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I am a passionate, dedicated primary teacher with over 12 years experience in Key Stages 1 and 2.
Online lessonsEnglish: English SATs1st lesson free
I have worked with all ages, stages and abilities in a primary setting. I live for the lightbulb moments - when a y...
English tutoring providing lesson to all ages
Online lessonsEnglish1st lesson free
Hi there, I have been teaching online for the past year on Cambly and Preply platforms, and I have enjoyed helping ...
i succeeded in history and i would like to teach the younger generation how fun it is to learn about history
LondonHistory1st lesson free
history is why we are here today, it is why we have everything we could need and more. our ancestors walked so we c...
English tutor afor ages 5 - 12
Online lessonsEnglish1st lesson free
Fresh Perspective: Sometimes, a fresh perspective can be the key to unlocking your full potential. I bring a unique...
Your online tutor for teenagers and adults
Online lessonsEnglish1st lesson free
I have a Master's degree in Philology (English and German, Translation) and have been tutoring for more than 8 year...
Online lessonsEnglish
I work one-to-one with students in a non-judgmental, no pressure capacity to help students understand their assignm...
Registered Nurse and personal trainer. Promoting a healthy mind and body
GlasgowEnglish1st lesson free
My name is Natalie. I am registered nurse and personal trainier . I am. Native English speaker.
I have high level of english and i give some classes of basic english
LondonEnglish1st lesson free
I give some classes to people around my age for basic english.I travel all the time and i have some experience with...
Patient, Reliable, Compassionate - no problem is too small :)
Online lessonsHistory1st lesson free
I came out of both my GCSEs and A-Levels with top grades, graduating from sixth form in June 2023. I have had exper...
I work at the top 50th best secondary school in London, Forest Gate Community School, which has provided me with outstanding CPD
WansteadEnglish: GCSE English1st lesson free
I am a lively and enthusiastic English tutor with an excellent track record of success for both English language an...
Online English tutor (two years experience teaching English)
Online lessonsEnglish1st lesson free
I have a BA and an MA in English literature from The University of Exeter. I have two years experience teaching Eng...
Affordable English tutor.  Unlock the Wonders of English with Expert Tutoring – Your Personal Guide to Scientific Success!
Ayr, Alloway, New Prestwick,...English1st lesson free
As an English tutor, my journey has been a testament to my commitment to fostering linguistic proficiency and confi...
Affordable English tutoring from a training teacher
CreweEnglish1st lesson free
University graduate of English Language, currently studying for a PGCE. Personalised tutoring lessons tailored for ...
I am very passionate about teaching English. I can join immediately. Thank you.
I will teach my students very sincerely. I will become friendly and nice towards them. I can be a good teacher. Tha...
I am a very energetic and patient teacher :). My lessons are aimed at anybody willing to learn and put in the necessary work.
Online lessonsEnglish
I love teaching as it's something I've done since high school. Whether it's teaching kids or adults it's a true pas...
I give affordable English lessons for £10/hr
Hemel HempsteadEnglish1st lesson free
Enhance your English fluency with affordable private lessons from Annie. With a wealth of teaching experience, I of...
English to adults or foreign students. I think it would be really rewarding.
Online lessonsEnglish
I have a levels in English and speak the language fluently. I’ve been in customer service which has taught me patie...
English Tutor for children during lockdown
Online lessonsEnglish1st lesson free
I have a grade 7 In English GCSE and love English literature. During lockdown, I tutored some children in English, ...
Qualified tutor and assessor offering English lessons up to Gcse
BostonEnglish1st lesson free
Are you struggling with English? Look no further! Gina Amron, a highly qualified tutor and assessor, is here to hel...
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Ma'am is an expertise in social science research and she has immense years of teaching experience.
5 2 days ago
Humanities tutor
We had great lessons with Ali Teacher. He is really experienced and funny. I am very lucky that I met him. I recommend him to other students.
5 3 days ago
Humanities tutor
Exceptional teacher! Engages students with dynamic lessons, fostering a vibrant learning environment. Demonstrates profound subject expertise, making complex concepts accessib...
5 3 days ago
Humanities tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

💼 Where can I find private tuition for humanities subjects?

When looking for private tuition, you have several options. One of the most common ways is by going to tuition centres. If, on the other hand, you want to learn from the comfort of your own home, you have the option of taking online lessons through a platform that offers private tuition, such as FindTutors.

📚 What types of humanities subjects are there on FindTutors?

Humanities is a broad term that encompases many different subjects. Among the most important branches of humanities are: law, history, literature and philosophy. However, there are many more types of humanities tutors you can find on our website.

👧🏻 How can I find private humanities lessons for children?

You can find humanities lessons for children on our website by using the filters. However, you should bear in mind that not all humanities subjects are taught to children, most are aimed at secondary school or university students.

👨🏻‍🏫  What is the most common type of humanities tutor?

One of the most sought-after private tutors for humanities subjects are history tutors. This is because from an early age, children and teenagers study the history of the UK and later, world history. Another highly demanded type of humanities tutor is English language and literature tutors.

💲 What is the price of private tuition in humanities?

The price of private tuition always depends on several factors, although the final decision will be made by your tutor. It is normal that, if you want to take the lessons at home, the tutor will charge you a small supplement for the journey. 

It is also common for some tutors, as they gain experience, to ask for more money for their lessons. Don't get overwhelmed, take a look at the profiles of the tutors and choose the one you like best for your humanities lessons, it's just a matter of talking it over!

Humanities subjects

Find Humanities lessons

As you may know, there are many branches of humanities which you can study. The most popular ones tend to be: law, philosophy, history and language and literature. If you are thinking about studying one of these subjects and want to find out more, here are some of the things you will learn:

Law lessons

You will learn about the rules and norms that regulate how people live together. These lessons are mainly divided into public law and private law. Law is taught at university and most students who decide to study law do so with the goal of pursuing a legal career. Legal careers include barristers, solicitors and paralegals 

Philosophy lessons

Philosophy is a discipline full of reflections on life, focusing on human beings and the nature that surrounds them. Philosophy seeks answers about existence in general and, in particular, about aspects such as: beauty, knowledge, language, the mind, morality, reason and religion. 

History lessons

Through history you will learn about all the events of the past, related to humanity. History lessons are taught from an early age for this very reason: it is important to know what happened in the past in order to understand how it affects society today and how to avoid repeating the same mistakes. 

Language and literature lessons

Literature, considered one of the fine arts, is a form of artistic expression. For centuries, authors have been expressing themselves both orally and in writing to express their emotions. Of all the branches of humanities, it is the one most closely related to art, so if you like literary genres such as poetry, prose or theatre, this is the ideal choice for you.

Tips for finding tutors

Once you have decided to study humanities, it is likely that you will need the help of a private tutor for your lessons. Whether you are a primary school, secondary school or university student, you can use the filters to find tutors who adapt to your needs. There are also lessons for adults and companies available on our website. 

On this page you will find all types of humanities tutors, however, if you have a more specific type of tutor in mind you can search for it on our website. For example, if you want a children’s history tutor, you can find it on this page.

Our advice is not to stick with the first tutor you like: contact several tutors, get to know them a bit and see what chemistry there is between you. There may be one that you love at first, but you may meet someone else who is a better match for you. Apart from looking at the tutor's reviews, contacting them is important because there are many who may have few reviews, not because they are bad tutors, but because they have only been on the platform for a short time.

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