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Joe Moreg teaches Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar Online (also Ukulele and Bass)
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
As a full-time online guitar teacher, I can assure you that learning remotely can be just as effective as in-person...
Experienced professional guitar teacher of 12 years offering in person & online guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities!
Croydon (London)Guitar
Al Wreaves Guitar Lessons is the ultimate destination for aspiring guitarists seeking expert guidance and comprehen...
Would you like to learn playing guitar? Music Major graduated guitarist here to help you!
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
I am a Music Major graduate. My main instrument is guitar where I had over 10 years of guitar playing experiences, ...
Experienced guitar tutor for beginner and intermediate players
Brighton, Preston Park, Hove...Guitar1st lesson free
I have been teaching guitar for four years, and have seen amazing progress from my students in that time period. I ...
Professional Guitar Tutor | Lessons In Person or Online via Zoom | Free Consultation
Leith, Edinburgh, Newington ...Guitar
I provide a fun and positive educational environment which promotes your learning and understanding. I specialise i...
With 20+ years mastering music, I excel in teaching electric, and acoustic guitar. My passion is nurturing creativity
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
Drawing from a rich background as a tutor across esteemed institutions like the Guitar Institute of Greece (G.I.G.)...
Electric /Acoustic Guitar & Music Theory Lessons
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
Qualified teacher in Rockschool Level 4 Performance Diploma and Grade 8, with 5 years of music theory at Escuela Mú...
Tutor providing Guitar lessons to all ages and abilities
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
I have a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics & Music Technology and a Master's degree in Music & Audiovisual Media. I ...
Guitarist with years of experience of Performing in the world teach guitar and music Classes( Jazz, Blues, Rock, NeoSoul, Gipsy Ja
LondonGuitar1st lesson free
I compose and produce music for people all around the world, for record labels, and under my name. I graduated at T...
Guitar tutor for students of all ages
LondonGuitar1st lesson free
My name is Andrea and I'm a guitar teacher with over 13 years of experience.I teach students of all ages and levels...
Qualified music teacher with 18 years of industry experience gives guitar lessons online and at home in Newcastle
NewcastleGuitar1st lesson free
Hello, my name is Damien. I have been playing the guitar for over 20 years, and I have constantly been developing m...
Certified guitar teacher (Berklee, University of Edinburgh) with 5 years of experience. The result is guarantee a
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
Hi, my name is Pavlo, i am a certified guitar teacher with more than 5 years experience - and i just love guitars!)...
Guitar, Literature and Film Tutor teaches students of all ages
DubtonGuitar1st lesson free
I have a Master's degree in Literature (2014) and a Doctorate degree (2020) in Film Studies. I started tutoring onl...
Guitar tutor with 8 years experience of playing and composing music.
Sutton London, Carshalton, H...Guitar1st lesson free
Hello! I'm Asad, and I'm passionate about sharing the joy of playing the guitar. With 8 years of experience as a gu...
Electric guitarist providing lessons for beginners and intermediate players
Middleton Borough Of Rochdal...Guitar1st lesson free
I have 15+ Years of experience as a guitar player and a strong teaching passion.I recently finished my Master's in ...
Public school educated, professional guitar tutor with a degree in music performance and decades of experience.
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
If you're looking for a guitar teacher with high standards and a strong work ethic then look no further. I want my...
Classical, acoustic, and electric guitar lessons.
Grades 1 to 8 and above.
Lessons include music theory is needed.
£30/hour online.
Online lessonsGuitar
I focus on improvise technique and style, as well as getting my student to know the instrument inside out and be co...
Professional guitar lessons with a fun and dynamic teacher
Watford HertfordshireGuitar1st lesson free
With the guitar, as with all disciplines, you get out what you put in. No teacher can make you practice, so ultima...
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I am brand new to guitar and hadn’t picked one up before December, and Tom has been exceptionally patient with me. Tom is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of experience, w...
5 10 days ago
Guitar tutor
We are five years lessons with George. And lot of peoblems at my playability solved. Patient,presistant and gently. I recommend to any level student. Also a very good guit...
5 10 days ago
Guitar tutor
I have been playing the guitar for many years, self-taught. I felt that I was having difficulty making progress, so I decided to look for a teacher. After several months, and...
Jose Antonio Machuca
5 20 days ago
Guitar tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

🎸 How can I find guitar lessons near me?

Filter by your city or you can take online guitar lessons. We recommend contacting the tutors to ask about their teaching methods and availability. You should also check the opinions of other students. Many guitar tutors have the genre of music they usually play on their profile and you can even ask them for a portfolio.

💻 Where can I find guitar lessons?

If you're wondering “where can I find guitar lessons near me?”, you're in the right place. Here are some of the places where you can find guitar lessons near you:

  • FindTutors: We have hundreds of guitar tutors from all over the UK. Enter your area into the “Where?” filter to see guitar tutors near you.
  • Music schools: Music schools often offer group lessons separated by age or ability.

Find guitar lessons in London

💵 What is the price of a guitar lesson?

The price of a guitar lesson varies depending on the type of lesson, the experience of the tutor and, of course, their qualifications. At FindTutors you will see that guitar lessons cost around £24 an hour.

🏠 Can I learn to play the guitar at home?

It's never too late to learn something new, and learning to play the guitar is no exception. As mentioned above, there is now the great advantage that you can opt for private lessons or online guitar lessons, allowing you to learn any new skill without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

🤷🏻 What types of guitar can I learn to play?

Currently you can learn to play 3 types of guitar in private lessons: acoustic, electro-acoustic and electric.

  • Acoustic: This type of guitar is characterised by having a soundboard.
  • Electroacoustic: It is a combination of acoustic and electric guitars, characterised by having the same body as an acoustic guitar, but with the additional feature of having pickups, a microphone or transducers.

Electric: With an electric guitar, it is possible to create variations in timbre, extending the notes further.

Guitar lessons and their benefits

Electric guitar versus acoustic guitar

When learning to play the guitar, it is important to know the differences between acoustic and electric guitars:

  • Appearance: While the acoustic guitar has a more traditional look, electric guitars differ in that they have a unique style. They are elongated and pointed, as opposed to the rounded curves of acoustic guitars.
  • Sound: Acoustic guitars do not need to be connected to an amplifier, so they emit a more classical sound, while electric guitars need an amplifier, so their sound is totally different. Moreover, their sound can be modified and give different effects depending on the type of music you want to play.
  • Soundboard: This element in acoustic guitars gives it a lot of personality. Electric guitars, on the other hand, have a solid body since the sounds are emitted by electrical signals that are sent by the vibration of the strings.
  • Guitar picks: Electric guitars usually need picks to transmit the vibration to the strings. Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, do not usually need picks, although their use is often recommended in guitar lessons for beginners.
  • Accessories: While acoustic guitars do not need any additional accessories beyond a strap and case, electric guitars need an amplifier and pedals to reproduce the sound.

What can I learn in guitar lessons?

There are different ways to learn to play the electric and acoustic guitar, but whichever way you choose, learning to play the guitar has many benefits. Guitar lessons are not only useful for learning how to play the guitar, but also for:

  • Improving social development: Practising the guitar, especially if done in a group, helps to improve and develop children's socialisation. One of the main advantages of this instrument is that it can be played alone or accompanied by other instruments such as the piano.
  • Considerably improves concentration: Private guitar lessons favour the development of concentration, as it is an instrument that requires the activation of all mental and intellectual capacities.
  • Discipline: Attending guitar lessons encourages the development of discipline, because it is no secret that in order to play the guitar correctly it is essential to spend many hours practising and making mistakes in order to correct them afterwards.

Finding the ideal guitar tutor

To choose the best guitar tutor for you, you should take into account these tips:

  • Look for reviews and recommendations: It is important that you look for recommendations and reviews of the private guitar tutor from previous students to make sure they are a good teacher. This is a very important resource to save time and money when choosing your music tutor.
  • Choose an experienced tutor: Everyone learns differently and at different speeds. It is therefore essential that guitar tutor that you choose is experienced, this way they will have dealt with lots of different types of students
  • Establish what kind of tutor you want: Obviously, a professional and experienced music tutor will know exactly what is best for each student. However, you should also consider whether you want in-person or online tuition.

The teaching process should be fun: We know you are finding tutors to learn a new instrument, but don't forget that these are guitar lessons. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, you should always make sure to have fun. It doesn't matter how talented and skilled the teacher is, but if the lesson becomes boring, it will affect your learning.

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