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Law tutor specializing in matrimonial law, criminal law, civil law, immigration and agricultural law
Dalbeattie, Colvend, East Ba...Law: Civil law, Criminal law1st lesson free
I was a solicitor in a chamber practice in Dumfries for 37 years and, among other things, was a Tribunal Judge, and...
Geography GCSE and A-Level tutor (In person or remote)
LondonGeography1st lesson free
Hi there, I am Kaan, a 2nd year Geography student at the University of Oxford. I am offering tutoring for Geography...
Experienced Law Tutor helping students of all ages
Online lessonsLaw1st lesson free
🚀 Dive into the exciting world of law with a seasoned legal professional with over ten years of experience in the ...
I will help you with your essays and exam prep in almost any course on Politics, International Relations, and History.
Online lessonsPolitical science
I have taught for two years at UCL, and for two more at LSE - where I won my Department's Teaching Award. I will he...
Geography Tutor to students at all levels
Tower Hamlets LondonGeography
I have a degree in Digital Geosciences and have a career passion for geography and related modules.My tutoring help...
I provide tutoring for AQA A level law including criminal, tort and contract law, in which I achieved an A* in my A level exams
Kingston Upon HullLaw1st lesson free
Whilst I aim to cover all areas of the curriculum I appreciate this may not be needed for all students and so sessi...
Law Graduate / Training Contract holder - providing lessons from GCSE to Masters level
Online lessonsLaw1st lesson free
I have a masters degree in Law, and excelled throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, having received ...
Law Tutor teaches students how to use and apply Criminal,Contract and Commercial Law
LondonLaw: Commercial law1st lesson free
I'm a last year student of Ukrainian University, i have deep knowledge in Criminal, Contract and Commercial Law, no...
I have 5 years PQE in law. I give private lessons tailored to what you need and what you’re looking for.
Online lessonsLaw1st lesson free
I’m passionate about teaching and ensuring the lessons are aimed at what you want and need to know. I tailor the le...
Law Essay Writing and Revision
Online lessonsLaw1st lesson free
I have a Master's degree in law and I am currently teaching essay writing and exam revision. Feel free to contact m...
Law Lecturer with over two years experience
LondonLaw1st lesson free
I am a practising barrister in Ireland. I have over two years experience in teaching law subjects.
Online 1:1 Geography Tutor for all ages
Online lessonsGeography1st lesson free
I am a first-year Geography undergraduate at the University of Oxford. I achieved 3xA* (Geography, Spanish, English...
5 years PQE in employment law. Passionate about teaching others
Crawley (West Sussex)Law1st lesson free
Unlock your potential with private lessons from Charlotte, a seasoned legal professional with 5 years of PQE in emp...
I teach geography with a flare of satellite technology and drone images to help you understand the world around you.
Online lessonsGeography1st lesson free
I am passionate about understanding my students first. This way, I elucidate their specific needs and help them lea...
Geography and Math's tutor for all ages
PortsmouthGeography1st lesson free
Hi everyone, I'm Philippa I'm currently a second year student studying Physical Geography at the University of Port...
2.1 Law graduate and experienced tutor willing to tutor students through their LLB
BradfordLaw1st lesson free
A knowledgeable 2:1 Law graduate from a Russell Group university tutoring students on their LLB journey. Eva provid...
Tutor from the University of Cambridge. I can help you succeed in A-level Sociology, A-level Politics (with International Relations), and English for IELTS
Online lessonsSociology
Rafmary is a Development Specialist, infusing her journey with hands-on experience in education and mentoring. Grad...
Law, French, or Politics tutor
Online lessonsLaw1st lesson free
I have an LLM in public international law (University of Cambridge) and an LLB (London School of Economics). I have...
Comprehensive Private Lessons of Geography
GarwayGeography1st lesson free
Immerse yourself in the world of geography with Comprehensive Private Lessons of Geography, offered by Darius Ivan....
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Exceptional teacher! Engages students with dynamic lessons, fostering a vibrant learning environment. Demonstrates profound subject expertise, making complex concepts accessib...
5 3 days ago
Social sciences tutor
Dr. Rafmary as a tutor, strongly inspired and motivated me to enjoy and explore my field. When I started university, I realised how important she was in guiding and supporting...
Cássia Lopes
5 3 days ago
Social sciences tutor
Very friendly and patient law tutor with in-depth and very long experience in practicing and teaching. I will recommend Phil to law students especially like me from non-law ba...
5 9 days ago
Alexander Philip
Social sciences tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

📚 What subjects are part of the social sciences?

The social sciences deal with the study of human society, such as Sociology, Anthropology or Geopolitics. On FindTutors you can find online tutors who offer different types of classes within this subject area:

👨‍🏫 How to find the right private tutor?

Finding the right private tutor is essential to get the most out of private lessons. Here are some tips you can follow:

Do your research. Look for tutors with experience and expertise in the social sciences. Consider their qualifications, reviews and any other relevant information that can provide insight into their tutoring style and skills.

Make sure you ask questions. Ask the tutor about their teaching style, the type of material they use, and any other doubts you may have. This will help you better understand the tutor's approach and make sure you find the right person.

Find tutors willing to work with you. Find out if the tutor is willing to adapt the lessons to your needs or is open to feedback and suggestions. A good tutor must be willing to work with you to create an effective learning experience.

Consider the cost of tuition. Private lessons can be expensive, but it is important to find a tutor who is within your budget. You should not be afraid to ask for all the information you need to calculate your expenses properly.

💶 How much do private lessons in social sciences cost?

These are mostly university revision classes, as they are mostly subjects that are studied at university. This means that prices for private lessons in social sciences are typically in the region of £20 per lesson. If, on the other hand, you are looking for history or business lessons for secondary school, the rates are lower (around £15- £20 per lesson, depending on the area and method of study).

Click here to find out the average prices for classes.

💻 Can I also take online classes in social sciences?

Absolutely! As we have seen, these types of revision classes are of particular interest to university students, who as we know do not have a lot of time. Online lessons save a lot of time, because you can take them anywhere.

Discover here the full range of online lessons you can find on our website.

🔎 What additional online resources can I use to complement private lessons?

Learning social sciences can be a difficult process, but there are many online resources available to facilitate the process. Here are some of the best online resources for studying social sciences:

Online lectures. Many universities offer seminars, webinars or conferences dedicated to the social sciences and can be an excellent opportunity to learn about the subject from experts in the field.

Online libraries. There are many online libraries that provide access to a wealth of social science learning resources. Be sure to take advantage of them to supplement your learning. 

Online journals. On the Internet, you can find a wealth of articles and academic research in the social sciences. Make sure you take advantage of them to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. One of the most popular portals to search for academic publications in any branch of study is JSTOR.

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