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Hi there, I’m Zanna! 
I am Creative Consultant & Life Coach for creative students. I help those students who have lost confidence or direction on their course or are just struggling to come up with ideas that resonate with them!
Bristol, Brislington, Long A...Coaching
Rather than dispensing opinions or telling you what to do, I adopt a non-judgmental, strategic, unbiased thinking ...
I am a qualified Personal Performance and Life Coach, specialising in Further Education, Elite sport and general health and wellbeing
West BridgfordCoaching
I have over 30 years experience in research and teaching Undergraduate and Post graduate students in Human Physiolo...
Accounting tutor helping in your AAT career
LondonAccounting1st lesson free
Immerse yourself in the world of accounting with private lessons from Amna Zahid, your dedicated AAT career mentor....
Business Studies tutor of IGCSE/GCSE and A Level with more than 20 years experience
Online lessonsBusiness administration1st lesson free
I am a UK qualified Business teacher holding a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education gained in 1999 from Ca...
I provide person centric life coaching to adults
Life coaching is a passion and I work with individuals on a conversational level to establish what their priorities...
PhD Business tutor for all ages highly qualified in teaching
Bainton (Peterborough), Farc...Business administration1st lesson free
I am a distinguished tutor and provide classes for all ages. I have a wealth of expertise in business administratio...
Wealth management professional specialising in Maths, Business, Economics & Finance
Online lessonsEconomics1st lesson free
With a two degrees in economics and finance and a decade of industry experience under my belt, I'm a finance expert...
Accounting Tutor Teaches Accounting of All Classes
Online lessonsAccounting1st lesson free
I have Master in business Administrtaion and have been tutoring for more than 4 years. Ezperienced tutor in account...
Fund Accounting, Accounting, Financial Accounting, Primary markets, Secondary Markets, Financial Services, Hedge Funds
BelfastAccounting1st lesson free
Hi All, I have 10 years of industrial experience in Hedge Fund accounting -‘d working for a top financial firm as V...
Marketing Management graduate and Postgraduate student at Loughbough University. Teaching online to help students to feel comfortable
As a BA Marketing Management graduate from the university of westminster and a MSc Sports business student at Lough...
I am ACCA Qualified Professional and I can help you to achieve the same!
LondonAccounting1st lesson free
I am a Msc Finance and Accounting graduate from Prague University of Economics and Business and also I am fully qua...
Business Information and technology university graduate - can teach a range of subjects but specialise in business and property
London, Burnt Oak, Colindale...Business administration1st lesson free
Business Information and technology university graduate - can teach a range of subjects but specialise in business ...
Helping you to Finding Flow and Building Your Dreams
Lyme RegisCoaching1st lesson free
You are worthy of truly living the life of your dreams. And you are just at the beginning. What a magical place to ...
Master the Art of Accounting with Engaging Lessons
Online lessonsAccounting1st lesson free
Welcome to our Accounting lessons where you'll embark on a journey to master the principles of financial management...
I am a passionate dedicated understanding person. I am good natured. My aim would be for kids or Adolescents or adults. Everyone has the ability to learn whatever the age.
Online lessonsAccounting
I have a Bachelor's degree in Law and Taxation where I received a first class honours. Currently I have 2 remaining...
Basic Accounting and Financial Accounting Tutor
Online lessonsBusiness administration1st lesson free
I am currently enrolled as a postgraduate student in London, UK, pursuing a Master's degree in Investment Banking. ...
Associate professor in Economics.I have 25 years experience in teaching economics in various schools and colleges. I done doctorate in economics.i gave online coaching for college and school students through my sudha study centre
Englefield GreenEconomics1st lesson free
Teaching is not my profession .but my passion also.i love teaching and i did special Education also.
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Find out what some of our students think about their Economics and business tutors
Ma'am is an expertise in social science research and she has immense years of teaching experience.
5 2 days ago
Economics and business tutor
My tutor's enthusiasm for the subject is contagious, making learning a truly enjoyable experience.
4 2 days ago
Economics and business tutor
Well planned lessons and keeps his students interested in the subject with great examples. So far our daughter thinks he is the best teacher she has ever had.
5 2 days ago
Economics and business tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

📉 Where can I find economics and business classes?

You can find colleges or universities in your city by doing a quick Google search. They will offer courses or degrees for economics and business. If, however, you are looking for tuition as opposed to a qualification, our recommendation is finding tutors that are experienced in these fields on a tutoring platform like FindTutors.

🖥️ What types of classes do tutors offer?

The type of class will depend on the tutor and your final decision, but currently, there are two main methods to highlight: face-to-face and online tuition. It is becoming increasingly common for students to opt for online business classes, given the convenience they offer.

💼 Do economics and business classes for adults exist?

Of course they do! In fact, business and economics classes are usually more in demand by adults than by young people. It is normal that adults with their own property or business want to understand and learn about economics.

🚸 From what age can you learn economics and business?

There is no fixed age for studying economics or business. However, it is true that young people usually start learning this subject in high school. Afterwards, students have the option of choosing to continue studying it. Given its complexity, however, it is not a subject recommended for young children.

💸 How much do economics and business classes cost?

The price of economics and business classes, as with most subjects, will depend on different factors. However, you can get an idea of what a private tutor charges by checking their adverts on websites such as FindTutors. As a guideline, tutors tend to charge around

£19 an hour for lessons.

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