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i succeeded in history and i would like to teach the younger generation how fun it is to learn about history
LondonHistory1st lesson free
history is why we are here today, it is why we have everything we could need and more. our ancestors walked so we c...
Patient, Reliable, Compassionate - no problem is too small :)
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I came out of both my GCSEs and A-Levels with top grades, graduating from sixth form in June 2023. I have had exper...
I am able to provide brilliant tutoring in History up to Undergraduate level
NottinghamHistory1st lesson free
High level tutoring in History from Primary School level up to Undergraduate university level. Extensive knowledge ...
History graduate looking to start tutoring
AlfretonHistory1st lesson free
I have a Master’s in Public History and Heritage and a BA in History. I have also a historian and history blogger w...
History A Level Coursework and University Application Tutoring!
MaldenHistory1st lesson free
I am a current student at the University of Manchester studying history with a wide knowledge of the subject. I can...
History Tutor teaching A Level students
OnleyHistory1st lesson free
Hi! My name is Ife, and I am a law student at the University of Leicester. I received 5 GCSEs with grades ranging f...
I teach GCE A Level History. I have over 35 years experience at teaching a wide variety of syllabi. I aim to teach you what the examiners want to see in your answers. I will work with you, to your strengths and weaknesses
Southend-On-Sea, Chalkwell, ...History
My sessions with you will be one-to-one and tailored to your needs. We will work very closely with the syllabus and...
A MSc student with a passion for history aiming to share the knowledge and skills to the young  minds.
Online lessonsHistory
Are you looking for a one-one history tutor? Then search no further. I provide lessons as per your needs, completel...
I might as well be the time traveller you've been looking for
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I have a degree in History and I have done a great amount of tutoring in the University. I have studied every aspec...
History enthusiast who specializes in Southern African history snd factors that shape and continue to shape modern day Africa
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I hold a Masters Degree in History and worked in the Higher Education Institution between 2018 and -I transitioned ...
I give private lessons tailored to your specific needs. I specialize in the IB but am happy to teach my subjects to students in other exam boards.
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
Come to me with any problems to do with content, exam skills or coursework. My lessons will be catered to your spec...
My lessons are aimed at individuals seeking historical insights and knowledge, covering a wide range of topics and periods.
Online lessonsHistory
As a graduate of the University of Liverpool, specialising in history, I am extensively versed in what it takes to ...
School and high school levels. University may be considered depending on the circumstances
Lymington, Boldre, Bull Hill...History1st lesson free
History was one of my favourite subjects in high school. I may be able to make you understand the history, just con...
History Tutor for Sixth Form (specialising in IB)
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I am currently studying History and Politics (MA) at the University of Edinburgh. I have had experience in tutoring...
History tutor to GCSE level. Can also tutor in other humanities subjects (Geography and RE)
Bowdon, Altrincham, Ashley, ...History1st lesson free
Are you looking for a knowledgeable and engaging history tutor to help you in your GCSE studies? I, Helen Drape, of...
History tutor of KS3, GCSE, A Level & IB
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I am a fully qualified (PGCE) & experienced (30+ years) teacher of History. I have taught Pearson-EDEXCEL, AQA, Cam...
Online lessonsHistory
I'm a University student currently studying a History degree, and is fully educated and passionate in teaching GCSE...
History teacher teaches all type of history
ThornliebankHistory1st lesson free
My name is barira i got myBS history from gcuf pakistan i have 1 year experience i am hardworker i love teacheing a...
History tutor for GCSE and higher education students
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
If one sentence could sum me up it would be, as a friend said,: 'A Dr. of history who once organised a vintage bus ...
I give affordable lessons for English for £30 an hour
FoleshillHistory1st lesson free
I enjoy teaching history as it gives knowledge to others. I am very patient and friendly and get along with every a...
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Ma'am is an expertise in social science research and she has immense years of teaching experience.
5 2 days ago
History tutor
Thorough lesson plans and friendly teacher
Beatrice Smith
5 9 days ago
History tutor
I hired Maia for online lessons, weekly. It’s been great and now my child is off to sixth form. She got my child from a level 5 to a level 8 in just 5 months of lessons. She g...
Reem Al Sawas
5 10 days ago
History tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

📜 What can you learn with a private history tutor?

With a private history tutor you can learn about topics and time perdios you want, whether it’s prehistory or the Middle Ages. Each period has certain important events, such as the emergence of feudalism or the French revolution. In history tutoring, you will establish the relationship between them and organise your thinking chronologically.

💻 How do online history tuition work?

Online tuition is carried out through video conference platforms and has the same system as a face-to-face class. The first step is to understand what your difficulties in history are, then your history tutor can carry out tests to assess your knowledge and create lesson plans accordingly. Online tuition can be done from wherever you want as long as you have an electronic device and an internet connection.

Find online history tutors.

👧 Where can I find history lessons for children?

You can find history tutors for children on this page or by using the filter for the level of the lessons. It is important to use the filter, as the content for children’s history lessons is different from history lessons for university students, for example. Once you have applied the filters, look at reviews from other students, contact the tutors you want and arrange an interview before introducing your child to the history tutor.

🤝 How can I choose a history tutor?

The first step in choosing the ideal tutor is to establish your objective. If you need private tuition to learn modern history or to pass an exam, you should find tutors with different profiles. On our website you can find hundreds of history tutors and read opinions from their students. You can also ask about the price and availability of the history tutor.

🤑 How much do private tuition in history cost?

Private history lessons cost around £16 an hour, depending on the tutor. This is because if you need an experienced tutor or a history tutor who is very focused on exams, it is possible that the class will be more expensive than average.

All about private history lessons

What do you learn in history classes?

History lessons are very important for fostering critical thinking. Contrary to what many people think, a history tutor does not teach you to memorise dates or data. You learn to:

  • Research themes, ideas and important people in history;
  • Study historical periods by researching in libraries, archives and online;
  • Analyse different sources of data;
  • Understand the timeline of history, cause and consequence of events;
  • Organise ideas to solve problems and develop feasible theories;
  • Write clear and effective analytical historical documents, such as case studies;
  • Present your ideas.

Why study history?

History lessons make pupils aware of change over time. Historians and history tutors are experts in studying the transformation of different civilisations and their effects over time. To do this, they use analytical methods that can answer questions about the mysteries of the past.

Understanding history is an experience for those who are curious about how their ancestors lived: their ideas, institutions and cultural practices and how they changed over time. You will learn all this from a good history tutor, who will teach you to understand how people migrated from one place to another and their struggles.

To do this, a historian uses a variety of sources to provide possible accounts of ancient peoples. And you may have heard from your history tutor that understanding the past helps us predict the future. That's because, by understanding the dilemmas of other eras, we can see the dynamics that shaped societies and understand how they can be applied today. Learn about the benefits of studying history:

Tools for solving social problems

In your private history lessons you will learn to interpret the causes of the world we live in today. The past teaches you about the present, and social problems such as poverty, wars and racism began in the past. So, by understanding the bigger picture, history helps you to solve today's problems.

Studying history helps build empathy

By understanding a great diversity of people, cultures and life possibilities, people become more accepting of differences. In addition, history lessons also help us to see the positive aspects of cultures that have already died out and to recognise our past mistakes.

The story of others can be your story

One of the easiest ways to learn history is to personalise the facts. For example, you may have a great-grandparent who was born in another country and was an immigrant, and from this you can understand the reasons for their origins. Another example is if an ancestor suffered the effects of a war. A history tutor is able to bring history into everyday reality and connect this to other people's experiences.

Encouraging curiosity

Like solving a puzzle, researching the past is about gathering clues to reach a conclusion. Gather documents, artefacts and other sources to tell a story about an initial topic. History classes can be very interesting.

What are the career opportunities in history?

What you learn in history lessons can lead to many different jobs. As well as being a historian or history tutor, you will develop skills that will help you in many areas: critical thinking, writing, research, understanding the cause of issues and cultural and social differences. You can use your knowledge of history as a springboard for many careers:

  • Working in museums, libraries, archives or other research centres;
  • Joining international cooperation services or associations dealing with social integration;
  • Political office: Figures such as Teddy Roosevelt and John Fitzgerald Kennedy went on to become US presidents. Other historians have served and continue to serve in Congress and in state and local governments.
  • Positions in universities and companies: Those who want to study history can also manage schools and educational establishments, and sit on the boards of large companies.

Benefits of history lessons for children

A history tutor has the task of delighting their students and getting them interested in the subject. This task is not always easy, because many do not see the purpose of learning history. However, despite what some may say, there are many benefits to learning history.

The main one is to encourage critical thinking. In addition, history lessons for children make them interested in their roots and what happened before they were born. It may not seem like much, but it has a direct influence on their lives: they need to know about the sacrifices and pains of other generations in order to appreciate their current experiences.

How to teach history to my child

To help your child with history lessons, you need teaching methods that include dynamic and fun activities. You need to introduce interactive games to aid learning. Here are some more tips on how to make history tutoring a success:

  • Start by telling your child a curious fact about something in their everyday life, so that you can capture their attention and make them want to learn history;
  • Use a blackboard to write a timeline and add important data to it. This visual resource is very important and is often used by history tutors.
  • Introduce new information on the subject: films, music, relics, videos...
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