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Would you like to be a good violinist?
I can help you step by step to be advanced violinist
Online lessonsViolin
I am private tutor with great experience in teaching for all ages and levels I will help you improve your skills to...
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
Passionate for classical, film and folk music, gives a journey to learners into the world of music through the viol...
Violin tutor looking for students
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
I have played violin for years and done up to Grade 5. I have experience tutoring Grade 4 and under violin students...
University Graduate provides Online Violin Lessons
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
I hold qualifications in music from Trinity College London and City, University of London, which certify my extensi...
classical music teacher for all age groups
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
I have a BA with excellence in violin performance, I have performed as a soloist as well as in chamber music and ch...
Online Violin Lessons Made Easy! Learn a variety of genres, 100% pass rate!
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
Hello, I can teach you how to play the violin from beginners up to intermediate level playing with personalised 1:1...
Violin or viola tuition for all grades and all ages
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
I use Kodaly Method which involves sol-fa singing which helps with intonation skills also clapping games for rhythm...
Violin teacher offering lessons for beginners and intermediate
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
Professionally trained violinist with 10+ years of experience. Offering violin pedagogy and practice for 6+ years a...
I teach violin, at all levels, from beginner to professional
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
I have a Bachelor of Music (Hons) degree in Violin Performance from the Royal Academy of Music, London. I have over...
Violin, and viola music Teacher for all ages
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
Passionate music teacher and assistant lecturer with over ten years of teaching experience, specializing in violin,...
Prepaid offer! Chose 2 / 4 prepaid lessons for a 15/20% reduction this term!
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
Over 30 years experience for all ages and standards - hugely passionate to progressto improve technically and achie...
Violin, Viola, Keyboard and Musicianship Lessons - Online or in-person
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
I am highly qualified and experienced - I have been teaching the Violin for over 20 years. I teach all ages and ab...
Violin, Viola and Piano Lessons Online or in-person Ipswich IP4
Online lessonsViolin1st lesson free
I am a very patient and thorough teacher. I hope to make lessons fun and enjoyable so that you make the best progre...
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Find out what some of our online Violin students think about their tutor
Sarah has been my violin tutor for over 2 years and I very much enjoy my lessons with her. She has helped me to develop my technical skills but also to develop my musicality b...
5 ago 8 months
Violin tutor
Melinda teaches my daughter the ukulele. She is an excellent teacher, making her lessons fun and so engaging. She is patient with my 9-year-old and makes her lessons engaging....
Hajnalka Rirai
5 ago 8 months
Melinda E
Violin tutor
She's very attentive and sensitive to the needs of the student,I understood everything she explained. I will be recommending her for sure.
Charles King
5 ago 11 months
Violin tutor
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