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Michael Davis
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Computer Science Tutoring GCSE to MSc; Python, Java and Data Science Tutoring

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I'm a final year PhD student in Computer Science at Queen's University. I'm working on my thesis and looking to earn a little extra money now that I'm coming to the end of my project.

I've got 6 years experience helping teaching within Queen's. I'll list some of the courses/topics I've been responsible for teaching or assisting within at MSc and BSc level:
- Final Year Projects
- Distributed Computing
- Python and Java
- Concurrent Programming
- Data structures and algorithms
- MSc level programming
- Software Engineering
- Databases and SQL
- Cyber Security

I've also a lot of experience within data science (5 years). I have previously worked in a research internship using machine learning to break security devices and I also use statistical methods daily in my research.

I can provide lessons and help to students within bachelors and masters levels within any of these areas. Additionally, the topics I've taught and worked in before cover GCSE and A-Level Computer Science topics.

If you are interested, the topic of my PhD is related to scaling distributed systems so that they can perform much better in terms of tolerating faulty servers and working better when they span large areas (like continents or the globe).

My research relies a great deal on logic (temporal, predicate) and set theory, so I'm also happy to tutor in this area too

If you would like to book a lesson, a call or text is the best way to contact me.

I'm also happy to work with groups for large discounts, and I'm happy to meet online, at your location, or another third place such as the students union.

The cost of each session is based on needs and material covered -- ranging between £15 to around £30 an hour.

Thank you for your time and consideration!
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