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Gain the clarity, courage and confidence to overcome challenge and live your best life

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Hello! I'm Lisa and I'm a positive psychologist and coach.

Are you struggling to see yourself in a positive light? Are you shying away from new experiences and staying in your comfort zone? Are you going through a difficult time right now?

If so, I could help!

I coach people to greater levels of confidence and self-belief, particularly at moments of transition. I take people on a journey of powerful questions from positive psychology to help them gain the clarity, courage and confidence to achieve greater personal and professional success. The sessions help people:

- Navigate times of change
- Overcome the negativity bias of the brain
- Discover their strengths
- Create a compelling future vision
- Identify self-limiting beliefs
- Develop a growth mindset
- Feel confident to achieve their goals
- Stay motivated to make positive change

Please reach out if you'd like to think, feel and do things a little differently.

I will help you tell the story of your best possible future self.
I will help you see what stands in the way.
I will empower you to overcome obstacles and bring your vision to life.

Please reach out to learn more.

Thank you very much and have a lovely day!
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