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Patient, Reliable, Compassionate - no problem is too small :)
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I came out of both my GCSEs and A-Levels with top grades, graduating from sixth form in June 2023. I have had exper...
A MSc student with a passion for history aiming to share the knowledge and skills to the young  minds.
Online lessonsHistory
Are you looking for a one-one history tutor? Then search no further. I provide lessons as per your needs, completel...
I might as well be the time traveller you've been looking for
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I have a degree in History and I have done a great amount of tutoring in the University. I have studied every aspec...
History enthusiast who specializes in Southern African history snd factors that shape and continue to shape modern day Africa
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I hold a Masters Degree in History and worked in the Higher Education Institution between 2018 and -I transitioned ...
History Tutor for Sixth Form (specialising in IB)
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I am currently studying History and Politics (MA) at the University of Edinburgh. I have had experience in tutoring...
I give private lessons tailored to your specific needs. I specialize in the IB but am happy to teach my subjects to students in other exam boards.
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
Come to me with any problems to do with content, exam skills or coursework. My lessons will be catered to your spec...
My lessons are aimed at individuals seeking historical insights and knowledge, covering a wide range of topics and periods.
Online lessonsHistory
As a graduate of the University of Liverpool, specialising in history, I am extensively versed in what it takes to ...
History tutor of KS3, GCSE, A Level & IB
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I am a fully qualified (PGCE) & experienced (30+ years) teacher of History. I have taught Pearson-EDEXCEL, AQA, Cam...
Online lessonsHistory
I'm a University student currently studying a History degree, and is fully educated and passionate in teaching GCSE...
History tutor for GCSE and higher education students
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
If one sentence could sum me up it would be, as a friend said,: 'A Dr. of history who once organised a vintage bus ...
Improve your chances of achieving best grades with expert History tuition from an experienced teacher
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
As a fully qualified History teacher, I bring a track record of success in guiding students to excel at GCSE. With ...
Published Historian willing to share their expertise
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I have a PhD on the subject of victims, with my studies covering history, sociology & politics. I recently wrote a ...
Experienced Teacher offering Bespoke Online History lessons up to A level and to any age.
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I am a history graduate, a trained lawyer and a UK PGCE qualified teacher since 1997. I have at various times, tau...
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Good in Teaching methodology
5 ago 9 hours
History tutor
Thorough lesson plans and friendly teacher
Beatrice Smith
5 9 days ago
History tutor
Chloe is an amazing tutor. The notes she has are clear and cohesive and she is very refined in her ways of teaching, making it easy to learn. She perfectly adapts her teaching...
5 13 days ago
History tutor
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