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Want to find your true passion in animals science and care I would be able to help you unlock that passion.
Online lessonsOther sciences
I haven’t done this before but I would adapt round the student’s needs as I struggled at school and didn’t have man...
I explain every topic according to your level
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
Teaching is my passion and my expertise is in biology, genetics, Biotechnology, molecular biology, etc. I've an exp...
I like to help people as it was my first career in the job world.
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
I look forward to give private lessons as per students request in health science esp. Psychiatry and psychology. Ar...
I give private lessons tailored to your specific needs
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
Using a person centred approach I tailor each session to the individual and their learning style. With a background...
Online lessonsOther sciences
I personalize teaching based on the need of the student. The learning style of each student may be different and I ...
Online lessonsOther sciences
Lecciones individuales y/o grupales, la idea es intercambiar experiencias, dudas, curiosidades, no solo ser un locu...
Online lessonsOther sciences
I can teach you modules I learnt from college and university. It will include modules such as anatomy of different ...
Hydrographic survey, marine geology, geotechnics and oceanography
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
I have an BSC (Hons) in Geology ad Oceanography and an MSc in Earth Science (Credit) My main topics encompass the w...
GCSE Science and KS2-KS3 Math tuition and mentoring
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
I am a qualified UK science teacher and scientist with a mission to make science appealing to all students. I make ...
Specially Designed Instruction, Special Education Tutor, K-12
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
I have a BA in Child Development MA in Special Education, and currently writing my Doctoral dissertation pertaining...
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
I have a Master's degree in Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation as well as earned previous degrees in Biol...
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
I am currently an undergraduate student at University studying Law. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A-Lev...
I am 21CLD learner centered educator who enjoys giving interesting and informative lessons tailored to the students goals and Objectives
Online lessonsOther sciences1st lesson free
I offer one on one tuition and it is either personalized or grouped. I am passionate about teaching and passing all...
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