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English tutor providing lessons to students - All ages
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
مرحبا (Hello)! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to master English? As a bilingual speaker fluent in A...
I give private lessons in french language,  i teach vocabulary orthography grammar etc...I also Demonstrate knowledge of French language, culture, and literature.
Online lessonsFrench1st lesson free
Teaching is one of my passions ,I ensure a positive learning environment for everyone . I do Lesson preparation and...
Chinese Native teacher with 7 Years of experience
Online lessonsChinese1st lesson free
Ni hao! My name is Felicia Soo, and I am a Chinese Native Teacher from 2016. In the last seven years, I have taught...
Enthusiastic Spanish tutor, no one said learning had to be boring!
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
¡Hello everyone! I'm Mariana, originally from Argentina, and I'm here to invite you to learn a new language, Spanis...
English Tutor with over 10 years of teaching expereince
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I have been teaching English as a second language for over 10 years in Hong Kong helping children from ages 3-17 de...
Native Spanish teacher and English teacher
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
-I am a creative and highly-motivated language teacher with experience in teaching a full spectrum of ages and leve...
Fun lessons from a Cambridge university graduate for life skills or university entry!
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I teach students for a range of learning outcomes: 11+ English; Common Entrance English; GCSE English; English for ...
Italian and English language teaching (oral, written and grammar)
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I am currently a student studying Italian and Management at UCL. In the past I have tutored younger students in Fre...
Bilingual Native English Teacher
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
My name is Annabel and I am both Spanish and British! I was born in Blanes, Gerona with a Spanish dad from Málaga a...
Native Spanish-speaking tutor. Easy-going lessons for all ages!
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
Hello! My name is Caro, a native Spanish speaker from Latin America who has worked in translation and transcription...
Personalized Online English classes (All Ages)
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
My name is Agustin, I've been teaching and assisting English teachers for several years in Ireland.Personalized Eng...
Spanish classes from a native speaker
Online lessonsSpanish1st lesson free
I graduated from Primary School Teaching in the University of Barcelona. I have experience teaching children, teena...
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I've been learning English from her until now since I met her 2020. Before I couldn't speak English properly but now I can speak what I want to say while thinking of grammar...
Jegal Sihyeon
5 yesterday
Languages tutor
Teacher Zelda is very reliable and professional. Her classes are rich and fun. I highly recommend her.
Maria Maranhao
5 yesterday
Languages tutor
Matt was very patient and was ready to adapt his approach at any time during my learning. I would fully recommend him, I am yet to find a better teacher in the area. Thanks Ma...
5 yesterday
Matthew James
Languages tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

💻 How does online tuition work?

Online tuition is based on the same pillars as face-to-face tuition: reading, writing and speaking. The advantage is that you can be taught by a private language tutor from anywhere in the country and with a wide range of timetables available. You can also record your online tuition, which takes place on video conferencing platforms such as Skype and Zoom, so that you can revise whenever you want.

🏫 How to find an online language tutor?

To select the right language tutor for you, you first need to know your language level. If you don't know, don't worry: language tutors and schools conduct aptitude tests. If you know you have a high level, it's best to filter for experienced language tutors. There are also tutors who give language classes for children or focus on official exams e.g. an English tutor that specialises in the First Certificate. A native tutor will not only be able to help you improve your pronunciation and listening skills, but will also be able to teach you about the culture related to the language.

Learning English as a foreign language? Find English tutors here.

☝️ How can I find out what level I am?

To find out your A1 to C2 level in your target language, you can take proficiency tests: you can find them on the Internet or ask your tutor, who will probably administer a test in the first session so that they can tailor your online tuition. According to the official exams, you need to know 4,000 words to hold a conversation and 8,000 words to reach native level.

🔖 How much does an online language tutor cost?

Online tuition costs an average of £15 to £20 an hour and can vary depending on the language you want to learn and your level of proficiency. For example, online English tutors tend to charge around £16 an hour. Online French lessons and online Spanish lessons, on the other hand, cost around £20 an hour.

Learn how to find an online French tutor.

💭 What language lessons can I find on FindTutors?

There are several language classes registered on this page. Among them, you will find: English tutors, French tutors, Spanish tutors, Arabic tutors, Japanese tutors, Korean tutors and Chinese tutors. Whatever the language may be, you can contact tutors from all over the UK for free and ask for their prices and availability.

The importance of online tuition

Pillars of language learning

Language tutors have been improving language learning techniques for many years. Whether you opt for online tuition or in-person language lessons, there are four essential pillars of language learning:

  • Mastery of the written language: Only once you have mastered this will you be able to communicate in writing correctly, without making grammatical and spelling mistakes. This part is usually aimed at people who need language lessons to pass an official language exam or who need to write professionally.
  • Proficiency in the spoken language: Speaking the language fluently and being able to put into words what you think and feel is essential. Normally, people who want to learn a language by travelling already have some knowledge of the spoken language. However, they may need a tutor to help them improve their pronunciation and increase their vocabulary.
  • Reading comprehension: This is especially useful for the initial part, where reading helps reinforce vocabulary and over time you will be able to read a new language without looking for the translation. You can count on your language tutor to provide you with texts according to your level during English lessons or whichever language lessons are taking.
  • Listening comprehension: This helps students get used to different accents and ways of speaking. It is very important to notice the difference between American and British English, for example, and to be able to understand a language no matter who you are talking to. When finding tutors, make sure you choose a tutor with the accent you want to learn.

Once you have covered these four points in your online tuition, you can say that you have mastered a language perfectly: you can read and write, speak and listen at a fluent level - congratulations!

Practise a new language online

To incorporate a new language into your daily routine, you can spend time reading and using language apps. But we all know that the key to learning is to actually practise the language. That's why it's so important to learn languages from a young age.

It may seem difficult at first without the help of a private language tutor, but you can seek help and try talking to native speakers to practise English, Spanish or whatever language you want to learn. There are many ways to learn languages online:

  1. Self-taught language learning. Nowadays, there is a lot of material available on the Internet to learn languages for free. This method is ideal for those who have a basic level of the language and want to improve grammar, but it is not particularly effective for pronunciation.
  2. Online language learning apps. Apps like Duolingo are famous all over the world for the possibility to learn a new language with simple methods. With the help of sounds, visual clues, quizzes to increase vocabulary. The advantage is that you can learn at any time from anywhere.
  3. Language courses. Language courses offer proven approaches to learning a new language. However, they require a great deal of time and commitment, and are often more expensive than private tuition.
  4. Immersion techniques and additional materials. Language learning materials are essential for online language learning. You can listen to a podcast, news or a YouTube video in English, for example. Take advantage of your commute to work or school to listen to different pronunciations and practise your listening skills.
  5. Find conversation groups. The easiest way to master a language is to practise. You can practise conversation with native speakers in informal meetings or in online tuition

Find private tuition for all languages and levels.

Can I become fluent by learning a language on Duolingo?

Online language learning apps, such as Duolingo, help as an extra resource, but they alone cannot make you proficient in a foreign language. This is because in order to have a high level of proficiency and pass official language exams, you need to actually speak the language with a native speaker or a qualified language tutor.

Hours of practice count a lot when it comes to increasing your comprehension and only in active conversation can you test your skills. So, like most learners, you can use Duolingo as a complement to your language tuition.

In this way, you will be in daily contact with the language and retain the content you have learned with your online language tutor. According to official tests, you need to know 4,000 words to be able to converse in a new language and 8,000 to have native fluency. Look for the word indicator in your app history and see how many words you have learned so far.

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