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Jack Austin
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First class free
Town/city/borough St Austell, Charlestown (Cornwall), Duporth, Ruddlemoor, Tregrehan Mills, Trethowel
Guitar Lessons
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Charlestown (Cornwall)
St Austell
Tregrehan Mills
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Experienced Performer and Teacher of Electric and Acoustic Guitar. Offering Beginner - Intermediate Lessons in Cornwall and Online

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At the core of my tutoring approach is a belief in making music education enjoyable, engaging, and accessible to students.

Qualifications and Experience:
I have acquired my musical knowledge and teaching experience through originally being taught and then years of personal learning, teaching at institutions like the YMCA, and collaborating with established musicians in various genres. My experience extends to teaching individuals with special needs, which has been a rewarding and eye-opening journey. Additionally, I have started my own record label and regularly perform with professional musicians, honing my skills in different styles and techniques.

Practical Application: I emphasize a hands-on approach to learning. From the very beginning, students are encouraged to actively participate and play their instruments. The practical application helps develop muscle memory, improves technique, and enables the student to enjoy playing an instrument.

Learning by Playing: I believe that playing music should be fun and fulfilling. While theory and technical exercises are important, I also incorporate enjoyable songs and exercises into the lessons. This helps students stay motivated, enhances their musicality, and allows them to experience the joy of making music right from the start.

Typical Length of a Lesson:
The length of each lesson will typically be half an hour. They include warm-up exercises, skill-building activities, playing songs, addressing any questions or concerns, and a clarification of what is needed to practice for next week.
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