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Turkish Tutor teaches students of all ages
CoventryTurkish1st lesson free
I'm a half-Turkish, half-German woman who's currently living in the UK. I'm happy to support you on your journey to...
I give private lessons both through online and offline mode as per the requirement.come let's start learning together!
Coventry, Foleshill, Longfor...Maths
Teaching is one of my greatest passions.so l like to listen and identify your needs so l can make you a personalize...
A maths tutor, with over 2 years of experience teaching students of all age groups
Coventry, Coundon (), Longfo...Maths1st lesson free
As an experienced mathematics tutor, my lessons are designed to cater to the unique learning needs and styles of e...
I have 6 years of experience teaching primary math online to British schools.
Coventry, Coundon (), Longfo...Maths
I worked at Thirdspace Learning for 6 years. I have taught kids in UK schools through an online platform to help th...
Economics experienced tutor for Alevels
CoventryEconomics1st lesson free
I‘m Kelsey,I'm a penultimate year student studying at University of Warwick. I have achieved 3A* throughout my a-le...
english literature A grade student (AQA english literature B)
Coventry, Burton Green, Canl...English: GCSE English, A Level English1st lesson free
hi! i did english gsce and a level, recently completed! I know all about the content and achieved 9-9 gcse and an A...
spanish tutor for all ages! fluent as i'm native!
Coventry, Burton Green, Canl...Spanish1st lesson free
Hi! im Lucia and im currently a uni student. I did a level spanish and gcse spanish but I'm fluent because i'm Colo...
First-year MORSE student at University of Warwick teaching maths of all age up to and until A Levels (Inclusive)
CoventryMaths1st lesson free
• First year MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) student at University of Warwick.•...
I give affordable lessons for English for £30 an hour
Coventry, FoleshillHistory1st lesson free
I like to make my lessons fun rather than boring. So I like interacting lessons with my students. I like to do grou...
I am a calm and collected person. Always ready to go at a whatever pace is required of me. My lessons are aimed at primary school children.
I will go over lessons my student has been taught in class, find out the areas they have challenges with and work o...
Biology tutor providing lessons to children of all ages
CoventryBiology1st lesson free
I have a strong grasp of biology concepts and the ability to break down complex ideas into understandable componen...
English tutor able to provide teaching to the children of all ages
CoventryEnglish1st lesson free
My name is Gurwinder Kaur and I am applying for the position of Online tutor at FindTutors.co.uk. I have a bachelor...
I give affordable English and History classes for all age groups. I have a undergraduate degree in English literature as well as an A for my GCSE and A-Level
CoventryHistory1st lesson free
I am very flexible in my presentation methods. I like to work individually with the student on what works best for ...
Hello there! I'm Katie, and I'm excited to offer my expertise as a primary school tutor. With a strong background in Maths, English, Music, and History, I bring a dynamic and engaging approach to learning.
CoventryPrimary school
Experienced Primary School Tutor with a Passion for Inclusive Learning Hello there! I'm Katie, and I'm excited to ...
Maths Tutor - Dedicated and patient with a passion for making numbers fun
Coventry, Coundon ()Maths
I hold a BSc in Mathematical Studies and Finance. I have 5 years experience tutoring for the 11+ grammar exams. I l...
Keen on sharing and receiving knowleged about health.
Greetings! I am Dr. Pooja Bhange, a dedicated and experienced graduate of MBBS with a passion for healthcare and a ...
GCSE Mathematics Tutor, complete revision and exam preparation
Coventry, Coundon (), Longfo...Maths: GCSE Maths1st lesson free
I have 10 years experience of teaching and tutoring math for secondary school students
Maths tutor providing lessons to children of all ages
Coventry, Ansty (Warwickshir...Maths: GCSE Maths, A Level Maths, Basic mathematics1st lesson free
In my lessons, I tailor the content and pace to match your needs and learning style. Whether you prefer tackling sp...
Maths and Physics realist and tutor at your service.
Coventry, Coundon (), Longfo...Maths
Learning made simple with fun and easy to understand explanations and illustrations. I am here to make Maths and Ph...
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