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Native german tutor offering german and english online classes
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
I love showing how easy it can be picking up a new skill. Therefore I´ll offer online classes for you or your child...
Bring your german to the next level with a native speaker!
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
I am a native speaker of german and offer you help to enhance your german skills as close as possible to a native s...
German Professional Teacher With More Than 8 + Years Of Experience Offering German Lessons For All levels
Online lessonsGerman
CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS!I have been teaching for more than 8 years to language, professionals, and high sc...
German tutor and coach teaching for all ages
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
I am a German, state-recognised educator with additional training in DaF and DaZ. This means German as a foreign la...
Passionately teach interested students of all ages
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
I am obtaining a Bachelor in Linguistics, live in Vienna and speak German fluently. Have some experience teaching f...
I give private lessons adapted to your needs
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
I will prepare the lessons according to the information you give me, so it will be fully personalized to your speci...
German tutor for GCSE and A-Level students of all standards
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
I like to focus on the areas and components that you find trickiest, preparing personalised lessons based on our se...
I provide students with the skills and tools to ace their exams, having just achieved 3 A*s In Maths, Chemistry and German at A-level.
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
I will pass on learning and revision tips that were most useful to me and my peers within the trickiest topics, inc...
Native German online tutor for adult beginner level (A1)
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
Hello and thank you for taking the time to explore my profile. My name is Andrea and I'm a German native living in ...
Very experienced German teacher also teaches you, from level a1 to c1
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
Hello, my name is Niki, I'm from Hamburg and have been living in Argentina since 2001, where I teach German and als...
Teaching German to all age group of people
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
Es macht mir große Freude, die deutsche Sprache zu lernen und noch weiter zu vertiefen. ich würde meine Sprachkenntnisse gern weiterleiten
Online lessonsGerman
Mein Unterricht richtet sich an Ausländer, die grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse erlernen möchten. Während des Unterri...
Birmingham German and Russian Graduate Offering Online German Classes for Any Level
Online lessonsGerman1st lesson free
I have a First Class degree in Modern Languages (German and Russian) from the University of Birmingham. I was also ...
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Cornelia is great! She had lots of pre-prepared materials to help with exam prep but was also very flexible and tailored our lessons to my learning. I’m very grateful for her...
5 ago 2 months
German tutor
Whitney has been the best tutor I had so far. I really enjoyed her lessons as she managed to make the lessons interesting and fun. I improved in my academics and would recomme...
5 ago 4 months
German tutor
Maria is very professional, efficient and flexible. we utilize Maria's services to evaluates high level executives for a large international company and her feedback is alway...
5 ago 5 months
German tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

💻 How can I learn German online?

Nowadays, many people look for online German tutors, others consider themselves self-taught. However, the easiest way is with a native German tutor. On FindTutors, more than half of the German tutors also offer online tuition.

Find German classes for all levels.

👩 Are there native German tutors at FindTutors?

On FindTutors we have native German tutors from all over Germany, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg. This is one of the great things about online tuition, as you can connect with tutors from all over the world. This also increases your chances of finding tutors who are native speakers and highly qualified.

🔍 How can I choose an online German tutor?

Our recommendation for choosing your online German lessons is to do your research on the language tutor. In each tutor’s profile you can find important information such as years of teaching experience, feedback from other students, location and timetable. You can also check if the tutor has the level of German that you need.

What is the average price of online German lessons?

The price of an online German lesson depends on the tutor’s teaching experience. However, online tuition is usually cheaper than face-to-face tuition, as it does not involve transportation costs. The average price of an online German lesson is around £20 an hour. 

Check the prices for German lessons.

Can I learn German from scratch with an online tutor?

Private tuition is very focused on your needs, so the learning curve is usually faster. German can be difficult to learn, but the German lessons will be adapted to your pace to enable faster progress. Even so, don't forget to put in the time to learn German - your effort outside of class will make a difference.

Finding online German tutors

Finding online German tutors

Nowadays, many people are looking for German lessons to learn to speak this Germanic language, which is widely spoken in Central Europe. With globalisation, you don't have to go all the way to Germany to converse in German. There are many ways to learn a language online and to train with native language tutors. Luckily, you won't have any difficulties. German is the 12th most spoken language in the world and is very popular because of its huge vocabulary, which makes German speakers highly sought after and valued by large companies.

Find online German lessons

Nowadays, finding an online German tutor is the most obvious and popular choice. Your private tuition will allow you to learn German quickly and in the comfort of your own home. Here are some advantages of online German lessons:

  • Go at your own pace: Private tuition allows you to follow the pace of learning that suits you. Forget about pretending to understand so as not to get in the way of the group or being embarrassed to ask questions. With a private German tutor, you can learn the language at your own pace.
  • Personalised support: Learning a language can be difficult, which is why having one-on-one lessons with extra support can be extremely beneficial. With a private German tutor, you will reach your goals quicker and get answers to all of your questions.
  • Perfect pronunciation: Pronunciation can be a challenge for many students. That's why it's best to take private tuition, you will be able to perfect your pronunciation as much as possible. With your own private tutor, it is also easier to improve your listening and speaking skills.
  • Greater flexibility: Each private tutor has their own teaching methods that can be adapted according to the level of difficulty each student needs. With private German lessons, you can tailor the timetable, content and techniques to your needs. We are sure that you will find a tutor to suit your needs.

How many hours does it take to learn German online?

Normally, an online German lesson lasts 1 hour. However, depending on your goals, one lesson per week may not be enough to achieve them. For example, if you have an official exam or an interview coming up, you will need more lesson time. Our recommendation for learning German online is to book at least two German lessons per week. According to the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the average time to learn German is 6 months per level.

What do I need to learn German online?

Nowadays, learning a language online is very easy. You can learn German online from a cafe with wifi, for example, find books and other learning materials in libraries and join conversation classes. All you need is the following:

  1. Internet. This is essential for any online class, as the lessons can only take place with a stable internet connection. Our recommendation is to stay close to your modem or make sure you have a good 4G network signal. Fast internet will help not only the progress of the class but also your further research.
  2. Electronic device. A computer, a tablet or even your mobile phone, if it has a large screen, will allow you to connect to your German lessons online. Don't forget: you need a camera and microphone to make video calls.
  3. Useful websites. In addition to books and your private German tutor, there are many additional tools that will boost your learning. You can look for exercises, videos to discover the culture and practice listening and much more. There are also apps you can use for learning German like Duolingo, which is easy and fun.

Advantages of learning German online

By learning German online, you will have the flexibility to do your German lessons from anywhere. This way it is much easier to make it to every class. You will also save time and money, as online tuition does not require commuting. You can also learn German at home, from the comfort of your sofa, without having to travel.

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