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Primary School Tutor - English, French
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language
I am a law student with immense experience teaching. I blend students' interests with tailored content, making lear...
Learn English Your Way with Personalized Lessons for Real-World Success
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
Struggling to speak, read, or write English with confidence? I'm the tutor for you. Unlike the one-size-fits-all ap...
English Teacher kids aged 7-13
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I am Computer engineering student, my education language is in English at university. I have teaching and mentoring...
I would like to make learning fun and easy in a way that can be understood. I do offer English as a second language and also Math and Natural Sciences in English, grades 1-6.
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language
Please, do not hestite to contact me with any questions covering the material. I would love learning to be fun and ...
English tutor providing lessons to students - All ages
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
مرحبا (Hello)! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to master English? As a bilingual speaker fluent in A...
English Tutor with over 10 years of teaching expereince
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I have been teaching English as a second language for over 10 years in Hong Kong helping children from ages 3-17 de...
Fun lessons from a Cambridge university graduate for life skills or university entry!
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I teach students for a range of learning outcomes: 11+ English; Common Entrance English; GCSE English; English for ...
Italian and English language teaching (oral, written and grammar)
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I am currently a student studying Italian and Management at UCL. In the past I have tutored younger students in Fre...
Bilingual Native English Teacher
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
My name is Annabel and I am both Spanish and British! I was born in Blanes, Gerona with a Spanish dad from Málaga a...
Personalized Online English classes (All Ages)
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
My name is Agustin, I've been teaching and assisting English teachers for several years in Ireland.Personalized Eng...
I speak four languages, so I know how hard it can be to switch between languages
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I have worked as a senior editor of many years, and this has given me extensive experience in working with students...
If you are interested in English, reach out!
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language
I am a private tutor and can work with every age and subject. Everybody says my lessons are fun and intelligent. Al...
I'm fluent in English with a Bachelor's in Linguistics from a state pedagogical university. Teaching languages and cultures is my
Online lessonsEnglish as a foreign language
I have a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics from a state pedagogical university and nearly 10 years of experience in ...
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Teacher Zelda is very reliable and professional. Her classes are rich and fun. I highly recommend her.
Maria Maranhao
5 2 days ago
English as a foreign language tutor
Matt was very patient and was ready to adapt his approach at any time during my learning. I would fully recommend him, I am yet to find a better teacher in the area. Thanks Ma...
5 2 days ago
Matthew James
English as a foreign language tutor
Monika brings a friendly approach that makes learning a language not just effective but also enjoyable! I wholeheartedly recommend her classes to anyone looking to enhance the...
Ewa Kalinowska
5 3 days ago
English as a foreign language tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

💡Can I learn English from scratch with an online tutor?

Not only is it possible, but it is the easiest way to learn English from scratch. Online English classes are extremely sought after on the Internet. This is because of the flexibility of online English tuition.

Find English classes for children.

🔍 How can I choose the right online English tutor

Finding tutors may be easy enough thanks to online tutoring marketplaces, but finding the right English tutor among the hundreds available can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to choose an English tutor based on what is most important to you, whether it’s that the tutor is a native English speaker, or that the classes are cheap. Outlining your criteria will help you refine your search and identify tutors that meet your needs. For example, a secondary school student may want to find GCSE English tutors, whereas a non-native speaker may look for English conversation classes or a tutor to pass the First Certificate in English. Another useful way to make sure you find the right English tutor is by reading the tutor’s reviews.

💻 How can I learn English online?

Nowadays, one of the most common ways to learn English is with a private English tutor. However, some choose to take classes at a language school or decide to teach themselves. Whether you are looking for an online tutor for English, or decide to choose another method, there are plenty of English resources available online that can help you.

👩‍🏫 Are there native English speakers on FindTutors?

Yes. There are hundreds of native English speakers on FindTutors from all over the UK. As well as native English tutors, we also have tutors that are experienced in teaching specific exams, like the Certificate in Advanced English

💸 What is the cost of online English classes?

The price of English lessons is determined by private tutors. Online English classes are usually cheaper than face-to-face classes given that there is no travel expense involved. The price also varies depending on each tutor’s experience and qualifications. If you need a higher level of English, the price of the class will probably also be higher. In general, online English lessons can cost from £10 to £25.

How to make the most of your online English classes

Why should I learn English online?

Online English classes are on the rise and are becoming the preferred choice for both students and tutors alike. This is thanks to the increasing number of specialised video calling and online teaching platforms. Learning English online is ideal for those who feel more comfortable learning from home or do not want to commute. 

How can I learn English online?

The key to the rise of online education is that time has shown that it is equally effective. Here are some things you will need in order to take online English classes:

  • A private English teacher: The main advantage of private tuition is the tutor’s ability to personalise the classes to your needs. You can find plenty of online English tutors on FindTutors.
  • Laptop or Ipad: This is one of the most essential things to have when learning English with an online English tutor. Using a laptop or Ipad is preferable to using a mobile phone, as the larger screen size allows for you to see the tutor and any visual aids clearly. They are also better for using software. 
  • Good Internet connection: Another key element is a good internet connection. Make sure wherever you are taking your English classes from as a fast and stable connection so that the class is not disrupted. 
  • Online resources: There are plenty of online resources for learning English, including online dictionaries, translators, podcasts, videos and more. 

Why learn English online with a private English teacher?

The world has changed radically in the last decade and the proof of this is the rise of online education. If in the past it was an option that offered more cons than pros, nowadays it offers a series of advantages that make it preferable in many cases to in-person English classes. Here are some of the advantages of learning English online:

  • Take lessons whenever you want: Online tutors’ schedules are usually very flexible, given that they do not have to factor in time for commuting from one lesson to another. 
  • Learn what you need: Learning English encompasses many different skills and English classes at school or in a language school may not focus enough on the things that you need to improve on. Usually finding tutors is best for students that need something very specific. If you look for an online tutor, you can choose from tutors all over the world. There is bound to be one who can help you with what you need.
  • Take advantage of the digital environment: Having a computer to help you study English gives you access to a world of resources, videos, worksheets, games, exercises... make the most of them in your online classes.
  • Learn English without leaving home: Online English classes can be done from home or anywhere you want. This gives you freedom to learn from wherever you are without having to commute to a specific place. 
  • Don't waste time: Commuting to and from classes is time and money wasted. Don't waste time going somewhere to take English classes when you can start doing it from home. This way you can spend more time on things that you enjoy.

Private English classes are a perfect option for you if you want to improve your English quickly and safely.

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