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I’m French, Arabic online tutor, for all ages and levels
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
Very patient and efficient easy going. Experience of 20 years. I will teach you according your tempo and level. Wel...
Need help with your Dutch? We might be a match!
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
Good day potential future student!I have lived in a significant number of countries throughout my life and come fro...
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
As a skilled and enthusiastic teacher with key experience instructing students in Dutch grammar and vocabulary to e...
I give private dutch lessons
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
With Dutch being my native language, I can perfectly help you learn or help keep up your language skills. Since I a...
English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese teacher
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
A 'polymath' with several skills and academic backgrounds. A world traveller and a foreign languages passionate lov...
I am fluent in English, whilst also being of Dutch nationality. I can help my students perfect their grammar and speaking
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
Hello, my name Mimi. I am of Dutch nationality and I was born in London. I grew up speaking Dutch with my family a...
I am a native Dutch and English speaker with a Bachelor's Degree in German and English Literature and a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics.
Online lessonsDutch
I believe in immersive language teaching, where students are instructed primarily through their target language and...
Online lessonsDutch
I have experience in teach in both my back home country Iraq and in the UK. I have experience with students and the...
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
Unlock the power of language with personalized tutoring in English and Dutch. Whether you're a beginner or looking ...
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
I have experiencing teaching people in other capacities, other than language, but most of my language related tutor...
I give private lessons in serveral languages including German, Spanish, Dutch and English
Online lessonsDutch1st lesson free
I've studied English, Spanish and Geography at a German university. Pedagogy and social sciences were also an integ...
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