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AutoCAD & SolidWorks Tutor - Elevate Your Skills for Academic Success and Career Advancement! 4+ Years of Proven Teaching Exp
LondonAutoCAD1st lesson free
Leveraging my extensive knowledge and experience in Architecture, I offer comprehensive tutoring sessions that cate...
Lecturer in Architectural Design, tutoring different application in architectural design
Online lessonsAutoCAD1st lesson free
I am a Computational Architect, Researcher and Lecturer. Trying to help young students to master their skills in de...
I would love to learn advance robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
I love to teach students on latest technologies such as designing, animation, circuits, electronics, etc. I have tr...
Over 30 years experience using and teaching AutoCAD with over 30,000 Students worldwide
Online lessonsAutoCAD1st lesson free
I have been using and teaching AutoCAD for over 30 years and continue to teach people from all over the world. I ha...
NewcastleAutoCAD1st lesson free
Experience using SolidWorks since 2017
Online lessonsAutoCAD
Not sure, but get to know the person by giving an Autocad exercise then I can tech the person from there. If the pe...
Autocad tutor for interior designers and architects
London, Blackfriars, City Of...AutoCAD1st lesson free
As an esteemed expert in AutoCAD, I have been teaching both 2D and 3D design to interior designers and architects s...
I give you a complete brief about 2d Drafting
OareAutoCAD1st lesson free
Hi! i am Ar. Sumbal Yousaf.I am experienced in AutoCAD 2d drawing.and also i have teaching experience of 4 to 5 yea...
Architectural Drawing in AutoCAD, Beginners
Manchester, Clifton (City An...AutoCAD1st lesson free
I have a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and working experience in AutoCAD. You would learn core skills, tools an...
Anyone that’s is seeking engineering knowledge in different areas as well as life skills
Manchester, Broughton (City ...AutoCAD
I have knowledge in engineering disciplines. I studied engineering from level 2 all the way to bachelor and I can t...
I give quality and affordable skills and knowledge in biology which is a field of science
City Of Westminster (London)AutoCAD1st lesson free
3 years of experience in helping students in AutoCAD
Learn 3D/2D Modelling & Engineering Drawings using SOLIDWORKS. CSWA, CSWP, and other certification Exams preparation is provided
Online lessonsAutoCAD1st lesson free
Learning Software Modelling and having knowledge about 3D and 2D designing and modelling is becoming a vital skill...
Basic Knowledge of Autocad for you. I am 8 years experienced in field of Autocad. So I can teach u practically at your free time
Sparkbrook, Birmingham, Digb...AutoCAD1st lesson free
Basic Knowledge of Autocad for you. I am 8 years experienced in field of Autocad. So I can teach u practically at y...
City Of Westminster (London)AutoCAD1st lesson free
Helped students all around the world for 3 years.
AutoCAD & Revit Training sessions for everyone
Online lessonsAutoCAD1st lesson free
Been tutoring during the last five years people from different areas and levels of expertise, being it Architects, ...
Experienced AutoCAD Professional and Tutor: Enhancing Your Skills in 2D and 3D Design
Online lessonsAutoCAD1st lesson free
Hello, my name is Minhaj Asif, and I am an experienced AutoCAD professional with a passion for teaching. With over ...
Solidworks, Autocad, Ansys workbench teacher for Engineering Students
CoventryAutoCAD1st lesson free
I am pursuing my master's degree in Advance Mechanical engineering and i have completed my certification in various...
BathamptonAutoCAD1st lesson free
One on one vectorworks introduction tutoring by a qualified BA Hons interior designer, currently working in the ind...
Two-dimensional drawing and AutoCAD lessons for any interested person
Galashiels, Edinburgh, Newin...AutoCAD1st lesson free
I am a third-semester master's student in interior architecture with experience in designing, construction, consult...
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

🏫 What do AutoCAD classes consist of?

AutoCAD classes are based on the application of computer-aided design principles to create and manipulate three-dimensional designs. Generally, AutoCAD classes cover topics such as creating and editing 2D and 3D drawings, using drawing tools, and creating three-dimensional objects.

👩🏻‍🏫 Why should I take private tuition in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD private tuition is useful for those who wish to improve their computer-aided design skills. The classes allow you to gain an in-depth and detailed knowledge of AutoCAD, which will help you increase your productivity and create higher quality designs. Also, these classes allow you to gain a working knowledge of the basics of architecture and design.

⏳ How long does it take to learn AutoCAD?

The time it takes to learn AutoCAD depends on several factors, such as the level of knowledge of the learner and the amount of time spent practicing. On average, it is estimated that it takes at least 80 hours of practice to reach a basic level of proficiency in AutoCAD. However, with more time and frequent practice, an advanced level can be reached in less time.

👨🏻‍💻 What are the modalities of the AutoCAD classes?

AutoCAD classes are offered in different modalities: face-to-face, online and distance learning. Face-to-face classes are conducted in a physical environment, with a tutor and a student. Online tuition is conducted via video call applications, allowing access to a remote tutor.

Distance learning classes are conducted via an online learning platform, where students can access recorded classes and written content, learning at their own pace.

💰 What is the price of private tuition in AutoCAD?

The average price of an AutoCAD lesson is 10 pounds, although this can vary depending on: the experience of the tutor, the duration and frequency of the lessons and the level of knowledge the student expects to acquire. 

97% of online tutors offer their first hour of class for free, although it is best to ask before the lesson. Online tuition is usually 20% cheaper than face-to-face tuition.

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