.

What type of private classes are there in Glasgow?

There are all kinds of private lessons and types of private tuition in Glasgow. Here are some examples of what’s available:

  • Private in-person classes in Glasgow: If you do not want to travel, or you have a very tight schedule, finding tutors that come to your home in Glasgow will allow you save time whilst making the most of face-to-face learning. This is also good for children as it lets them study in a familiar environment.
  • Private online classes in Glasgow: Taking private online classes in Glasgow is another convenient option. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection to connect with your online tutor in Glasgow.
  • Tuition centres in Glasgow: Tuition centres or academies in Glasgow offer support for students of all ages and levels. In general these centres tend to focus on maths and English for children, but there are a wide variety available. If you find it difficult to organise your studying, teachers in tuition centres in Glasgow can help you find study techniques and resources that will improve your concentration and productivity.
  • Private classes in Glasgow for companies: Professionals need to be constantly learning in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in their sector. Private lessons for companies in Glasgow are also a great opportunity to train workers in agile methods that will help them properly manage their time. 

What subjects can I study in Glasgow?

There are a wide range of subjects that you can study in Glasgow. From GCSE and A Level tuition to music and dance classes.

The best thing about private tutors in Glasgow is that they can adapt to the pace and needs of each student so that the class is completely tailored to them.

These are some of the most popular kinds of private classes in Glasgow:

  • Private technology classes in Glasgow: Technology is present in everything we do. Being able to programme and use technology is an extremely valuable asset when it comes to looking for a job. 
  • Private language classes in Glasgow: Whether you want to learn a language from scratch or prepare for an exam, private language tutors in Glasgow can help students of all ages and levels. You can also join a language school in Glasgow or opt for online language classes with native teachers.
  • Private yoga classes in Glasgow: Private yoga classes have helped many people lower their stress and anxiety levels, have learned to control their thoughts and emotions through meditation and have even improved their work and academic performance thanks to their increased attention span and concentration.
  • Private music lessons in Glasgow: Would you like to learn to play an instrument? Or have you always wanted to learn to dance? Music and dance lessons are one of the most popular sectors for private lessons in Glasgow.
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