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Drawing can be a therapeutic meditative experience, relaxed concentration quiet and peaceful, a great place to be. I have a lot of experience teaching life drawing and I see that as the foundation of a way of seeing.
London, Barnsbury, Finsbury ...Drawing1st lesson free
I can teach in groups or one to one. Drawing together is a great way to earn. If you see others or just me looking ...
So many people say 'I can't draw' - I say you can!
London, Clerkenwell, Euston ...Drawing1st lesson free
To draw is to communicate. A quick drawing is a powerful, memorable way to explain our ideas to others. I offer stu...
I'm happy to tutor for English and Art GCSE AND ALEVEL as well as tutor for adults. Online only
Online lessonsDrawing1st lesson free
I'm a University of Portsmouth Illustration Student, I have a passion for creating through writing and drawing.
Drawing tutor. Undergraduate degree in Concept Art, with more than 6 years experience in drawing. Live in the Middlesbrough. Offer online lessons and private lessons
Online lessonsDrawing1st lesson free
I am looking for a refresher course. I will help student to find what are they like and help them to draw it better...
I provide support sessions aimed at disabled people and others who have extra needs
Online lessonsDrawing
I'm here to encourage tutees, to bring out potential and offer comfort for those who are struggling with a subject ...
I'm a creative arts graduate with a previous background in management.
I have a background in management and as a recent creative arts graduate I can share how I adapted my organisation ...
I can guide anyone from 6 to 12 old kids to improve their drawing skills
LondonDrawing1st lesson free
I am an Artist over 10 years, i can teach childrens based on their skill set by recognizing beginner, intermediate ...
Royal college of art graduate: Painting, technical drawing, 2D animation and freestyle drawing
London, Aldgate, Shadwell (G...Drawing1st lesson free
My artistic journey spans across a rich spectrum, from private drawing sessions where I guide students in unlocking...
I am very enthusiastic about learning and I would love to teach! I can tutor a range of ages
I am able to teach online, if you need any help with questions or tasks, I will gladly be able to help you out with...
I have been artist by passion and skilled in drawing and sketching.
I have the skills to teach from scratch. I have taught children, students, teenagers, youths and adults too. So I c...
Want to bring out the creative side in your children? I offer high-quality art sessions to bring out this side of them.
I am currently studying towards my primary teaching degree, so have plenty of experience and knowledge to bring out...
I am a kind and patient person with a passion for helping students who struggle studying in typical ways.
Online lessonsDrawing
My main focus will be one on one work with students to help with study and revision at any education level. I have ...
I'm an award winning artist! I would love to share some of my skills and techniques with you.
Online lessonsDrawing
There is huge value in one-to-one tutoring. With my service, I will be able to give my students my full attention a...
I am a fun, down to earth person. i have a passion for art and i do it everyday.
Online lessonsDrawing
So first i would listen to the child that needed help. See where i can advise them. Then i would tell them the nece...
My objective is to provide help and assistance. I Can help you with your issues.
Online lessonsDrawing1st lesson free
Strong background in technology with hands on expertise on programming. Along with this creative and problem solvin...
I will ask the person what they wish to learn and what they already know so I can personalise the lesson on their n...
A professional artist will teach you both traditional and digital arts
Online lessonsDrawing1st lesson free
With more than 7 years of experience in drawing, making illustration, concept arts, and character design, I will te...
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Incredibly talented and great patience! 100000/10 would recommend
5 21 days ago
Drawing tutor
She is extremely talented and professional in her work and her patience with the kid and making them learn is extremely helpful.
5 ago 6 months
Drawing tutor
his style is super friendly and highly creative, he helped me with simple techniques discover wider ranges in my creative ideas. i took lessons and still am taking lessons wit...
5 ago 7 months
Drawing tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

👨‍🏫 How do I find a drawing tutor near me?

Drawing classes are very popular all over the UK. Thousands of children, teenagers and undergraduates are looking for a drawing tutor to improve their technique. Simply put, drawing is an art form that you can do from anywhere. That's why it has so many fans.

On FindTutors, you can find online drawing lessons, drawing lessons at home or drawing tutors who offer workshops and courses in their studios. Which do you prefer? Make sure you check your filters and find your ideal tutor.

🚸 How can I find drawing classes for children?

At FindTutors, we have a large selection of drawing tutors for children. To find them, all you have to do is select the filter of drawing classes for children and select the modality you want. Drawing classes for children are very beneficial, as it helps them to express themselves and is a very stimulating activity for them.

✏️ What material is needed for the drawing classes?

Typical materials for learning to draw in drawing courses are a pencil - usually an H2 - an eraser and a drawing pencil. Additionally, depending on the style of drawing you are learning, materials such as a pen, black markers of various sizes or charcoal are also requested.

💸 How much do drawing classes cost?

The price of drawing lessons usually varies according to the style, level, experience of the tutor or methodology. You can easily find cheap drawing lessons at around 10 pounds per hour. However, sometimes it is worth paying a little more for higher quality classes.

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✍️ How to learn to draw from scratch

The key to learning how to draw is nothing but practice. Practice makes perfect. Can't draw faces? Draw 100 and you'll see an improvement. Don't know how to draw hands? Draw 1000 and you will be able to visualise them on paper better than in your mind. With practice and a good drawing and painting tutor, you can learn quickly.

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