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I give affordable tutor lessons for physical education. I can tutor multiple dance lessons.
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Dance teacher with over 7 years experience, holding a BA (HONS) degree in Urban Dance Practice
Reading, Caversham, Chalkhou...Dance1st lesson free
I love teaching and find it really rewarding that's why I offer private lessons! I have lots of experience teaching...
Hip Hop teacher with over 5 years experience, holding a BA (HONS) degree in Urban Dance Practice
Online lessonsDance1st lesson free
I have a degree in Urban Dance Practice and have a passion for Hip Hop Dance. If you'd like to gain more confidence...
Coming from a very experienced background of various arts and culture. My lessons are not only a subject but also an experience one wants to attend happily.
Bedford, Bourne End (Central...Dance1st lesson free
I’m a private tutor with experience is various cultural activities and sports on a professional level. My teaching ...
Dance instructor, latín dance and zumba to improve your health and feel better
AntrimDance1st lesson free
I love to dance since I was a baby, i learned with my family and then I took classes to improve the movements, so i...
LiverpoolDance1st lesson free
I'm a flexibility teacher for artists and athletes as well as for people who simply want to feel a healthier and le...
I can give tailored lessons in each genre online suited to you
Online lessonsDance
Teaching is a passion of mine and i have had experience teaching in person but i would like to gain experience teac...
Fun, enthusiastic dance teacher, perfect for children of all ages.
Online lessonsDance
I am a private tutor with years of experience and expertise in dance. I can adapt to your needs whether it be in a ...
Teaching is my greatest passion I will will teach in a simple way for everyone to understand. This could be by simp...
I would describe myself as a happy, bubbly and encouraging person with a passion for dance, health and teaching people to believe in themselves and have a better relationship with themselves. My lessons will be aimed at mostly school aged children 4-18
London, Balham, Brixton Hill...Dance1st lesson free
I am a professional dancer, dance teacher and holistic health coach. I have been dancing for 11yrs, I have 3 1/2 ye...
Are you ready to take responsibility of your own life?
Online lessonsDance
I offer one to one sessions with all people of all ages. I guide them on the path that they are fit for. I encourag...
Enthusiastic dance teacher with over 10 years experience . Having experience with teaching ages 3- adults and also adults with diverse needs. Professionally trained at LIPA.
Every lesson with me will recieve an achievable outcome and will be tailored and altered directly to each individua...
Dance Movement Psychotherapy Student. Psychology and Dance Experience
I am a psychotherapy trainee, passionate about encouraging people to share their strengths, both individually and i...
Swinton ManchesterDance
I am a private tutor with 2 years experience,I will teach using illustrations, writing, you will learn a lot with m...
Personalized sessions every week and a review day during month-endings is always my usual go-to strategy. The lesso...
I give private lessons tailored to the individual.
SkegnessDance1st lesson free
I have recently finished training in Barcelona where I studied a Ba in Commercial Dance. I am now returning back to...
I am a very passionate person and I love to help as much as I can. Giving my experiences to others to help improve their knowledge.
Are you struggling with reaching your targets/ goals? Do you just need that extra guidance? I can offer 110% to hel...
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Sophie was so kind and patient with our wedding dance. Neither of us are dancers and Sophie took that into account. She was willing to alter moves to our skill level and reall...
Sarah Shannon
5 21 days ago
Dance tutor
I worked with Ceris for several years within a school setting. She has excellent instructional/pedagogical skills and has shown repeatedly that she is capable of raising the s...
Yousef Shuwayhat
5 ago 6 months
Dance tutor
Very knowledgeable and professional. Stacey has a real easy going nature and is able to explain and teach even the most complex routines to less experienced dancers. She is ca...
5 ago 9 months
Dance tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

💃 How do I find a private dance instructor?

If you want to learn to dance quickly, the best thing to do is to start private dance lessons. Above all, it is important to take dance lessons because the tutor must be aware of your movements, how you position yourself and how quickly you pick up all the nuances.

Find out where to find dance classes.

🕺 What types of dance can I find on FindTutors?

At FindTutors we have thousands of private dance tutors. To find them, you should look at the tutors' ads: What style of dance do they specialise in? What ages do they teach? How long have they been dancing? Dancing is one of those subjects in which experience comes first, so the longer they have been dancing, the more they will know.

Find online dance classes here.

🏠 How to learn to dance from scratch at home?

Can you learn to dance by watching videos on the internet? Of course! Nowadays, everything can be self-taught. However, dedication is important. That's why it's best to contact private tutors who can teach you first hand, who have a guide on where to start dancing and who correct your postures in detail.

💸 How does a dance class cost?

How much do dance classes cost? These rates vary not only depending on your level but also on the style of dance you decide to learn. While as a beginner you can find cheap dance classes for 15 pounds, if you go up a level it can go up to 30 pounds. Here is a table of prices with some of the types of dance you can find and their prices:

  • Ballet: Ballet classes can range from £5 to £20 per hour for group lessons, with private lessons ranging from £15 to £30 per hour.
  • Jazz: Jazz classes are generally cheaper than ballet and can cost around £5 to £15 per hour for group lessons.
  • Hip hop: Hip hop classes can cost between £5 and £20 per hour for group lessons, with private lessons being more expensive.
  • Ballroom: Ballroom classes can range from £10 to £20 per hour for group lessons, with private lessons being more expensive.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary dance classes can cost between £5 and £20 per hour for group lessons, with private lessons costing more.

🎵 Does age matter when learning to dance?

Dancing is a discipline suitable for everyone. After all, it's all about moving your body to a certain rhythm, and we do that all the time. There are many private tuitions for adults based on suitable dance genres: country, salsa, modern dance... In fact, a good dance tutor will already know how to guide you. Go ahead and start your dance lessons now!

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