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Learn Graphic Design from a Professional and Passionate Tutor
London, Kingsbury (Greater )...Graphic Design: Photoshop1st lesson free
I am currently pursuing my Masters at King's College London. I have used photoshop for more than 5 years, and I hav...
KS3, GCSE and A Level Graphic Design Online Tutoring
LeedsGraphic Design1st lesson free
Hi, I'm Ben. I'm a 17 year old student, studying A level Graphic Design within my final year at college. I have con...
Experienced Graphic Designer with 5years+ in design field. Either Graphic Design or Product Design(UI/UX)
SagestonGraphic Design1st lesson free
Experienced Graphic Designer with over 5 years in the design field, offering private lessons in Graphic Design or P...
I'm a professional Graphic Designer, who will give lessons tailored to the needs of the student.
Online lessonsGraphic Design
I take great pleasure in supporting people in their personal development. I will identify what the individual's goa...
I have ran my own design studio so I know what employers are looking for in a creative employee and can teach that skill and pass on that knowledge
Narborough Leicestershire, E...Graphic Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign1st lesson free
Find out what the student can do by giving them some design challenges. Find their strengths and weakness with the ...
Helping you be a better designers for employers
Online lessonsGraphic Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign1st lesson free
I have a good knowledge of Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop along with building websites using the Divi Theme. I...
Online lessonsGraphic Design
Embark on a transformative learning experience as I bring a decade of design expertise to your fingertips through ...
Online lessonsGraphic Design
1. I will establish clear learning goals for the subject with measurable objectives. 2. I will create a structured...
HelstonGraphic Design: Illustrator1st lesson free
I have a degree in fashion design and I have been working in the industry and using Illustrator for 15 years now. O...
Experienced graphic designer offering tailored, creative design tutoring.
LeicesterGraphic Design
I will divide lessons in two main components 'Graphic design fundamentals' and 'Graphic design as a skill' tailorin...
BournemouthGraphic Design: Photoshop1st lesson free
Hi, Im a primary school teacher offering lessons in Adobe Photoshop. I have over 5 years of experience using the so...
CoventryGraphic Design
I love teaching and working with unique like minded students who wish to know more about their subject and want som...
Improve your digital creativity! Learn Graphic Design from a Professional with Over 7 Years Experience.
Hatfield HertfordshireGraphic Design: Photoshop, Illustrator1st lesson free
My approach focuses on fostering creativity, improving technical skills, and providing constructive feedback. By en...
Improve your Digital Skills and Creativity
Online lessonsGraphic Design: Photoshop, Illustrator1st lesson free
Over 7years of experience in the design field. I also possess skills in Fine and Applied art with great communicati...
Graphic design tutor and teacher
Online lessonsGraphic Design1st lesson free
I have an Honours degree in Graphic Design and a big passion for creativity. I have been in education for many year...
Individuals exploring the field of graphic design. from looking to explore as a beginner wanting to get into the world of design to an intermediate.
LondonGraphic Design
Embark on an exhilarating journey of Adobe programs mastery, where I'll unveil the intricacies of design essentials...
Tydd GoteGraphic Design: Photoshop, Illustrator1st lesson free
Impeccably tailored for those starting their creative journey, I, Sara, am delighted to offer bespoke private lesso...
Graphic design teacher with an experience of 2 years in the industry
Kingston Upon Thames (London...Graphic Design1st lesson free
I have a working experience of 2 years in graphic design and as a 2d artist for multiple clients like google, meta,...
Sutton (London)Graphic Design1st lesson free
Simplifying Graphic Design, Turning beginners into experts, Design softwares Mastery.
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Find out what some of our students think about their Graphic Design tutors
Alex is a wise, compassionate, and caring lecturer who has always been there for me and the other students during the most troubling times. Always supporting us and getting us...
Ryan Griffiths
5 ago 1 month
Graphic Design tutor
Lucas has a great knowledge of graphic design, he is professional and quick thinking, coming up with suitable solutions on questions i wasnt abe to find myself, he's helped...
4 ago 2 months
Graphic Design tutor
Nick is a great teacher and explained everything to me clearly. He is also patient as I was in unfamiliar territory. I highly recommend Nick and the expenditure was totally wo...
5 ago 2 months
Graphic Design tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« What should the profile of a graphic design tutor be like?

If you’re currently looking for a graphic design tutor, there are certain aspects and qualities that you should consider and that are necessary for the tutor to have in order for the learning process to be correct. Among these qualities, we highlight:

  • Good communication skills and willingness to communicate.
  • Ability to encourage and motivate pupils.
  • Ability to maintain discipline at all times.
  • Knowledge of a range of artistic techniques and methods.
  • Have knowledge of multimedia material.
  • Be an organised and planned person.
  • Be patient, tactful and sensitive.

πŸ’Ό What are the duties of a tutor in graphic design?

A graphic design tutor is responsible for encouraging young people in their process of expression through various artistic, craft and design activities. It is for this reason that many schools nowadays give classes related to a series of artistic techniques, such as drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture and photography. Thus, among the functions of these tutors are the following:

  • Prepare and plan entertaining lessons for your students.
  • Create and adapt a wide range of teaching resources.
  • Carry out remedial work for the different lessons.
  • Preparing pupils to achieve good marks.
  • Attending staff meetings and meetings with parents.
  • Establish and enforce rules of conduct.
  • Being able to identify underachieving pupils.
  • Liaise with external professionals, such as educational psychologists and social workers.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Is private tuition in graphic design a good option?

Private tuition in graphic design is one of the best ways to strengthen and get the most out of your design skills. The whole learning and teaching process will be completely personalised to the needs of each student. From the very beginning, the tutor will carry out a detailed evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a suitable study plan.

πŸ€‘ What is the hourly rate for a graphic design class?

Nowadays, it is possible to find a wide variety of websites and platforms for online tuition in graphic design. That is why the hourly prices of a graphic design tutor can vary so much, as it takes into consideration their qualifications, experience and of course the modality of the class (online, face-to-face, private or group).

However, the best prices will be at FindTutors, where on average hourly rates for a graphic design tutor range from 11 to 16 pounds per hour.

Check out average rates for graphic design classes here.

πŸ’» β€ŠCan I learn graphic design online?

On FindTutors, you can choose from a wide range of courses that cover design fundamentals, design programs, and much more. With the convenience of online learning, you can learn at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, online graphic design courses can help you enhance your skills and creativity.

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