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Joe Moreg teaches Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar Online (also Ukulele and Bass)
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
As a full-time online guitar teacher, I can assure you that learning remotely can be just as effective as in-person...
Planning on learning a musical instrument or growing in music production skillls? I would love to help ! Guitar, drum, vocal and music production lessons available
Online lessonsMusic
I am a current UK music artist with songs regularly on BBC radio and 4 years experience in 1 on 1 tuition for a ran...
I make lessons to help people get the basics and explore opportunities on their own.
Online lessonsMusic for beginners
I shall look to the need of my students, and provide personal help. As someone experienced in the field. For exampl...
online and in-person piano classes for all levels
Online lessonsPiano
With her holistic approach to teaching, Mariam nurtures musical talent in both children and adults, irrespective of...
Music production - Basic to Advanced
Online lessonsMusic production1st lesson free
I'm a music producer for a 5 years. Knows on Fl studio I wait for bring you my experience. Music is for all, let's ...
Online piano lessons - works best for older children and adults
Online lessonsPiano1st lesson free
Susanna graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2016, and achieved a Distinction at ARSM level in piano perfo...
Are you interested in learning music production to create your own songs from scratch? I'll guide you through every step, showing you how to arrange, record, mix and master until you can start releasing your own songs!
Online lessonsMusic production1st lesson free
Hello, I'm Oskar, a dynamic music graduate eager to inspire through tailored music production guidance. I bring a b...
I give lessons to anyone looking to learn a new discipline in music
Online lessonsSinging
I am passionate about music and teaching singing. I will take you through a journey of how the voice works, the mec...
Would you like to learn playing guitar? Music Major graduated guitarist here to help you!
Online lessonsGuitar1st lesson free
I am a Music Major graduate. My main instrument is guitar where I had over 10 years of guitar playing experiences, ...
Conservatoire Gradate with 10 years of professional experience providing bespoke lessons in Guitar and Bass
Online lessonsMusic1st lesson free
I have a master's degree in Music and over 10 years of educational and industry experience. My wide-ranging experie...
Music tutoring for all school ages, online tutoring at £30 an hour
Online lessonsMusic1st lesson free
I am currently doing a music degree at Newcastle University but I am originally from North Leeds. I play piano, vio...
I'm a patient and dedicated instructor, offering lessons tailored for beginners and intermediate students.
Online lessonsMusic for beginners
I tailor my teaching methods to accommodate the unique learning styles and preferences of each student. Understandi...
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From the moment we met Susanna, her approach to teaching music was a breath of fresh air. Her creativity in structuring each lesson is truly special. She blends a variety of a...
Sainath L
5 2 days ago
Susanna Hartland
Music and Dance tutor
Penny was super helpful and patient with my child. She passed her GCSE music with flying colours; couldn't recommend her highly enough!!
5 9 days ago
Music and Dance tutor
We are five years lessons with George. And lot of peoblems at my playability solved. Patient,presistant and gently. I recommend to any level student. Also a very good guit...
5 9 days ago
Music and Dance tutor
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