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I am a highly qualified and experienced trainer, assessor tutor, course organiser and manager who always aims to su...
Originally trained in motor body repairs, moving on to sales and management. Full accident repair is my main area ...
I give private tutoring with better understanding process.
Harrow LondonMechanics1st lesson free
I teach using latest tools available in simple ways so that my students get better understanding. I would like to h...
I give affordable private mechanical engineering lessons for university students.(Lessons: math, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics
NottinghamMechanics1st lesson free
I give affordable private mechanical engineering lessons for university students.(Lessons: math, fluid mechanics, t...
Stress academic success by using study techniques that work !
LondonMechanics1st lesson free
Hey there! I'm thrilled to introduce myself to you. My name is Joe, and I'm a passionate mechanical engineering stu...
Struggling with mechanical engineering? I’m available weekdays and weekends
GlasgowMechanics1st lesson free
Struggling with mechanical engineering? Fear not! Tom Neillings is here to provide you with top-notch private lesso...
Online lessonsMechanics
I am passionate to teach students and have overall 5 yrs experience in same domain We can have very interative sess...
Experienced Engineer in Mechanics and control theory teaching Mechanical Design, Mechanics, Control theory
Newcastle, Fenham (), Gatesh...Mechanics1st lesson free
I have a Master's Degree in Mechatronics with 6 years industrial experience in measurement and control engineering....
As I am a professional engineer from industry, my classes are very interesting to students which is a merge of theo...
City Of Westminster (London)Mechanics1st lesson free
I am lecturer in civil engineering and I can teach subjects like engineering mechanics, structural analysis.
A cool Chinese teacher wil not only teach you the language but also the culture
Online lessonsMechanics1st lesson free
I am currently studying on my master's degree. I am good at communication and I also have the experience.
I have excellent 7+ teaching experience and can teach all mechanics with excellent concepts
Online lessonsMechanics1st lesson free
Online tutoring Responsibilities:• Used different tools to achieve student success such as the whiteboard, websites...
I teach student’s of all age
GlasgowMechanics1st lesson free
All Engineering Students are welcome for this sessions
Online lessonsMechanics1st lesson free
Mechanical engineering masters Graduate I take special pride in sharing that I have helped turn around students who...
Beginning September 2023 Bristol university student in aerospace engineering
Online lessonsMechanics1st lesson free
I have just finished my A-Levels in maths, physics and biology and I have a place at Bristol university starting ne...
Mechanica tutor looking to improve your grasp on systems in motion such as ball bounces, collisions, pulley systems and even the changing levers of the human body
Online lessonsMechanics1st lesson free
Systems of motion can seem complex and impossible to solve. In fact, there as simple to solve as balancing a scale....
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